Battle on Attila

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Battle at Attila
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Place: Attila, Omega Sector
Result: The Young Lords' victory, Megan is rescued, Cylons leave the planet
The Young Lords & Starbuck Cylons of Attila Garrison
Starbuck and Kyle Specter
Various Primitive Weapons, Bombs Laser Guns
Materiel Losses
none Attila Garrison
none Various Cylons
Battle Chronology
Previous Next
Battle at Omega Sector Battle at Attila none

Megan had been captured by Cylons. Kyle agrees to allow Starbuck to lead their forces, although Kyle will remain as the second-in-command for rescue to Megan. Together with their whole clan they compose a battle plan. Through the tunnel, under the land. Starbuck and Miri creep hand on hand. They swim the moat to the petro dump and blow it up with a great big whump!. At the bridge, the youngest daughter drops tin cans into the water. And around the castle, the son firstborn rides at a gallop and blows his horn. They go up the steps to the castle floor and sneak a peek through the secret door. Although the dump is double-guarded.They sneak across when the guards are parted. Robus sets one bomb and then the other. Leaving the rest to his older brother. When all is ready across the moat. Kyle sounds the signal note. At the bridge, the youngest daughter drops tin cans into the water. Through all the confusion, noise, and bother. Starbuck and Miri rescue father.

As the plan comes to fruition, Specter files one final (bogus) report with Baltar. Immediately thereafter, the entire Cylon force departs Attila, as it is "too rusty for their circuits". With the Cylon presence gone from their castle, Megan is reunited with his children. (TOS: "The Young Lords")