The Dive: A Place to Hide

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The Dive: A Place to Hide is a The Caprican Lifestyle article written by Laurel Hill. It was printed in Martius 15, YR42.


I'm in grad school, and it's tough. I'm currently fighting with my girlfriend. And my two sisters drive me crazy. I've been going for long walks at night just to clear my head and get a little perspective. One of my recent nocturnal jaunts brought me to a most magical place.

I turned the corner and saw the sign: "The Dive." Not very imaginative, right? Sounds like a temporary name the owner came up with while he was filling out paperwork and he never got around to changing it. But hey, I needed a drink, so in I went.

The first thing that strikes you about the interior of the Dive is the lighting. It's meticulously designed to make sure you're in at least half-shadow no matter where you're at in the room. This is the kind of place where no one really wants to be recognized. A place to hide from the outside world for a while. You might catch a glimpse of a local celeb or a C-Buc looking to avoid the spotlight. I even saw what looked like a woman of the cloth in a corner booth.

I sat at the main bar for one drink and took it all in. The bartender was an older gentleman, the kind of guy who looks like he's seen a lot and done even more. Cool, collected and attentive, neither chatty nor aloof.

There are some tables and chairs in the corners, some couches and lounge chairs in the back - each area occupied by a scene out of a different movie. There was a young woman sitting by herself, staring silently at a single cupcake in front of her, with one lit birthday candle. There was a gentleman in a smart suit looking up at a corner of the room, occasionally looking down to write something on a bubble gum wrapper, then looking back up again. There were three large bearded men at the couches, all clutching giant pint glasses and staring at each other, occasionally bursting suddenly into simultaneous laughter and then just as suddenly plunging into silence again, resuming their staring.

That's just a taste. I was mesmerized. I'm sure the trance music playing from some hidden source had something to do with it. Or did it?

Anyway, I get the impression that other things go down at The Dive. Things in back rooms. Maybe things right in front of you, but you don't notice completely. Either way, if you're looking for an escape - and a nocturnal adventure of sorts - you can't go wrong with this place.

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