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Introduced Battlestar Galactica: Twilight Command 1
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Deacon is a reprogrammed Cylon Centurion serving inside Commander Alexa Flores' Twilight Command.

Deacon features a distinctive "scar" diagonally across its eye (from center forehead to right "chin"), and a glowing green eye.

Reprogrammed by Spark, Deacon is capable of speech and responds to commands using the iconic "By your command" (Battlestar Galactica: Twilight Command 1). It is incapable of feeling pain, and has established a relationship with Spark on a personal level (Battlestar Galactica: Twilight Command 2). In addition, Deacon evolves to the point of making jokes, namely about its task to "discover the secrets of Cylon coffee making technology" prior to its infiltration of John Cavil's factory (Battlestar Galactica: Twilight Command 3).

Due to its scar, Cavil uncovers Deacon to be the "talking Centurion" he encountered earlier, and has it taken to be disassembled and reprogrammed. After Cavil adds alterations to its programming, Deacon reveals Twilight Command's plans against its will (Battlestar Galactica: Twilight Command 4).

Flores frees Deacon, but is mortally wounded in doing so; Deacon reasserts itself and kills Cavil, and receives its final orders from Flores: evacuate the team so that she can destroy Cavil's factory and the Centurions that it made with it. As its legs were removed, it crawls to the team outside the factory in time to destroy the remaining Cylons closing in on them. Spark carries Deacon away as they evacuate, leaving Flores to her final act, thus thwarting Cavil's plans (Battlestar Galactica: Twilight Command 5).