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Barkol is an Imperious Leader.

Viceroy Abbadon of the Cylon mainframe city of Tessida reports to Lord Barkol on the destruction of the "infidel" Cylons that populate the Cylon city.

Barkol questions Abbadon's conviction in destroying the infidel's work, ensuring that none of the Cylon's enemies learn of it (Battlestar Galactica: Cylon Apocalypse #2).


  • The name of this Cylon is a curiosity and may be the result of a research gaffe on Original Series information by the comic's writers, compounded by fandom misinterpretations of the dialogue.
  • In "The Gun on Ice Planet Zero", another IL-series Cylon, Lucifer, makes a comment that viewers have mistaken as "Barkol". Battlestar Wiki contributors determined that, in fact, the character said "debacle", and that the Imperious Leader mentioned in that episode is nameless.