War Band

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"War Band" is one of the many side-missions in the game Battlestar Galactica: Deadlock. In addition to the main story based missions, there are various optional side-missions that you can have your fleets attend to. Completing the side-missions in the game will provide additional benefits in the form of Tylium, Requisition Points, and Cylon FTL Cooldowns.

Mission Breifing

Helena Agathon on starting the mission:

We've been tracking this Cylon strike force for a while now. No civilians are present, so maximum force is encouraged.

Mission Objectives

The mission's only objective is to wipe out the enemy Cylon fleet.

Mission Rewards


  • Opposition is selected from one of several pre-programmed fleets of enemies. It is not possible to determine the size and strength of enemy opposition until the player engages them.