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User talk:Jettes

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Welcome to Battlestar Wiki!

Welcome to the Wiki, Jettes. Feel free to tell us about yourself on your user page. Before you get started on other edits, please read the Standards and Conventions, which details the policies we use in editing pages (this differs from many other wikis in its particular use of verb tense, abbreviations, formatting, and the like). If you need help in learning how to use the MediaWiki tools supported here, you can check out the tutorial and the wiki markup code pages for assistance.

Please read the articles "What is Battlestar Wiki" and "What Battlestar Wiki is Not." This important information details what contributions are acceptable in this encyclopedia.

We encourage you to participate in any projects on Battlestar Wiki, which work to enhance a particular subject or extension of the wiki. These include the Original Series Article Development Project and several language translations of Battlestar Wiki. If you have a new idea for a new project, visit the Think Tank, where we hash out large-scale ideas before implementing them.

Also, if you have any questions or suggestions you wish to offer, please feel free to do so either on an article's talk page that's relevant to the subject, the Wikipedian Quorum or the Administrators' noticeboard. Remember to sign your posts on any talk pages using four tildes (~~~~)!

We look forward to your contributions to the community! --Talos 05:39, 21 November 2006 (CST)

Recent Rollback

Welcome to the wiki, Jettes.

I am rolling back most of your edits on the article, Cylon agent speculation for these important points.

Please remember that, for this article to work, the criteria to reduce the likelihood of speculation is generally accepted unless there is a very significant reason against the use of that criteria for a specific character. If such a qualifier is found, the talk page should be used to gain consensus or clarification before making major edits.

Since a human can NOT return from the dead, it is a permanent disqualifier unless viewers see the character again in a later episode that is not in a "flashback" scene. Ellen Tigh is dead: See her talk page for this information. Same is true for many other human characters. In theory, yes, everyone could be a Cylon, but everyone can not be in reality. Age is a a disqualifier provided that there is another character that substantiates their age. For that reason, Col. Tigh and Adama back each other up with their roles in the Cylon War, and flashbacks also do this. Cavil, as you noted, does not, but is not relevant for this discussion.

I'll attempt to reintroduce any other edits that did not remove the established information that has gained sufficient consensus to stay, or you can do so later as well. It would be a good idea to read the article's talk page for any questions you may have; it's likely it's already been answered there. --Spencerian 12:37, 21 November 2006 (CST)