Battlestar Galactica Collectible Card Game Cardlist

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This is the complete cardlist for BSG: CCG

Guide to Rarity:

  • C Common
  • U Uncommon
  • R Rare
  • F Fixed
  • LE Limited Edition
  • EX Exclusive



# Rarity Title Type
001 U Agro Ship Base
002 U Battlestar Galactica Base
003 U Celestra Base
004 F Colonial One Base
005 U Cylon Base Star Base
006 U Flattop Base
007 F Galactica Base
008 U I.H.T. Colonial One Base
009 C Act of Contrition Event
010 U Advanced Planning Event
011 R Angry Event
012 U Bingo Fuel Event
013 C Catastrophe Event
014 R Channel the Lords of Kobol Event
015 C Condition One Event
016 C Condition Two Event
017 C Crackdown Event
018 R Cylon Computer Virus Event
019 C Cylon Missile Battery Event
020 U Cylons Look Like Humans Event
021 R Decoys Event
022 R Dissension Event
023 U Distraction Event
024 C Downed Pilot Event
025 C Endless Task Event
026 C Executive Privilege Event
027 F Fire Support Event
028 C Fury Event
029 U Grounded Event
030 U Hangar Deck Fire Event
031 R High Stakes Game Event
032 U Martial Law Event
033 U Military Coup Event
034 R Network Hacking Event
035 R Networked Computers Event
036 C Outmaneuvered Event
037 U Painful Recovery Event
038 U Power of Prayer Event
039 F Presidential Candidate Event
040 C Reformat Event
041 U Setback Event
042 U Sick Bay Event
043 U Sneak Attack Event
044 C Standoff Event
045 R Still No Contact Event
046 R Stims Event
047 R Stranded Event
048 R Suicide Bomber Event
049 C Test of Faith Event
050 R Them or Us Event
051 C Under Arrest Event
052 C Vision of Serpents Event
053 U Winning Hand Event
054 C Wounded in Action Event
055 U You Gave Yourself Over Event
056 C Accused Mission
057 U Alert Five Mission
058 R Arrow of Apollo Mission
059 C Article 23 Mission
060 R Based on Scriptures Mission
061 R CAG Mission
062 C Colonial Day Mission
063 R Combat Air Patrol Mission
064 U Difference of Opinion Mission
065 R Dradis Contact Mission
066 U Earn Freedom Points Mission
067 U Earn Your Wings Mission
068 R Flight School Mission
069 C Formal Dress Function Mission
070 U Full Scale Assault Mission
071 R God Has a Plan Mission
072 R Green: You’re a Normal Human Mission
073 C Hand of God Mission
074 R Hunt for Tylium Mission
075 C Increased Loadout Mission
076 R Interim Quorum of Twelve Mission
077 F Investigation Mission Mission
078 U Kobol’s Last Gleaming Mission
079 U Life Has a Melody Mission
080 R Meet the New Boss Mission
081 C Misdirection Mission
082 R Multiple Contacts Mission
083 U Obliterate the Base Mission
084 R Overtime Mission
085 R Persistent Assault Mission
086 U Picking Sides Mission
087 F Press Junket Mission
088 C Pulling Rank Mission
089 C Red: You’re an Evil Cylon Mission
090 R Refueling Operation Mission
091 C Relieved of Duty Mission
092 C Shuttle Diplomacy Mission
093 U Stern Leadership Mission
094 C Suspicions Mission
095 U Trying Times Mission
096 R We’ll See You Again Mission
097 U Working Together Mission
098 U Apollo, Ace Pilot Personnel
099 R Apollo, Commander Air Group Personnel
100 C Apollo, Political Liaison Personnel
101 U Billy Keikeya, Presidential Aide Personnel
102 C Billy Keikeya, Press Secretary Personnel
103 C Boomer, Hell of a Pilot Personnel
104 U Boomer, Raptor Pilot Personnel
105 R Boomer, Saboteur Personnel
106 U Centurion Ambusher Personnel
107 C Centurion Assassin Personnel
108 R Centurion Slayer Personnel
109 C Crashdown, Alex Quartararo Personnel
110 U Crashdown, Expert ECO Personnel
111 R Crashdown, Sensor Operator Personnel
112 C Cylon Centurion Personnel
113 R D’Anna Biers, Fleet News Service Personnel
114 U D’Anna Biers, Reporter Personnel
115 C Dee, Dradis Operator Personnel
116 U Dee, Security Advisor Personnel
117 U Dr. Baltar, Award Winner Personnel
118 C Dr. Baltar, Science Advisor Personnel
119 R Dr. Baltar, Vice President Personnel
120 R Galen Tyrol, CPO Personnel
121 C Galen Tyrol, The Chief Personnel
122 U Helo, Flight Officer Personnel
123 C Helo, Karl Agathon Personnel
124 R Helo, Raptor ECO Personnel
125 C Laura Roslin, Colonial President Personnel
126 R Laura Roslin, Leader of Prophecy Personnel
127 F Laura Roslin, Madame President Personnel
128 C Mr. Gaeta, Senior Officer of the Watch Personnel
129 R Mr. Gaeta, Tactical Officer Personnel
130 R Number Six, Agent Provocateur Personnel
131 C Number Six, Caprican Operative Personnel
132 U Number Six, Secret Companion Personnel
133 C Saul Tigh, Colonial Colonel Personnel
134 R Saul Tigh, Executive Officer Personnel
135 R Shelley Godfrey, Systems Analyst Personnel
136 R Starbuck, Hotshot Pilot Personnel
137 R Starbuck, Risk Taker Personnel
138 U Starbuck, Sharpshooter Personnel
139 R Tom Zarek, Political Prisoner Personnel
140 C Tom Zarek, Sagittaron Representative Personnel
141 U William Adama, Colonial Commander Personnel
142 F William Adama, Patriotic Soldier Personnel
143 C William Adama, The Old Man Personnel
144 C Astral Queen, Prison Ship Ship
145 C Cloud 9, Cruise Ship Ship
146 C Colonial Shuttle Ship
147 F Colonial Viper 113 Ship
148 C Colonial Viper 229 Ship
149 R Colonial Viper 315 Ship
150 C Colonial Viper 442 Ship
151 U Colonial Viper 516 Ship
152 R Colonial Viper 670 Ship
153 R Colonial Viper 762 Ship
154 R Colonial Viper Squadron 800 Ship
155 U Colonial Viper Squadron 900 Ship
156 U Gemenon Traveller, Freighter Ship
157 R Hunting Raider Ship
158 C Luxury Liner Ship
159 U Mining Ship Ship
160 R Olympic Carrier, Doomed Liner Ship
161 U Ordnance Freighter Ship
162 C Passenger Cruiser Ship
163 F Raptor 101 Ship
164 C Raptor 227 Ship
165 U Raptor 342 Ship
166 R Raptor 478 Ship
167 C Raptor 563 Ship
168 U Raptor 689 Ship
169 U Raptor 757 Ship
170 R Raptor 816 Ship
171 R Scouting Raider Ship
172 C Skirmishing Raider Ship
173 R Space Park Ship
174 U Supply Freighter Ship
175 U Troop Freighter Ship


# Rarity Title Type
001 E Boomer, Sleeper Agent Personnel
002 E Number Six, Woman in Red Personnel
003 E Colonial Viper 614 Ship
004 E Starbuck, Best Pilot in the Fleet Personnel
005 E Starbuck, Commander Air Group Personnel
1/3 E Captain’s Quarters Base
2/3 E Operations Room Base
3/3 E Hangar Bay Base

Limited Edition[edit]

# Rarity Title Type
01 LE Apollo, Lee Adama Personnel
02 LE Apollo, Political Liaison Personnel
03 LE Boomer, Sharon Valerii Personnel
04 LE Centurion Defender Personnel
05 LE Centurion Sentry Personnel
06 LE Dr. Baltar, Gaius Personnel
07 LE Dr. Baltar, Vice President Personnel
08 LE William Adama, Wounded Warrior Personnel
09 LE Number Six, Agent Provocateur Personnel
10 LE Number Six, Seductress Personnel
11 LE Starbuck, Hotshot Pilot Personnel
12 LE Starbuck, Kara Thrace Personnel