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Quintus - I'm working on an article on Race in the twelve colonies right now - you can see the outline for it on my user page. I'll try to get it uploaded as soon as possible. In the meantime, perhaps you can keep notes on character ethnicity to the appropriate character bio pages? --April Arcus 14:12, 28 August 2005 (EDT)

Thanks for the racial bio info. As for Satfya, I have the picture of him in "Colonial Day" with his name below Leonis. You will also find that Robin Wenutu represents Canceron. She's a white female. There definitely has been nobody shown for Picon as of yet that we can definitely recognize, though it is one of the 12 leaders we now see in "Fragged" -QuintusCinna
I don't dispute Robin, but Safiya is definitely the Picon representative. Safiya.jpg --April Arcus 14:24, 28 August 2005 (EDT)
Okay, this just weirded me out. I'm staring at the UK DVD as I write this. It shows "LEONIS" with his name below it. I will take a picture and try to upload it for you to see. It is at the time of 15:11.
If you go to my site you will see the picture I just took of him. This was on the UK DVD's episode 11 called Colonial Day at the time of 15:11.
Weird indeed - I checked out that timestamp and it appears on my copy as well - Safiyaleonis.jpg. I suppose we ought to make a note of this on Safiya Sanne, Picon, Leonis and Race and Ethnicity in the Twelve Colonies. Oy. --April Arcus 15:21, 28 August 2005 (EDT)


Quintus - I've reviewed the scene in the Mini-series that you were referring to. Adama's line is:

"Preliminary reports indicate a thermonuclear device of the 50 megaton range was detonated over Caprica City 30 minutes ago. Nuclear detonations have been reported on the planets Aerelon, Picon, Sagittaron and Gemenon. No reports on casualties, but they will be high."

A few scenes Later, Roslin is caught addressing the passengers of Colonial Heavy 978 in mid-sentence:

"...including the colonies of Caprica, Picon, Aerelon and Tauron."

Billy then mentions that his parents had recently moved to Picon, but there is no mention of "Icon" to my ears, anyway. --April Arcus 03:49, 20 September 2005 (EDT)

-- I think you might be right. I will check the mini-series one more time with sub-titles on. I seem to think I remember it shown in the subtitles of 2 people blairing out something such as "What about Trevor?" and another "What about Icon?" I'm not sure though. I will check it over. -QuintusCinna

They're saying "What about Tr--?" (I heard Troy, but Trevor might be right) and what about "Gemenon?" --April Arcus 12:47, 20 September 2005 (EDT)