Athena Academy Applications at an All-Time High

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Athena Academy receives new record.

Athena Academy Applications at an All-Time High is a The Caprican News article written by Ann Royall. It was printed in Ianuarius 16, YR42.


When the admissions deadline finally rolled around on 1 Ianuarius, the staff at the Athena Academy had received a record 528 applications. This breaks the previous record of 312 just two years ago.

The surge in applications is likely related to the recent accolades the school has received from the Caprica Minister of Education - two years in a row. Dean of Admissions Pippa Enevold said, "In recent years, the Athena Academy has become one of the most prestigious high schools of the Alpha Colonies. We attract the best students from all 12 Colonies and are able to offer them the most thorough and modern educations without sacrificing the classical training all burgeoning scholars should have."

Located on the lush School Complex campus on Learning Boulevard South, the Athena Academy was founded 95 years ago as an all-girls school. With the motto "Cast Aside the Temporal. Reach for the Eternal" the Academy grew from a small, relatively unknown commuter school, to the highly respected and competitive academic institution it is today. Headmistress Sister Clarice Willow stated, "We try to mold our children into productive adults who make their mark on society."

The first graduating class at the Athena Academy was just 6 - a far cry from today. And three months from now, just ten percent of the students who applied for entrance will be able to don the deep Academy red and Reach for the Eternal.

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