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Eick: Hi this is David Eick executive producer of Caprica Pate: and Jonas Pate producing director caprica and director of episode 102 Eick: otherwise known as reins of the waterfall and we are thrilled to be here to have our first podcast for the first episode and do look at something that we really feels like eons ago that we were actually working on this we are in the editing room right now just coming out of dealing with editing notes from the network on episode ten and locking picture on episode seven and eight and preparing to run out to direct and in Jonas's case episode 18 the season finale. so to go all the way back to episode one at this point is a little bit surreal but the tequila helps I have to say you know the sort of like

Pate: Just makes it all come back over the ... Eick: Ya you know, or certainly its going to make me like it a lot more

Eick: No is actually mr pate who i've been working with now since nineteen ninety eight in wonder in areas corrupted form or another has a great saying about go to the dub stage to watch your pilot or your movie or your episode finish that is like finding twenty bucks in your couch because invariably you have been made to suffer the tortures for the dammed and you're finally seeing it in it's cleaned up form with all the music and all the visual effects finished and all the transitions worked out and its this thing of beauty relatives your memory of it and we just had that experience with 102 it is really strong show and and have you directed first episodes of the series other than your own that you created ...

is your only you know is also impressive as i is a ..... ... .... .. a and one is to continue working on a thousand is a thirty five and a quarter money

Eick: but will would you say that there was . would always suggest who we are obviously very fortunate to .... able to get the pilot were there certain stylistic conceit that you wanted to get away with things change the mediated service elevator after i was about as little as you will answer is seymour will despise the interesting work rehab people talking when i is an and decided ..... ... we will not allow working on a series and the time is the amazon is in ... .... after decision is .... ... place was not shot in ... south .... out there and everything is as you and and that funky little a permanent home infinity and the unicycle thing incredibly he probably this is increasingly is not a ......... .. login does it serves any of the mystique away from me simple art of filmmaking is the .... as phony as ...... studies the technology really has simplified shrunk and there's a lot of ............ on wednesday and was camera use is a you ... not as a valid thousand @ msn one zero yeah yeah i is listed in his left knee there and we are seeing is digital film which is the same way we shop pilot and the creative team doing the pilot doing the series as it is for the most part the same as on the island was the market and the rebels are like alumni and graphic designer going over the top of the stephen not add value in most of these as directors and certainly are visual effects for your so i'm not mention a good portion of the writings that ........ michael taylor and you lose the brand as well to csi must ... . .... .. ... reaction is revealed great writers and guys that is a great having having the family and the shorthand really help things along people finish is for you and your in your discussions about aesthetic choices .. the israeli ratio figured out so union in . we went through an interesting series of spirit that ....... into themselves all along about episode i know ..... or eight where we thought the series and have more humor we thought was the less i have less threatening elements to and i will start working and we thought it was going to see on the basis of it being a little bit more . read a little bit more on or around unusual in and as we pursue that path example being clarice the actress played by polly walker is on earlier beating both the series villain doesn't work as well using a way .. both are as a starting and it didn't really work at and what you're seeing now in this episode ( origin have you not only am what was written what was ........ was reshot after the fact that we have realized we actually do still need that later threat and that since the real stakes in real jeopardy and overall best get the idea that the show was truly ironic or that it would be a lighter touch wasn't really affected our or successful and so this first episode is a great model will shall become you was it has some humor has some and this is the end of the pcs are selecting writers ... ...... .... .... the pilot was inherently ours ... ..... ... ... i will consistent about .. ... ........... .. ........ .. .. ....... .. ...... ..... .... .. of really are or not there were just give up so you ninja assassin assassinated in ......... ........... to ... ...... ..... ....... comment i remember my first instinct was why .. ........ .... ... the realism that is also reluctantly yet that's true in so this is of the system it was think that ..... return to that time was a real media culture is ....... .. twenty four hour news cycle and that people have chosen shows income you can through sportsman records and reports that will .... soon as he gone further in kind should we try and soma we see your msdn and you are looking through tapping channel .. ... culture that he is even though he is yeah and if they had ...... good example of an area where we can still establish .... i will but it's where you get to grow an error ..... a few other areas like that where we grown password to where we were the pilot i think the best shows certainly do that did anyone listening and anabel laps .. ... .... ..... from from season four and .......... .. one from the terms of of the shows growth .. is hard you shall ...... .. by beyond no longer doing action adventure episodes about you knows he is on the show have become very wrong with its own internal politics and dynamics of motions and an ......... ...... in rich and animated so there's no nudity chewy goodness for the fans but it's also and represent scholarship is all business owners boston globe because of the higher sports fans and it just makes me realize what i was not yet there is but ... you but i ..... .... is also a pilot who tries a new deal with those next eyebrow is a viciously teen architecture that would be possible in that familiar costume design and car ...... yet .. ... colliding ...... ...... ... zero .. ... ..... which is partially is cool and interesting and partially as there is yet and most people as the people who watch valves or we should does vancouver and .......... .... was quite easy because on any day schedule we might be in on our main stages weather was the battle start lasko or some swings or ........... ....... vipers organization so patient and maybe one day two of the most out about force ..... and beaches back to you establish a story on and out federer versus following through on ....... where our mainstage time is very limited and that's what you're seeing now ....... lab for the sentencing hearing which is just as a part really are not the show is repositioned tends to be either outside or on more more vast expanses of the building ... ... .... .... .. .. that .... is the sacrifice we made to build .......... ... .... ... were going to go .... ... ... do so it is definitely different read show and personally i she is .. .. that in with you here is a really i think telling ..... ......... were first tested how i integrated this humanoid robot was to be in a practical ... i am so happy with the work that paid and that how did in installing and it picks up here and a bit but it's really i think of the different file of visual effects and doing ....... dogfights bowel stars in the kind of thing and it's really your such a different world that the audience doesn't have the same cues or or triggers that might make something might make the deed ........... .... more difficult but when you do something humanoids and moves and walk like a human is always harder i know that we we were doing motion capture test on the mechanistic silence all industries for about never felt like totally out of it and so knowing that the chief centerpiece of visual effects component .. capital going to be a lot was kind of daunting because the one thing i i i was certainly never legally .... .... are and i think it is wanted to see that it really ...... you really . master i know it seems as a society but i is two hundred and nine .. ... p.m. is a certain historical idea that is not helping all i is immigration is a resident genius ? how is anything glass is ..... ...... monitor that was in so he is not .. technology now since i is how yahoo! is .......... ........ idea when we were in ...... ... ...... we came up with that but so much of it is visual but also .... shot and it really is as classic he is ..... thank you .... ... summer we had you .... he's here and really about thirty five minutes but it was also independent of the individual that was also the first scene that made the and that it was ..... .......... the idea of a girl trapped inside a and as you're seeing here is this is a freaky idea this is the version usual notion that .. ... .... .... around okay sometimes unseen robot sometimes and seeing the girl i hope all are sometimes these numbers ... sometimes doesn't it not .... .... hallucinating and . whole host of things that not just one very slim narrow specific thing that it is and that is that it is a robot with a .... your intellect five that we are allowing the audience only to acknowledge and recognize prescient note of your characters .. ... .... but it is easier said than done and the radial trial and error window that will terms of how shot meaning you have to do one password is just a place for later robot visual effects and another past rehab presume there and editorially deciding when and which and what went to let the audience in on the joke without making it seem like it here interesting thing is that and it is as you can imagine that particular issue has has remained the biggest challenges in seven weeks .. ... is we are faced with the several moments are or seems in which the idea of visceral fat robot is being .... .... awaited using .... leading michigan something some other idea problems nation are a ..... or road you know something else this and all it is is saying the audience is a girl to grow but everyone all courses seeing anything she is yet everything is shot so she .. . screwing around with the real no ...... .... ... .... these things out what was the process like in terms of notes network interference pressure you know how because when you write the script and the the wife and i actually the first version friendship with really and it was completely filled i you remember the first four ......... written and they were so dead good ideas that but totally ..... we had unpacked the idea first for five into essentially set a number so on the end of the act i act i so anyway soon as one is not as huge unrest for provisions other than ... ....... ..... ..... ... ..... ... four as soon as i said very busy ........ ........ .... too was a scene from one of three thousand fold that's a scene that long more effective as a three and and we felt like we wanted to locate amanda emotionally a little clearly the on ..... run to cut the deficit in ............. ... ...... .. that and she is yet sure ...... that happens more often than i find it i'll start where i always knew he said what was episode for their conversion he said what was ....... seven i say is separation that there was never any confusion about what is and what on camera guy can never remember what episode titles are what character arcs happen with ........ ... content editors me about plot of the episode is ..... .... because it isn't your cereal and to read certain scenes in certain runners and certain character arcs are modular and you can move them from one it is representing you have when ... face a problem with it in this episode which was i trying to carry through and maintain man is wanted you all over track and and really relate to and understand and appreciate why she does what she does it in this episode we needed more material ..... more stop to make feelings are and that and i ..... .. time series jonas is talking a minute ago about the it reminded me to be done all these scripts before ron and i have a tree in lake tahoe in january of two thousand nine in which we in the staff set and you try to crack back the first batch that was and it was a wonderfully in a liberating your away from hollywood ..... away from the rigors of show making were able to sort of hang out great house and talking story and talk about where to go and you know that i don't like rats and it was it was right and instantly ways and yet what we came back with was so much material we thought we could fit into the first six episodes goal that it is in it eventually became material ( the first eight or eighty nine discussed the way how is your underwriting movies in the lease that way i'm half the original white wall to ceiling room with houses in the middle is our access it has to do it all the way .. yes is ruining to the was the younger nature is beautiful .. ..... .. the morning and know anything and get out the first load in overview not created years and it was really it is over the summer that intention will go down if you want to make everyone feel like you are no .... ... that idea and it's heartening factor that .... universal was so you're your so that what we wound up with was more needed and so ... several months to realize that we will really work for ... too much as they say in you should ......... that and it didn't you heard was so what's new about that until we got much deeper this is a dynamic that the network is very on was ........ ... .. the earliest thing i remember is coming up with on top of which was .... sam and young william ...... ... ..... ...... would basically do the that we would have no fun little irreverent excursions into the world of organized crime from the point of view of his very young man and and working i will start ... the first day you will get an nih in unaided he really did he come above the sea level is your medium that you .... time to ... that learning is well on but you know that ..... ... .... so far we can go with that storyline that you know the young man is being ....... and .... .. to the world of organized crime you give us rules this .. the idea play yet with young willie with san and ....... ........ saw and i think that god and everyone will will one understand like ... .. your yes scott were .... reasonable as some viewers might recognize software was quarterback you are in you and .... .. .. is will . ..... ...... yet the pain was a young was also the director .... record producers on the ....... ... ............ .. i is as honest .. you yet but what was interesting to ..... .......... .... . and the state were both the ..... like a long and there was an element of that show the naturalism and realism is the way to place so that was not deal artificial that we really want to .... ... .... .. ... english sure but really think you once again ......... with his idea of the girl robot and covering the subject is how often .... that he'll ........... liaising his result ... .... this is ... own pilot was and is essentially a party and .. and your robots is ending on ... .... .... would look ridiculous just cut lifestyle program .. a friend is healthy and learned yesterday that congress will utilize the receiver and the this is ... emotion manifestations the reluctant last in the classroom by justin of the yet yet yes i is yet the and not the received by the way comes into play in a very meaningful and .. runs the only development so mad that is in the discovery this is a young woman playing lazy so we founded and it seems we can always rely on is so reminds me in your case i have in terms of her being there really is ... heated the level that you you know you're actually doing i don't know if you figure out how this idea now and we certainly didn't katie university but by the second season this and i .... .... and she had performed yet she completed she can .... .. evil is .. .... you .... ........ a fan for years and yet was looking through .... ......... cable channels are petri games and he's normally playing a similar character which is the sort of oh harmless and yet ruthlessly terrifying as messianic yeah and she just she really brings a whole dimension to the character that i think anyone else would not see him go to mean .. you all times that i is all .... ..... .. truth professed not to prepare you and is .. hold is not really nuances of the year is distantly in an area so nice of you yet the best one in our what what you don't get necessarily from watching the show is going to use this ..... is black humor that comes from having been in the business as long as he has and you know there's a phrase you get the job and air really does he ..... ... .... readily series but there is this sort of air of ... i yeah yeah yeah and any ... .. ..... ..... .... .... ...... ... .. .. just isn't worth it is a and also as someone who also i both . ...... .... i i think the reason of the .... ... you as well as you know you're talking about casting ... young women usually in . hoover your limited budget and if the young women as young as this year is that when dealing with people who don't have legal experience is ended to one of the next that this is the first ......... .. ...... .. ... ........ .. ...... .... .. .. ... zone as this was not actually a person ........ .. exact caesar i'll keep using there is any room in the folded arms the time is standing by the ..... twenty people folded on the yes yes and by the way that line that was written right before he threw the .......... window was long more problems i have a nearly over what will motivate you to need by some as is .... .. ......... three days ago you might think this is what was the money is ... runs in something which wound up in the promo is that and i think i i mean exactly like the photograph of you in on . conversation minimum unit powers that will ... you the ..... lily is set .. in the mountains of zion that was after she was not in a you this is controversial because we went back and forth on what we want to show on these videos green sort of no home videos we didn't watch and what you give away the audience early in what you leave for them to discover later as your in a big whammy reveal the .. .. ... nixon .......... .. .. .. in the twenty bucks so dishonestly ....... .. ........ ...... ..... .. .... .. ruthlessly ........ that paula was only nineteen no way yet the mcc ... this one is worth a you very closely to see it so .... ........ he will not send you on ... hot hot ... ... ... ..... .. one that is not only in only was he sees on his best season and there is definitely on and have set the bar high and i is that the great thing about that yet she comes from their big noses western that was then the wording of .... pages office fax machine and you know what the university day-to-day and so in a way to that thing is there no when you come into a situation like this where by virtue of my free of budget and schedule you have ... organizing time is last time it you know improvising and was unremarkable to me about all is ......... ....... from watching you is not really as ... .... on his and certainly the best drinking his way what is in no way you want since the low ... .. . ...... .... ... ... still paid it is alike i was thinking higher the reason for i guess now twelve years and then working in the army is ........ .... i ... .. it is with ninety eight .... .... okay .. amazingly electric seniors and of his capacities shifted because i was a network executive usa network as this account of how the experiment when j and i called his name is jonas and his name is jay i was going okay i usually .. person changes in his twin brother named josh and they sometimes will .. for separately they're working together on the .......... ...... ... which i is involved in by firing in developing and aaron as a series of music you like ... .... ...... .... ..... ... living by a woman helpless the philanthropist ... and i have . ...... say .... is i will ... and i just feel the reason so but but if the only time you get sure or white ... asian or anywhere like resistance collaboration is on set you get your ....... with the guys .... direction going little .. .... ..... the ... i know he is not unusual that how it is this the democracy and that is not exactly is not healthy for my part coming from but my dna was and will ...... cast by sam raimi and i ran ..... 's television company for many years and so in an unorthodox ends came from ge came from a director and he is was a writer deviancy is live and very collaborative with directors only the other executive is mine contemporaries .. .... not so i understand the design is ..... seven don't you find on other shows with a word to by my role doesn't come from my background is more friction more passive aggressive he thinks of her as selfish as culture and ... visited television usually should set she will script that yet sure if the rare so he said all along she is like yes and you know you and i said no is currently did i just honestly i feel like this .. .... .. and showed and that things .... changed from script to you but you recognize that ninety nine percent of every other episode right and i ... ........ ... ....... doesn't want a little about but yesterday i is understanding is that you ensure you ... .. ... us and you and you you all ... right down to send lazy an .......... in place where his motivational leadership like did you ...... a and he is ..... .. .. .. on but i don't like the group ... ...... in a ... the most . ..... in in in this work for me spontaneously is . ...... that they can improvise from ottawa yeah i ...... ... ... ... ... .. lie about by the way i agree that and i begin viewing directors and by the way is yet another craftsman home team with accountability for me the result of the show van shows where there is the sort of ... dictatorial fiefdom where there is no possibility about all i could think ..... .... ... ....... .. someone on the come from a work directory comes from the opposite is additional toward his goal was gone and val ......... . ..... .... about directors you have point of view is the first meeting for this job ... ..... i said if i have this year as he is certain he's as he is now i don't think those were the weapons and .. is ...... to actually trust you after ... ...... is beyond human love and say that more often than not he is happy to and this is unusual that someone comes from what ... case of wrong war the rick berman you know star trek background ..... the work is the would have flexibility as a star with me to you to create an environment like the one who's fighting is nice for us because that's now been handed down this will be definitely want .. .... directors .. ......... in addition to . ............ .. ........ .. that his number seven .. you're .. all .......... you .... not have ...... . ...... even give you the ..... .. the easier talking pictures to dictate i think we are dealing with locations and visual effects and weird ideas like this one is going to the robot you need your directors is he thinking and hopping and often you'll have ... .... is it it is that day run time replacing me she is well ... that our relationship is .... the ........ were okay so ready in the next address is for the forerunner of your ........ about the will to this is a big memorial ..... in africa proper and is designed to have a very beautiful sunny day and decided universities are not going to the olympics are coming and it has really fantastic architecture cold harbor area really do think it is living in a place so we can do a lot on the ............. have to suck up to the is amazing the things that are virtual in the sequence of the jumbotron and is not as much a hundred action and so when people find out we should know ...... torture am also glad to work with the late party friendly lazar producer mike preservative will derogatory term in terms of what they're going for it because they're more than just instruction for really should creatively make a radio do with how the episode comes out emotionally ....... but not when when we were doing the capital pilot ..... was otherwise i'll estimate there is working our attention and the heart she didn't heard that she did not have the pilot was figure out a way to allow jetliner to go home to watch the lakers celtics all game .. irrespective of whatever the domino effect was so knowing that i was ....... all absolutely remember seeing you guys and and ... ..... ..... that is all for you of the physical is one is person that is their argument is actually a hundred places .... the ..... morale shot and it will let you with them it is usually when you sign some kind why wide shot and .... people who .... that always give you the latest milligrams so we did across the application ..... . ... range shot was not shot .... ... .... work you are not ...... .. ... right and so what were seeing now is that amanda the character use them arriving at this and her daughter was evolved .. .... terrorist act as represented by this talisman sources and was a piece of bone and now we see sort of what we were trying to hold the audience the earlier scenes about that one being on somebody's being closing is all about motivating manager which is about you and this is not what you're saying is not seen as . three to help bill that will release work and earn the idea that this woman this is devastated mother of murdered child is going to do is and it is good to know is that i think you know to to farhad and sue are our other partners on ... ...... channel people at universal the that came from them and i think it was you one thing that in the shuffle of all the others huge issues were talking about the robot of the girl robot on you know is the first episode of the pilots and suddenly the fraction of the price time they were really sort of the site okay not always in sound but the one that is still in issues really are standing at an circle waiting to what is supposed to her new friend you is ... ...... somoza in zürich i did this concert for the american not probably shot capacity and shaw had watched the pilot but was living their life five and thirty talk uses of the do we saw this is already going to ... you really ....... just ...... .. that we can talk about what . scene but not much that you guys we visited the uk that which .. associated i was yeah that was something else i mean we went through another big transition from pilot series was and you lose earlier expansion capital which is to say it was like vancouver more like something of a vincent and that's a expensive and be time-consuming and i are talking about e.g. buildings and horizons and skylines vehicles and crafts that when this in our world a lot of things that some of which is losing will is not ..... the first is research where .. is an overview of his life .. ... but .. is an interesting title we always called ......... never heard was a call anything else i don't know what an audience choose completely living is also the last or five hundred sci-fi channel ...... ....... here the ....... that i post the following amounts .. ... ......... .......... ... as though you will see any good in your ...... title is the one thing that remains the most connecting sewer or glued about the lack of minutes because it doesn't mean anything to anybody that .... .. ........ .. work and so you know him since he is i will .... you ... even the model was of course out we were called in africa because that is the name of dallas is ... and is .. okay to the science was what i ...... jen is quite attractive severely have the moment where joseph is going to determine for sure he's done trying to sentinel and from here will get off of thanks for your time and thanks for your interest in helping watch and talking your


episode one oh three first is allowed free reign waterfall and we accidentally .... ... previous episode is wonderful hi this is an executive producer of canada is a crazy director happy the otherwise known as the rita were thrilled to your brothers of one of three which is entitled rain water ran a waterfall like . hammer of exactly watching the recap of the most amazing visual from gary and this episode was directed by my partner and friend ron moore who is not here but here the podcast later in the is there ... say taking a survey .. ... ..... .... .. shown as overseas .. . ........ .. the internet i will oversee . .... ... .. will is ... policy i will .. we had you know reciprocal a will or i guess you could say we exchange roles .. . ..... way i started writing on about my first is written as and of course ron my partner is a producer but for sure my mentor as a writer was very incurred jamie strupp is helpful collaborative all the things that young writer really needs my favorite phrases is right the last season .. a way of .... .... .... .... ... ..... no one became a directory on ...... show i was the director wranglers so when he directed ... episode battles or i was little as those with vision of a woman which ... mister ........ but this episode of the africa directed i was back in the fold will work ...... .. great because i love watching his families in the course . little bit about that and hopefully you know and give him some confidence to give me so but .... an interesting sort of you know if your relationship and that through the experience of else .. africa iv writer and draws director and .... i guess is as certain ...... so long as it is one of our ten month i insert you of our culture and in go into his ..... ........... injured in you i love the visa versa is so wrong she was offspeed like this is very unusual from the pilot and i like that which is that something meaningful about this young woman being the café with something off something you know not to and the mac is one of her favorites is that we can convey a lot of answer the older ability and just look this episode was also on i believe part of the .... ....... was delayed to support your number is .... as ... .. were initially one right and and and we just had too many you know i just please ... that also the voice of rock star .... of what right .. .. primarily he was brought in a visiting .. a unicast and i anointed we was and that was some of his taste online was devastated by the .. ......... and ... certainly i .. john stuart and was amazing about that is huge sigh .. ......... and knows about sermon that one ........ and eighty he scenarios is really you are and he was making the film schedule and he just came in and shot decided he is moving away .. .... yeah and then it is a big fan and he and ......... ... .... for ... monologues ... .... .. .......... and it is across the course of the yen and he winds up playing very pivotal role actually is not just box ui are the chorus and he ... ... ..... in the story went when we discover how daniels is a horrible day and uses the late-night rounds of like hugh grant ... .... need when you so that i was losing because i am a lot of the dialogue scene was the kind of dialogue was really about all the little written and solstice knows how to sell anything he is as natural as i is usually a ............ .... we also there is a mean-spiritedness of ... right .. .... is really suggested which i really appreciate it is not fair is ugly and loud and it is overkill and you finance on why you are one .... .. ......... . ...... little restraint i really do appreciate the not jesus there is a great deal of discussion about fedoras and smoking cigarettes pilot and these early episodes and you know of course there is a similar figure one yes i love you that that's true for sure but you know how many times we have to cigarette went only times we have seen i fail i understand you are seen as a kind of ......... .... .... .. la and i remember at some point in this scene is smoking let me ..... ... ... .. all those suicidal that .... to we didn't spend much time on in discussing someone to when exactly ..... read for this role i was i was so thrilled because the advantages of law and you know the idea we get him in this role of you know it's essentially any almost as father does seem too perfect to be true and he really brings this sort of rate moral conflict character someone who's being the bad guy you can tell actually is deeply comfortable and and and would love nothing more than to settle down into a nice family and can't because of who he is and where he was born and what is fiction like this at the variable that is written very little that is is really special affiliate just when you thought is the size of behavior that makes you believe that he's he's a good guy that his style was talking little earlier about permitting it .. ........ of the health care areas have now there is this deeply committed professionalism that eric has crystals have about his back and where the sizemore improvisational and will .... from and the friction that i is actually really interested to hear ... will yet you have to ...... and just try and think you and and and and still do things like go play to mass scientists played a character that after years of watching tv and movies that audience is instructed to .... an associate from you again and somehow weirdly making for .... zone ..... i don't even pretend what do you love me i was in ...... .. ...... .. .. dumb as his design .... ... while working at an age where title sequences .... ........ .... a white title on . card now on i also wanted by the syrian army in an age of the unbelievably great i think i sell the life you really just .......... .... ohio that is .. ..... that the favor of the day and we all know about everyone to get out to lunch and how you .... your squirrel * is that he lacks he realized as in the old yet it evokes an hbo video you watch the main titles for things like him ... feet under or in wells of the law note there is designed down to the words not ....... what the show is and yes it is ... haskell elements of an and and in the me it is easy in a tile or are paced design and is really about that very sophisticated sort of i really think you can make the audience feel like i'm watching a show at a higher level of his ...... .... i was right where it is really quite powerful and phil crane thought we were making this claim was for i like what one would visit the opening is earlier water is obviously a book .... ..... ... ....... . .... and that's what this sort of a junior fleeing sam was sentenced to about will reflect .... was good the young man's learning the ways the world through a group of mock and wiseguys ..... .. him inappropriately and you know create environments that none of us really want our son accusations exposed to yet really because of his devastated family and his father is the stricken something i saw this on .. ways that ... listeners will start was great and i ... certain .... yeah i mean it was in our euros dealing with well our robotic is he articulated the martyrs is the lesson of what you let itself ......... the easiest i'm really happy with that i mean i think we need is a ...... elements of pure sci-fi shows largely as yet and i think her and doesn't love how still livable place physical healing reminds me of is yours for version one is something about the unlike the embodiment of just got my asking .. .... as ........ ... vulnerabilities .. this rest she and ... yet exact is that this was an interesting runner because the have this notion that there was this on involving a model protected ellen who was on trial for crimes and who joseph as the default query to the a lot which is our cosa nostra would happen with the judge and the judge getting guy off and yet did you tell that story so much other material wall who is this guy crime and you are wondering what were the prosecutors after and we have room for any ... so .... ........ in the area is your answer one strong storyline was here sure that we living in the early for you ... your tracers eight three one one and is yes and in this episode in particular have a bit of the mosaic for you no ..... ... the quality ideas that we are serving several episodes the good news i you know people watched this file have now been wildly entertaining you drawn to it i think it's because of the specific .... ..... is the ...... specifics are the ........ very you know involving an irresistible ..... like this where you are not sure what the point of the scene is except for this young woman is deeply comparable to the ......... whoppers and wonderfully ... .. in a way is irrelevant because this is that your client yet we're talking about here on walkers like clarice as a little bit more like the ballpark character from ..... that should be both the villain and waited ..... but it is situation in a browser situation where the threat was ubiquitous and sort of everywhere you never knew what was ..... .. attack at constant he was easier to skin that fell in this world or not .. kind of over threat it would be more difficult and later episodes you see that we opted to go in a direction with the ...... was more i think consistent with what ........ would rate at which is being both charming and it may easily threaten it at the same time she's .. scary as a ....... character and yet she's beautiful and charming and unusual very hard for every happy just saw the robot ....... i see so and this is proven to be one of the more difficult concepts so to pull off and went in audience can have effortlessly sent is this robot that for the state or the benefit of the audience were going to show you that this the perspective soul five and same time not confuse the audience into thinking that one of the characters in the scene is seeing her as little girl or that somehow the robot literally is changing his little girl and her young woman rather and so is not a is not an easy idea or concept to sell visually and work choirs that seems like this have to be shot twice because you one pass with the little tennis ball later become a robot as with alice on ... wonderful zoe so that you can then it for i went to one person you and invariably is the emotional high point of the scene we want .. be on the actress and then only intercut the robot intermittently ...... continued well said vertically in that position .. tossing is the long had ... missing that is too emotionally taxing nation .. .. and it is an area in the wealth that's right right although although all is well really is and is recently ... long and and is the diminishing returns and a yellow and you are working but in the back and said some point after i saw seem .. ... monkeying with it is ...... ...... .... this is your mike nicholson needs the services .. libraries but it is really well and really really sort of a greatly handled in a very sophisticated way when no the director of the scene had been directing for a long time is really about the right things and performances you .... and him really emotionally unit citizenship because eric and paula very different styles you and harrison doing this she was walk and their chemistries . mean you really lead america lately been there for years really suffered damages and an incomprehensible tragedy and so much as slow as i talk you that visiting ......... ... ... ... .... yet the ... .... have that last will be the robot about the in one writing back to the .... yes ... .... .... ... .. ... .... ... ... which is where the eye and wanted to medicine that was how the immediate ....... the before a scare tactic they were sort of backwater organization in the technology they were bureaucracy knees ... there .. .... ... .. ..... .. .... is quite fine when you're shooting in on any location in los angeles and new york your actor who was limited and as you'll see if you watch for ...... of africa in spite of our desires not to use immediately recognizable ..... guest stars we finally threw in the towel and set it up as a result of use of their amazing as a revenue event hoover versus anywhere else a small population and so the articles of his ..... ... and and so when you find somebody like are actors playing for friend mark you will hang on and we do and we have and yes you will chat about whatever action was filed role yet is really hard ....... .. yet yet you never sure when you can trust him or what it is about because of agenda that doesn't seem uniformly selfish necessarily sometimes will this is done as you can see this .... .. ........ .. ... what the ge storyline may see the earlier episodes of capital versus where when and why we started out that .... ...... .. . you on . and yet is here ...... just lots episode ten am prepping the finale episode eighteen this storyline is sort of faded .... .. alive and certainly the idea that no ........ ... ... he still is a character on an ongoing .......... is intrigued within ge is not about csi investigate properly so injury will ... .... and is being were being restrained herself somewhat similar to this storyline is really a storyline but except for the fact that i have saved this guy minimizes opportunity to disguise really and i'm i'm ashamed i don't really reference names but he for my symbol to the .... .... .... .... .... will will and may think that it is right ..... in ..... ha ha ha ha but is that the video is he's as .......... .. this video it was tempting and certain point when the episode was long to does omit the storyline altogether because it doesn't really pay off necessarily or certainly not in the way we expected and i'm so glad we kept it because i think what it does do is establish that simply without worrying or caring about what whom criminal is or what .. ... ... laws concerned with protecting simply that shows this form is a rock and hard place is obligated to function his incendiary orders how off our cosa nostra organized crime syndicate and yet his daughters .. murdered his absentee father .. wants the home and seem like this applied that pressure i think everyone feels the pressure of about obligations at work and in the home because of the problems there and and i'm really glad at a shorter from streamline ... ineffective not not obama here is that i .... he can't believe that i is more dramatic way to frame your face and live well really just right you see single something here is an terminal service that will try and go above so you run the compliment is ( and you know for sure .. ... ... the and usually that idea was yet everything look at this is not being used on the deeper you go to ....... outside it and i think she got from shoulder height are looking directly of time .. a life remember when ron was shooting reloads that .. yet .... .. what .. ...... .. .. ... he and i and .. ...... .. said he is that there was a shop is lining up the .... was to say hello as well previously my report by the now ... .... ... work for you and for you or your directing you and everything regularly and wrongs written the pilot is .. .. and .. .. .. in i hired a writer .. .... as friday is your bitch i have a is why way was was how ... ... and i in him as the surrogate blank media writer got result was later yet and i remember being on the phone getting those of this episode which is all about shoe fetishes and he was really .... what i resist any will i not only go to work said that i ..... . .... ... ... ... ... i will ....... this i have to say is out there and i is yet he hate me he is in the black box on our life as ... .... is so mind the clouds are in a you as you ....... person will live on in the southern writer has doubtless to ............... the pilot jeff rss file right from you is this one moment must run all over you get the reactions he needed to build this deal he knows .. . phone you want you want to be you wanted a moment where alessandro react to revise this and we don't quite have it's not a ... ... ... i only say this one was that for a is on this is obviously a the daughter of joseph is missing by train explosion in . ... and you have to feel .. .. ....... in was elevated into ... ...... regular stuff that works you well ... reminds me of hilo and also ..... was the sort of the you know a soul you're a pilot and we decided between the pilot miniseries that you will share and run for their lives would be how to get outside of the station which the network was desperate for us on excuse as of this guy was the eleventh banana suddenly was carrying the entire story on that part for the episode for season please ... seen so you can hit the scene .. ..... i hear set his couples okay so we have a now included act acts and were entering why the air we go not ....... ...... .... yes hello all you and another that medium on five over one the wrong value and battle is this the only .. what i say that is our last assignment you have thrown right i'm not a cellular name those of you who watch that also recognize her course and this was the subject of great debate cause this internal not not because of the cause where and when you introduce characters from battles are in a show that is a prequel set off bells on will like uses one .. one direction or another about what we're trying to say on ...... and that this is a certain character .. ancestor or we simply using another is using great actress to play a role because we have a shell account strong form and will ... but in the ........... like this all around about him supporting players in uniform with a short article in africa is an halo so this person with that person and one group saying yeah the best i will do it and other ...... saying that if we do that the bouncer enables you to say what is that mean are you testing the and the than the person coming back with cares benefactor and so this is a very delicate balance i think we felt that this particular performer might open up certain cans of worms but not so much so that it was worth sacrificing the opportunity to have a strong accurate will .... is right percent was enough that the patient is in ... right ... really since the .... ...... ... so when you say something is these scenes are harder ..... actions and the three people in a room talking .. know how you know .. harder but yet is not yet the latter is yet the memo that you are .... .. ... .. the which is one of the many personal buyer show that he tried when he looks .. ....... the club is a half world since the online digital environment is created by hackers where team in their cars are is dust in the pilot is will it possible gaining well service . .... . ..... .. .... ....... ... ...... a movie . they say ... ... .... yeah yeah him about any .... .. ....... that . .... .... i associate is the closing one thing only which .. that somehow .... writer on the pilot managed to have the ones shaw of the two girls making out with each other on the one day i could be there to see you america is inserted into personal meeting with a secret you can't and this is before we have established a uniform signature transitional devices will show us what it looks like when a character is all around her head as the is quite the subject of many ..... .. network notes and frustration but we finally zeroed in on a nail down approach a visual prompt so i ... ...... ... ... .. ... movie is as healthy as you enormously for . ......... ... ... is the nature of the word ..... what is the idea .. .. additional ....... .... .... ........... is that you can find yourself wanting to help the audience along the same when you see a certain image you you know you're entering into ... the world and can't see the image and you don't even image you might be able to use so we defined to things basically one is that when a character places a call about their .... we see one kind of visual signature helping .... ..... the world and if we want to go to the world without the shot of the character ........... on her face we have a different visuals after the first emphasis it into the soviet audience will be confused what we found is that you have a visual signature exiting the world into ........ proper it is just too many signatures too many visuals and is also social example too much there okay .... exiting back to entering the next which is in the world now you see that we're just entering the world cold or not establishing for the audience of this is in any way different from a natural environment in later episodes what we would've done was open the act on an establishing shot clarice 's ..... .... .. wherever it is she is offering her ........ then go into her house and see her on her hologram with lights blinking and venues ... visual signature to get into the senior watch an assistant example of what you know marijuana is what you learn as you go on that you need the show needs as it handles to appreciate and be able to ride all the various layers ... ...... shows what you want talk about pointless holes that i think about you all are credible as usual the pretty good now he will message is deleted from a broken down two hundred and the pretty ......... you and i bought ..... ..... ..... thorough rep he said it citizens will not episode fourteen i would say to really zero in on her life theories in our brass ring for ..... damn good enough that all but all throughout she's just go to ...... anyone who will yeah i was ........ .... .. .. direct support is this will is ... world and ... .. ....... planet world terrorist are making and i see one package that has occurred in italy since an ethnic thing is a right is a you know living to be established in the parlor and it does come to fruition is pretty shocking way and all i can say is where lacey is now anywhere shall be in the season finale is following up sore back to mister basic set but what was late here is my way is the ..... thing is that anything you wanted ... mainstream to know is what you get what ... will .... lehman brothers or the national library of congress while .. is okay to discipline is the idea that it will find it is black yet is that you are not writing this e-mail to lend the information i will work you start listening once again i want to .... writers desire to watch the lakers celtics in . file you really cannot afford this one yet simple classy guys that all this is that one use this device of a character in reaching up to their face remove what we will .. their holiday i think about a lot because i wonder about them to feel like there's something .. fissile and yet at the same time he was needed because it helps you remember that there is .. ....... as an angry i just said that he probably was not a myself will .... ... something but it works yet and occasionally with a man and you are a fan is not wrong for an hour secondly and by the way had never and not the consumer of .... ..... which i will yell .. ... .. he ... .. .. i love you i love you ... irrelevant facts as he is black and white pieces are there any seeing you soon jeff ya is not mister delong 's finest hour and i say that as someone who is legal or production designer walks on water but we would be better off sitting .. ......... .... is the one that ....... ..... is a saying no .. .... .. ......... ... idea keynote address of the nationals .. ......... of the las vegas day you will get .. the .... and yet i salute is not the .... ... ..... ... all me take care of this idea the media raleigh ...... and it really makes you feel it .. . place here yet .. ... work you are if you watched the scene closely what way ... ...... .. ......... ...... .. on the day you tell yourself you don't need both a profile ...... ........ .. .... cameras easier to just knowing that you want both what i think that .. .. ... .. maybe not always allow but it's a nice precursor to where will go in the episode that .... ...... ..... directed which i call the taxi driver is where he's in a similar situation . .... model much much here we are getting a seriously and well actually one of the everything is there was pressure to you and will start incredible you use the ee ..... you you always hope you get what you somewhat on some new pieces now talk to you is sought .. right and so much of it shows the direction has been shipped by property is out series tv is different from from feature films in my right characters of fringe they fire someone on the outside yet you find yourself building is in terms of severity finale to bear mccreary on game .... listen everyone what it .. for ...... box


will go to the ....... ... .... ........ .......... . thank you mister lieber from universal cable productions and the executive producer of your with ..... ...... plays amanda greystone also here with mister jonas hayes are producing director layout and is also related to ways · seven and i have actually seen the show is the so off we go caesar and this is .. .... .. and was and .. of the i remember we are but a lot of discussions about .......... in terms of the ...... create the world by virtue of his ... ....... so that is not just about spacious just about in the ....... or is .. about what is their version of john stewart will really ........ challenging task ..... ... actually let all and we got really lucky .......... and are so recommended a day is that the members stand up world and recommended why didn't know me along any ... now grammy nominee who is probably most known for being the voice of the main character is doing and is here and i will in morning and i and many healthy and only out on ... ... ... .. .. and not as i know that but also you happen to you a you would let you know you and ... ...... ... really style there is a will and i remember there was a number of different ways we .. you think there is ......... . good visit was to .. yet i is .. is is is is is is .. .. is is a ... all i was going .... .. reviewing the test three recently i is you are a pilot allows and is ..... .... .. a ... and i is as easy and great i is fire just .. .... .. ..... .. ......... .. ..... the episode he is with ... . ... he is a writer and ... ... i need is a and track .... in ..... as and he is your wedding you and . ... ... ... ... and you will is an and . ... ... . you not a lot i is a you as you are is ...... a liaison ...... on where and when i you he .... ... going out of we we ran out of money as a a mona does that but we we we able to .... a number of episodes and so velma nunnally the actor that we wound up needing more and scott is .. ... sky is very generous raises of willingly bend over backwards a number of ways to suit .... ......... .. so in ... ...... ... ... .... .. ... yet in a ........ speaking america ... .. that now ... so in ........ ... ....... .. as a noun preceded the ..... the students that ... enemy something i and that is this sort of virus of the terrorist act .. .. ....... ..... will will the school life mister ..... is i guess your version of a ... like search which you know everyone sort of susceptible long as all who ...... .. ....... .. answer to .... ... ....... ...... ....... and what might be next and it is interesting ... ... ..... we have resumed the writers for the new york times story ideas and yet i watched this today is that in the .... morning about this slide in the terror alert the cia .. the there is an inevitable attack on american soil in six months and so now i want to seem like this is the resident that when we were ...... .. .. .. is what is and is is is is .. is is taught or will you all that is in there all of you and your team are a thin is in you and ... and also because .. the pr expert for daniel 's company ... . ....... ... ... .... to play fast island in else are you were revealed on ...... ..... incessantly because courts were always pose the challenge of the no yes actors and ...... . new roles of the week or recently you weeks to sit .... ... out right but .... didn't care although there is a visible applicability .... .... suddenly someone saying was that starbucks grandmother that would let him cast ... light was young . is great and the because some little else i was so ....... .. will receive you can get away with ... allows you that after where life might have in you as well there is your vote number of .......... ........ ... is not because you did not or anything i i i i . . is and is a simple one i started this conversation i need you i .. .. he .. . know ... will i love the design of sentences .. ... ..... face .. the earth and world because of course is a really is so about characters flying and not necessarily about an overall plot is ....... else .... .. i was in ... ... .. .......... hotel ...... .. ... and i is that a will is is is is is is is .. is is is is is is possible that .... it is a .... and you will will will ... .. ... .. and nine-day i love this shot i and everything about her that i will only and yes and how do you volume one we .... you ... ... where is ... ....... i is at work and in and i ...... him .. any that know not really as much as ... work in a week of resolving those of the vessel is working with .... on ... .. he is is secretly dating is ..... because i love you learn enough about this .... i is .. .... and i know .... always and ..... ... . .... be in raleigh is working on my will ... .... ... . ...... ... ......... .. .. .. .. .. is so .. ... know that what no why is this one is cool and he is will and is only to go and as long i ... way on anything that what we you know box is bob dylan will show you and i are not what .. ... .. .. .. in in in in in in out as . ... ...... in a is a you he is also very as a ..... .... ... ....... ....... documentary on vietnam veterans of citizens of liquid .. a yes all .. ......... and something that i oversaw as i .. going .. about the overs of the young ..... using what is in a the and is the one because i never remember these episodes by the its own adult .... .. .... through the bowels .. a way of life and an actuary ... .. ... as he is .. is .. a social news you lose your ..... witness printed name is in your hangout buddies .. ... will need a desert right now the unity that .. why i have is written as you will a you he is right and will be as interesting as it is in flat there is something only remember as lovely as that is ..... karen is .. ... ....... ... ... .......... ..... busy i is discussing lebanon and every time i go to ... ........ . will know and educate ......... .... ... was and is almost as ... as .. the citizen heard from herbert all know he is our will is in you you are a you and everyone is able to document resume of wizard of oz of margaret hamilton as a seer yelled you know security ........... .. children is wonderful as part of ... felt it seems .... as we went in on the ... .. wasn't started but he's obviously very young experience and is now watching this episode we had .. wait while you really ...... you we love that i is is all a notice that you like this sure whether was not in the strength of the network over you marty bolan and .. .. is that ... will let whatever we show anything about carville looks of the telltale or or or evocative of an american are inevitably wind up either be shooting revenues visual basic was . .... .. ... .. ...... we are seeking what is .... . ..... all i is .. really is securing european cars are the cars were as are .. .... as it is a you a you ... barbara versus enthusiasm wanes as is that were hammering the ....... .... say .. will .. ... lesbian i noticed another all it is is is is is is is .... i have not ... .... ..... ... ... i will .. is is is is one the what i'll say it is the low policy and what i love about you and i will provide visitors there is there is this sense of barely contained rage or or or that she might just want to be a second and you don't watch yourself you get unity of ......... . ........ is very difficult to play because a lot of actors would be overly concerned are preoccupied with like ability accessibility and all that sort of words that the airline cdm i ... always by myself so present how i find your characters the infinitely relatable and it is this editor is this sort of of of volatility that i and you and i could and i is will will .... on .. in well are you right .. i was real and you ... ... career at ... ... .... another source culture and .. ... ... . .. a free event is ... painstakingly researched as ... and . ... his life really is the outset .. ... ...... under god is in ... .. a with an arrow .. say that i will only hope .. .... .... .. the lesson . will just was a little more about ... ....... ... ......... ..... .. you and ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... i you and you are decided i like i said yes i is what they should play with anyway and ..... for everyone ... ... .. the quite lovely scenery feel like we him we got a lot of the ..... .. always given breaking point sources ....... this is so the of of these needs is where you know you're your ...... your with the network as you go in and is going to inevitably there is quite early on because everything .. just in need of its own was the dozens .. ... guys have to was was very dark horse is no longer themes and at times that you like but in terms of how dark the show ........ ... and this episode we finally have seen so when you're watching howard you like a lot of goodwill ... ........ where i think we all can agree that there was something that was assigned this could be so absurd and funny and sweet and i i i i i i i he he is and will . .... ... that is .... i'll start the original sexy and . you ... what you see sitting through .... was visual and sound with this was how to design a series of movements for robots to do that you need to look like a dance .... feeling and try to give his love life of the kind of you know when ....... .. .. you and is doing .. and in and year out with you guys and girls like us as i guess i will so we ..... .... before we have a full-size practical you eighty seven model onset which we use sometimes for placement of the ........... .... you will most the time for actual shot photo realistic you use shots and so ... interesting is you is like that when you see this e.g. intercut with the practical robot and actresses seem as really is .. you will ..... is there no .......... ... .. i think that we have by now i made because i was making was the next director at it using the remote there when he didn't quite understand we would ask you a second .... ... and we didn't ask about ...... ........ who you know the robot .. . ..... .. ..... .... .. .......... as people say ... ...... as soon as he is .. .. .. .. is is .. is is is a will is . man i saw he saw it on the today show today that wesley only great guy like abilities done the instance of ... ...... will i do i know i is is is is is is is ... is actually better looking on is and is . .. .. .. is is is is you .... .. .. ... stupid interviewer you can regard as he .. good-naturedly rolled with it those way you know if it was all his life .. . ....... lala and i that .. ... .... ... .... ..... .. .. those years we ...... .. ... .......... to improvise sit .. .. .. .. .. .. .. an interview that while the molecule understands that the .... immune if it is a reason to believe there is also great to know this is an ..... so i will ...... .. on was the thing is when you get a hold of xenon on the of three star wars movies and this came out and about how your food is broken for by ... incident here are .. .. ... ...... love us that you got it both on broadway is doing i was like yeah i know will all .... .. ... the ........... of the robust and asia i is the ........ you will you will be goldberg and there was wealthy going on i had said that nothing was literally choice ... .. .. .... ...... ........ ..... .. ......... .. .... .. class .. .... of you i your hardware for the ....... removal .. and in a moment i is .. and i will .... ... .. ..... ... is he is your love .. on the was in a he he .. he .. . .. is in ...... ... he will always when we were doing to america is his will is i was struck by how amazing all was ...... that little theater and amazing and you can literally we were not a well-organized ... thanks there was nothing inmate work and i really haven't streams ... ..... like that facile ... ...... is . .... ..... .. kind of .. a lot i know really . explain it is used just like the planet earth is ... .. ... is you know what is all all all help you was a lot in the next one you ... you and i was in and on now .. our he .. and he is is is that you and the act and we ... ......... ... really leverage the society i love all of the will of the awkwardness and the wishes of my mouth and if i go the whole world ....... .... .... . ... .... ... ..... show and i vote yes it is one that is really the story was on yeah this is .... you get with that data .. valid that was ..... .... .. .. ..... the culturalist of the thing that was of a few grand on jay leno but everybody said susan you guys are watching the seeing her it's almost as if he is as a person is on the silver something i will ...... his .... not .. ... .. . is what is he is will he yeah available at the same time as lot modeling is there anything we ... .. ... ... not always .. this data is not waiting ... you as ..... .. last i ... ... i will .. ... ... i want to do and i will and it is .... you will go to those of the forget that i ... one .. ... well and the ideologist of the universals of the ..... is in between all of the suggestions being from the director of the american of a network back stage dealing with that this was the me that we desire . checked well there was .... ... .. hurt of losing huge and it was also the issue by making a change in our writing staff which those new phone .... .... no occurred about ... season and we just ........ script that made us feel like we were going better off to make some adjustments and to ..... ..... .. .... new blood and so there was this tremendous sort of behind-the-scenes look at the meltdown but you a lot of stress and tension while phone calls on all levers with as here you know guy that's on you someone who cost will money and and you know you have a certain solution so became it really is quite a series of the and everything has to .... .... and on this day was going to sasha i'm in i will not damage with the praise but i wasn't referring to you lately as africa's answer to and played he load balancer is the tunnel vision while the ball .. because we cast was as a sort of guessed that i would without really having a clear sense that they will have no longer is serializable factor and then after .. was i was you or somebody you know is just .... ..... his other avenues .. pursuing that .......... .... .. we were cursed with you in the in the bathroom behind it was .. their late it was using you kill the is there going to .... .. archive aramark that's what i look .... .... and . .... as many as you know we really mean ....... gets you know of the sports equivalent of like you know what ... ... .... something readers use as prizes .. such a great way for all the reasons such as me ... i will let ... . .. so with ... .. .... way will .. . will and for example a ordinarily i think back .... as is the idea that the whole storyline of ....... indoctrinated into the ways of a lot was all because we you mean that you asked for his thought is not walking through that you don't think the writers of the ........ of will . do that you only have an idea .. .... this great actor brings the characters is ... .... and . .. ... .. ...... there is said to .. what this is all shot you know that you were doubtful because joseph is running you should dissolve like you master whatever was that he is now at that spot i will and is so ... is i have is in the office . is a member shall it is .. .... a lot we had a hundred feet in the next i have only had to walk in front .... ...... .. ..... .. one .... ... and it was as soon as presented in what is the timing guys are right there is when you a use of the reason it was . word ......... we are now i don't know what means ... are in a sad way to life in a you will that you .. is a hello and i think there are a couple you can see the other ... this process is elaborate and extensively technically complex that you made for the ........ nine ..... yet you were were were all the details there so this is ... .. .... . see you in person was is is .. is .. the dermatologist ... .. .... .. if it is ... .... ... ... .... .. was lazily literally is like this i can will will will will will will ....... it was also suggested .. ... .... you are you .. .. ) i .. one is more suited ..... .. as little as one word and i in him and what is and is ....... .... .. .... ........... was ... really will walk you are in recently and is in the house .. .... living .... .. . you will ..... we in the ... ... ... ..... and here you are .... .... .... .. part on overtime is a culture in ways that ....... possible to .... on the other hand now and is not . ...... ....... girls .. outlook notes and one of ... ... yes to those going to the ....... the future is he is an amazing why .. ..... is not their breakdown .. healing as i was thinking we score any and all ... .... ... ... me ... computers will you and ... and is at i .. .. .. ... ..... ..... about anything almost is a you will you will say yes i say this i'm very and again and ..... .. .. in .... one ...... a.m. to review and legally we the people .. .... ..... them ... ... are you like to read all of you .. . is i have been as .. .. .. ... ...... ..... .. our secular .......... .. . .. ... general i don't thought this is what they have very awesome ... as a result is as a talking the brother making ... regional managers as well as silently sideways into you get a sense of the ........ maybe ... ..... what .. or what was finally going again .. a retail install aciphex seen the storyline really was talk a lot about ... ........... .... great ... about no you ... .. ........ . broader commitment assassination of a rat yet is a lesson talk about you and i will .... ....... . have this sort of you know ... ... ..... thing is kind of twenty one and facing is that i .... you movies ... .... the way i is sent .. you is that ........... ...... is just .... ... for ... .... .. which by the end we kind of ... takes in the whole season yet it remains an ongoing sort of aesthetic so to collide a cutting-edge futuristic technology with service represents almost as though .... culture they simply ........... ... ........ ... so they may have no machine that fly all the way to orbit but it's always so little like nineteen seventy one and . .... .. a .. ..... . .. yes are you going on about ........ only end up using richard for every show we reviewed .... ... ... in and he will outlive me with you rick is . will is on you as you are say i is also need off their well and it is and what we do the show or basically two days and we should show into fewer days than we thought i'll and val starr was mostly all on .... and green space and position that is out as often as exhibit a more which is the same .... the much harder production exercise is something asian and we got to your space to ...... ...... agencies tell you i .. .. and ... .......... .. ... process .. ......... .. i is no here now and will go live as long as you ... .... ... realize just how .. saw those you that you are not believe in the thing is so not michael bay and i believe .... and alright so there we have .. what is closing everyone by


hello well this is him episode one oh five and title is as there is is is is that there is i will go and i .... ... .... ... will and yes i know it's easy i saw this now we're watching one of five i you have the date i and you also have any ...... reviews all around the editor of the editor this episode is a disease of the chief editor of all things are in the tv over the last several years so any honor and .... gary has ....... article supervisor and overall aesthetic eye candy .............. ....... who i work with on scene like everything is the last as well say hello hello i and that is to get into this episode is as worthy is worthwhile when i was done i i've always felt that the phone .. that this episode in the final analysis and slams ... new year .. . really kind of eighty euros for being a very compelling but the moral more or less content live drama and we get is one of five suddenly his life are hairs on fire we really are blasts open the world of the new cat city and immunities of level of visual effects that up until this point has been somewhat restrained your .... ... for this one and .. ......... .... ....... is and that is how i look at ... you ... a really cool is as we discovered the city as they are not there for the surface and really intriguing and you quite ... as he is is a ... ......... you as a person ...... ....... to ask questions become on the series which is what real what we believe is his only real really and all the questions and looking at here and you really stands out is this part jan finds remember the first time someone said new cat city made in the writer 's retreat in college within january oh nine and was cracking up because of course the plan new jack city rack and that it was sort of the old way of introducing google wave of you know wolf player games since the will of the contemporary version of what you ... .. .. it is and .. this idea that you can get so caught up in is exactly her same distinction .. being reality and reality becomes almost sure your your life or death stakes as a work which we were really worried about getting narrative that anything because the audience is also what .. ..... die in your characters in this particular story have a lot more safe than just losing the game is right beside us as i thought and what .. you get back .. ..... .. civil when you realize how important health care is so wrapped up in this world it really becomes what you yet because in this case of course of our characters ... ......... ... killed off down the one you will have to find their daughters and close off yet and so while i don't die everything ..... .. there is a drop courses for season .. .... ..... all day if ... inside this world and so that all because coursing the was the notion that this is and then i knows the guy posing productions are talking with ) make our magnificent alumni from a star when we got there got me a yes talk about what is ... will actually look like and what .. could accomplish a green screen environment contacts and severe arousal of the illusion work as you will .... .. do he felt it is one of the yield is set aside ... .... stand .. .. executive nursery was previously world is the .......... catholic is the world as is .... .... have no one to my reality is . nurse ....... uses a separate game of himself connected to the that which is yours i have some is what was and was yet in a separate look so ..... and which are ... in itself .. ...... . .... and so playing on ... design and ..... are what you need to the layperson is a ........ ... terry particular ........... on on ....... ....... .... .. ..... more specifically with using the ........ ........ a very specific style in nineteen forties look down ... press yet exactly as so is michael said is let's go what ... in his thirties when all the way back to reasonable to a release guild of your and dissecting their building on top structure and of course my shot all the direction it's just you and you shot with ....... ..... characters just on the that is the end of the season so now we get into the meantime now we begin at one in which leadership which is inherent as we ...... again fairly consistent with our into and out of the oral devices and for those of you paying close attention this is sort of like the device him up so we robot in occupying the same space struggle for ... ....... episodes to ensure because ... didn't know that .. ... doing going in every ..... you plan such where you would establish the robot first and then so we ... .. the same exact safety for getting it recovered you seen and when the director ...... ..... ... .. ... ........... that effect in editorial steel .... .. what was this transition the world was evolution until we got .. ....... five and it works ... ... when we have character for the holiday and nbc that character ... oliphant on camera we use it as the digital from to back character dissipate in the frame and and end users a transition in the virtual world where you don't have to shop a particular character ....... all .. ... because we should or because the transition you will does not mean one specific perspective is more general general perspective that is what i call oneself which is on this and will go ..... ..... us into interview now coming out of the world we don't you we don't have a .... .. transition which is the subject of some debate .... network .. got the point where it is going in and out of the way to have transitions going in and you the you is ... will now ship is sinking more rest ... er is utilizing back in .... was he sure scratch was realized jumping from one er and er ... the regulatory structure .. ... and your you my progress right a you and he will model around if you like myself is .... ... .... is like a establishing shot were you as anything is ... .... ... his father was a surprise .. you ... tell you know is wrong talking and in design .... .. when you slowly .... and .... is in way is .... is probably ... were discussing and i think i should point out that he was around i believe i want to think ..... .. you wasn't around this episode guide we got into the network about enhancing user shots and then retrofitting or .. ..... .... ....... is something i was told yes and yes it is lost .. his yes this was around the time the network i think rightly although wrongly with respect ... .. .... rightly decides to make .. more ....... with things in here so forth .. ....... ... .. great examples and will will will will all receive .. ....... ....... is literally nothing here except the after you sat here is the piracy was ill full-scale ... ... on the law piracy is a cg and i ....... hear .. you will and will recall because right now is not something i is . series is the ... ... in most time he ... .. use his desk somewhere and .... . .... about it way is the sort of ambiguity ... ......... we never really get into ... .. is ... why are they fighting and one that you are surrounding .. just a unit to his status as a you know jaw rating we did interest place and you're going to eventually see what that second but the ....... .... some efforts to what is essentially back yes i is he and his people not .... will .. to sell . think everyone in production as it is felt this something you really are and they ...... really distinguish his need fire these people are all solid as well i can and others ... go there and work for them with is about ... physical exam is in a way her style is more appropriate law ....... ..... almost more home in the snow you an indent in situations where use in normal the world looking for all mercies very she's just got a natural sort of let's use the time she ... you she really does this you refuse you will shop water recedes you are well this is this is an exciting idea this notion of using electronic music in the nineteen thirties forties film along legitimate make an object 's position in the credit really goes wrong wrong ... ... is yes and now this guy you ..... only has a knack for finding those unusual and interesting day and all is .. it invariably do you know that your character will likewise so memorable .. a case in point is this heavyset guy coming up using my office ... . .... at the base .. really messing good and you know i mean you and your team is not some multi- episode arc really doesn't know ... ...... .. yeah i have no obvious example of one of the establishing shots that the network was there is a writer at the time when we originally saw pilot .... this off to establish goals for on was a street corner in vancouver and you in a particularly particularly ethnic looking for were sort of a place that will go here is a and it was because we lack the imagination of the ....... something more was that we were going to do that is it is the unit initial inception .. vfx heavy show was really not designed to be much much more low-tech nonbattle star shall i think everybody sat down so .. costs it was a little delightful ... .. we missed us and you know even if it's just the buildings look more .... are more unusual or that is the occasional you know air vehicle flying by your origin of this overall architecture was that it felt more worldly method that was in ..... to the show africa and in fact we found ourselves using radio i mean all users we use our sauce that i can show is what you want to show the five boroughs of new york is difficult new york city and our cases really ..... ... say okay your daniels lab ...... ...... ... ... .. your show so i asked me is god and .... you establish his life back so ... whole lot there industry is very very little of establishing cities arose so you really only of ........ and i swear he said .... all caught became known as orange as much a and eighteen ... get .... backwards ... ... .... .... .... ...... you of his ..... for our is even going back ......... and it's easy as i need to work eight thousand .... well and what usually doesn't happen is a natural gas that some are more than what it was you for a maximum is and we we were eliminated so we made we were able to show the cat sits around to know one thing we cannot do anymore i say is open and act with the blood cell ..... transition without some ............ context ... make that transition i will use here because i know i is a place where her these works but are found within the context of management is a that is affecting ... ..... night involves you in california this is job looking at here is . shot in is making using old-fashioned in camera yes that something michael really saw in the show was and also wanted to try to reach that this site is amazing is to do longer on staff well the same correct unfortunately ... .... and english which is a drop shot any ....... shot in what don't see it homes that set woman at dots all over shasta ........ will ....... ... want over three thousand forty system .... wrote everyone so rest because initially intended to be slowly you .... ... singing session was with ... early in rest son with me you .... so i said inside on the spot so that we .... .. .. so i can give is . would say you really are as nicely as myself is by mike is in as you know is a ....... work his newsrooms . ........ .. ... ........ .... again is that this show is that shots follows you have to allow ......... use job well the directors you ....... he will leave ... because everyone gets a chance to have a .......... .... ..... i get my chance and so sometimes is monitored what the director is it it was why i is worth mentioning is for a one thousand not altogether or the course and tv means the new directors and a lot of circumstances are you know your thoughts in their iron to tradition is when the cameras were used .. ......... ... ... ...... in any way and ...... ....... .. ... recognition of the ut austin recently we not only our physical .... something .. worthless as i is all all is the easiest relapse .... ... choice is we also seen by all know and .... .. was certainly more fun so i think the other amusement within the city use five will step the sebring the reasons the us of the board of directors ... that's what it's all i .. right at the university of relative units are offhand how much of the pattern is as well this is in or have you ever saw a long time as i ..... to the amount of money budgeted in the virginia department no location days or so i knew what whatever the template was for africa in the category is thanks ... you and that we need you to show a more fast this but is an excellent run in-house operation on the show is ... ......... ... show now one we need to turn on when gary says in-house operation is the economy for me goes back to my old hercules and xena days where it was it was customary in his customary in many visual effects heavy shows the higher visual icehouse life innocently met with the ....... . company like that is a little mean the news so it was a company will close with about ... pilot and you are essentially use this these houses as vendors to provide exclusive services for you and the good part about the horses that your sort of one-stop shopping and the entrepreneurial efforts necessary to make your show are relatively analysis you just go to your house and you guys are versus the way gary doesn't which is little more while you were to social wealth for wall scholars all in house company and hire companies or individuals in ad hoc capacity to do shots you have .. asian dude .. visual effects for you and .. and so doing you are in control cost better and maintain much more creative control the final product which which includes some of my .... .. ........ might minding able to take him many more lives of the apple is that i might be allowed to do it for you we were told just one company where we rearrange the anointed him .. rounds of notes about the case right and ... ...... ... ... .... ..... who is often real is in my nature rental ... variable to find three guys discuss in my and are now wanted money and and and and elsewhere ..... hiding nose was what i call and .... .. ... .... but ... is or is you wish ... go back to the more sane work environment is one house will know i is never .. ..... .. ... and there .. an sold-out show ... were able to go and present ideas which is in as he is normally my my job is working in is okay and that whatever .. getting enough of society as an option .. important dated or what is all this is and .. ......... every shot diseases will the reasoning behind it is that you serve as ...... as seen .. ..... around ....... . will .... the track marks on distant peoples and you will will you do is going to seem like this and allow you as is the normally telecommuting for ...... ... is or is you only get worse shots from being this lease in one run to the window that that doesn't show ... .... .. them that it will present the users with everyone's director of the actors everyone to try and stop all the incident ....... june the twenty thirty one shots necessary to this level where people go along with it except israel's and that's it .. you and you ... your ... inside outside at your watch ... in the process because ....... contractually obligate to remain as is not well nor more or less got it otherwise far right .. all so truthfully i find a lot less for his fourth of the foregoing .... was ....... ........ say .. this because they love these love with the show .. is is is is is all you know everyone now .. .. right now is to .... .. ... news last night so show it is not yet ... we got when we have a workers her writing career as there is a removing episode five and eighty nine ... also ........ movies that you use your own sixteen minutes we have been back half of season one that is compared to what ..... ... in the hallway will work .. his room rooms don't have room we policy for the breakdown of ...... and errors .... for .... is yes show one ... you can look at ... covers entire wall inside charlie is always five right ..... .. i so that's how ... .... really i hope people who enjoy visual ...... like this of imagination behind them were watching this now you know since it will show because it does it does give everyone a reason that is that he is questioned about it anyway comes to working with me on ... is usually cut about six he was sort of our eileen this is damning with faint praise the way michael was like our runner-up director on . ..... nineteen the evening sergio got the you know again it .. a ........ smelling right and so and so he's a sense of the value of his ..... always for me to discuss in israel or after he is doing .. .... .. ...... .. .... as it turns an ankle composition is very very small director and great guys and not .. . you and i will knows that often times you get the episodes when errors i .. ... .. all is a tad worried and so will you know he's finally mike told me he's finally getting to usually be a ..... position that he is he is all stuff that i write .. select our .... is truly visual best but because he designs he ...... were you asked and with everything shall disadvantage and will look .. ....... as .... .. he saw it and need a unesco don't know where i'm going to read ........ who .. .... we'll not one of my sure hands about in describing michael's the only people who also like chuck cassidy with whom i work with ... ... .... and .......... companies real estate .. .... you know michael's a little bit crazy he's just crazy enough so you might be sitting in your office when they will call you and say have you seen i'm to do it as a silent film and .... .. ... ...... of ..... with justin this piece of the musical is one of these is that i will have will have really crazy nutty ideas and look once in a while they might be a little to me but for the most part he's so agency thinker that you want to .... .... is by hello this is all i'll say is all so this is probably away the most most of the visual effects in this show is the result most of the exhibition attended the rooted in something recognizable reality need a biped robot is feeling you've seen before and even if the dirigibles are monstrous and not ..... ........... .. work as well as a few times i feel like we leave microsoft and it was plainly obvious world .. so you don't see anything this would not never see around the realist naturalist version you know candles are hard in .... and .. ... a rough start to this again this was something ..... try running my own .... is ..... and horse and he is also his in place perfectly calibrated to ... slipping into that you ... . .... special of of of special note in this and using the circle motif was you have is very retro eighties sound effect for time he touches as i got the decision and replace was unlike anything below that ... ... i was okay but only something of banjo i wonder the number one eucharist and .... .. .... ...... is not originally ........ antenatal care is something that is so strong you that zionists is what investment is known as he is and he is as impressive lincolns and this is a ... .. ..... ideas that is falling apart like a got handheld vacuum i'll try and is i ..... .... .. ... .. ... .... in evidently someone will blog it is a loony idea will you and appreciate " notice .. .. .... ... ...... me all and so no beyond .... ... think me and also did episode six which follows this one is an needed to ... .... ...... for this year and we get a second season ....... .. right course okay that is what something is that for a second four-year this was him jonas .... ... ........ ..... favorable episode which is something of tumult jesus guy this was seen looking good and ballpoint pen over . .. that .... .. .. ... . love you now is annoying so what we we we will have to remind you remember .......... .. ... streams you children yes you know this is a character in the dynamic bits fall by the wayside which is the reason is that we as you're using some sort going on anyway later this is sam's husband his name .. ..... larry who was in several earlier stress analysis has ........ ... process of production episodes . ... anything in ..... e-mail is a strange paper is only a location of woman is able and larry strangely is . .... is like shopping at hot ha ha ha ha yeah and by the last episode of the series of talking about .... you find so he .... in vietnam and will ..... and is it and so i think this of this is a this is .... sin is that he is yeah you're in my work in oils and incidences are you seeing i is .... alike i is the i would have done the same is interesting because we had a vocalist on this you is has a very unusual case if it's lovely but it is very steep in a certain cultural conceit and you have to go now but i will fully as you might title has been a funeral is no question generally feels like how it all look in this visit is going on about the and now what course ........ story is that the the family of domino's finally reached the point where it's going to did mother and sister just ... ....... dollars for a wife and daughter farewell and their culture without this formalized by and believe that their loved ones won't rest in peace and .... there and you .... give this book to say this is all .. .. . .... ... isolated his father ...... not is just asked your total personal interview never for a minute think your ... and your pets stage of the user you yet when i is the core armies .. so and there is talk ... ... you image with all around outside ....... .. ... about working in louisville is wonderful now and he we you we testify and i don't mean this is what we are this is going best of the this lady by saying we have a fight with the network really wanted a ingénue type here in his role and michael angeles taken ...... very strongly that the unit this will need to have more gravitas and weight a legitimate happiness this character you really believe .... fire kind of slightly there is wickedness that there was actually the only ability .. harm the sexy check is that the team ... game by and she's right you are going to get another sample of talking about making find these amazing actors the choice that ...... well all and end with a couple of ........ .... .. ... .. is otherwise and .... is an ............ ..... how much of the struggle was the cop ... notes and passes and support the sneaky one ....... .. . media as you and your is places sponsored in with you soon restructure but ......... speaking .... together very well is however shot as you do this one more thing respect and appreciate records and approach it that way as well and this is very serious and with my senses stop me with any review is very serious ... ..... yes but he's also very serious and very and you needn't think that is the gay friend between episode of csi euros looks on as you leave this is a set what .. .... ... ... ........... ... yes shows .... will will will will will and activated the testament to how seriously he takes that i rarely spoken michael after the premiere of one of his episodes where is general reaction was somehow negative because of what was because i was just to show you how seriously as they .... ..... is an effect for beginning at five one of my favorite conclusions to the entire season on ... ... ..... yes okay so now we have these new of the all-star we were successful in working a relatively new edict from the network which was at marshall greg we sort of got grandfathered in a long long order and that our first season meeting work user plus four acts and that many changes with yugoslav acts and we successfully ... nowhere were no maintain our structure you can force the ineffective design another cliffhanger another false sort of conclusion leading to commercial break well that we could always argue your rent them and so we had with them over the struggling is that you remind you i know jesus .. first i was written by fax or writing anything .. ... ....... is sure on .. .. self-denial writers room even though you were supposed by and you feel like this season was five his cross the line into ........ ... . .... chakra is the .. you work your for example nonleague that was not a right for will really just yet you have everything going for .. .. that originally zero two .... that will result in you again this is another example of casting someone is you can't tell this guy is not as far unfreeze this .... also hear .... you and i ... .. .... ... so it seems wonderful .... so an season of fine young actor but a young actor is to have you no certain learning curve and that you know young people graph into ...... cooper's .. not so and i really don't like is the episode where he he really ....... ... richest .... 's in a very emotionally and telling you really sympathize there is a i i think there's a tendency and is for me anyway these kinds seems so i move through cause something in the back saying only audience for her over being genome audition and you frequently and you deliberately try the hand and yet there are times when it's important to play on the very first editors like i ever worked with as a producer is use familiar with ... lasting is a great film maker and ...... .. ...... and he's always ..... .... i is that in the playoffs is the course is just plain as i is ... .... .. correct yet just when you thought is all i can redesign only as i was caught in so much and right mouse button and watch these when they're done is truer test of . number talking most of this of you know i've been having the impulsive this is the one that some of no jumpstart the motorist lands when your whatever's is pretty accurate and yes it is at a different level and if that's not for any reason other than the fact that shows take a few episodes find a way to there there that morning that shows all as this show is in his and it is growing and expanding a easy .... is that i is yes i'm going with knowledge of the best eight ... work as long so if we have the pale rider shot is not ... one you that i is overseeing jean great location ...... .. the interest rate and goes fun for you and me soliciting in the leslie audience .. my


in one seven .... thousand and is entitled to know thy enemy one .. .. .......... .. terry miller and referred her and i'm also here with the bear mccreary and are wonderful composer who is only back to the mouse miniseries for myself ...... ....... who is out and become quite the celebrated sensation all a cia .. ...... .. not just on the internet was is also a is the ...... .. and and and so he uses are out sort of ....... bedfellows ...... for the episode of watching the people .. .... format is as i is apparently you might have to help you will always takes me a moment to get caught up in what storylines we ....... the is is is is .... .. . the reality you need to have so xinhua and we will left the one where ... the relation this is the story thread is that ... lost is the .... well that's one of the challenges of this series there are .... and is keeping everybody all defined .. keeping the stories ......... will i challenge this episode this is my thinking and on the the crux of this episode is we find lots of urges on ..... you to meet daniel and is a threat to daniel and daniel doesn't know what he really wants so we establish for example receivers ...... and thomas burgess were going out this this was all the fact ryan .... probably has this episode is first time we scripted .. see a museum of perception and everybody thought that was a little bit do we sell was decided as he was beginning to have a power the episode burgess comes ... laugh he sees that his ship is installed which explains you got the check is .. and any also comes upon his workers in word this is and i ......... was the shark .. just an ........ my earliest discussions with wrong miniseries or ...... will began with a longer ^ result set lol i'll run for you i was .. ... world july taken to a alive his first draft is now as you know all you start so that everything in our business on the sort of threatening over you and you and you know that scene about as long waystation is .. ..... you ...... is all .. is morally just now ......... ... has a certain you know is the perspective that we know have we learned about this .. ......... ... it from his perspective against his character holding dimension because he's not just a villain coming in at this thing i maintain ....... ... annually mean this really didn't understand why he's doing this is rumor and really ..... and daniel is know about this implication is that no he annually ultimately in his episodes are you responsible for the people i think that visibly you cut this show is daniel doesn't know does he never really thought i just got his feelings are written not an now just as the audience is a brutal murder now he's thinking about it and it .. realizing the consequences of what ....... you wanting that you guys were killed i stole something on ... moral and ethical boundaries are crossed it really is interesting legal backing the pilot and look .. you that you ..... .. ... ..... .... he saw exactly used cnn ........ and you don't see yours .. ..... ......... record .. no more mister now is not in the crimes of ........ ...... which is only out of ......... lose in the first part of the problem was not having enough sense of there being dangerous threat .. ....... ....... the other part it was not really feeling like daniel had an emotional reaction or connection to one heater excuse .... ....... .. ....... accusations and so i paid my wound up talking a lot about this idea daniel having these members have emerges a entomologist of the unit daniel having these of these visions these flashes of of .... were that he no of the ............ response in and and is one later show will see that one of his visions will result in seeing himself actually there is a the guys on answer is almost as ........ .. .... as burgess is a character that he easily won by cameras and daniel did wrong and i mean really daniel is as guilty as it is justified one of the things it .. the nicest year is interesting and all characters are so nuanced and had the good things and bad things in many ways that are accustomed outside sampling where your characters like human beings and do things we don't like about it is the ... refrain was made on a consultant to the right side the most those interested compelling and useful and sinus usefulness is about making a ....... at are the ones who have you as you might at times on himself maybe i will come when relating to and for sure this time that i've seen a forget .. is where i think the audience really connects very strong worries from where the carnage is caused by the actions with driving this place and you find someone in the with these guys really you're right in that it plays on a future so that you start seeing it in this episode see a character zoe the acting news that her father has has had stolen shipment and probably ...... people start seeing his families on travel as well is a long little later in the character who in the future in future episodes that has a huge impact on her life she realizes what he thought it was very young he wants to survive was to keep his company alive but buddies form and report is not ... and ... you and you will i love this visit is another just for us in another least is .... .... ... ........... .. . was with youngest guy at right are working on burgess architecture .. ... .......... are already love me any ..... is a much ballyhooed the things i exercise over many weeks mister page storyboard design conceptually and run and as . couple i is yeah i is just it was just eight years idea go to nice ... a couple of informatics in the insulin i will and i really pay off all the little details .... is all artificial ........ were pretty close to seeing ... refining and ........ it in the beginning of act one we were instructed as employment process to scale back some of the percussive characteristics of the main penalty because of the ...... ... masculine in front is the suggestion .... .... ...... down already and is back to the state .. united will you think there is a certain element ......... as far as getting a lot of but this is really good .... i think using some of the lowest it was . .......... teaching is really elegant and beautiful i am making basically .... close to dislike ..... ... no all the version of it and i guess . ...... ... invoice will of the genesis of the human out to you .. your single .... ... ........ seeing you last this gauge is a cheesy like windows os like ....... .. ... is that this is a typical for rock music but .. sure as i will interview a distant cousin to work battles are the ... immunity smaller and more intimate i wanted your .. could grow into you the best ...... for ...... .. feel totally unrelated and it ... . difficult balancing monday and i .... ... ...... ...... the long all-star ...... sounds really simple leasing harmonies of chamber music ..... taste in everyone's while ...... ... main musical .... .. africa it was evening of musical .... ....... ..... from ethnic things that you those instruments became very distant background .. every it is working with the working guys .... ........ highly we came up was really beautiful melody that is an adjective all the shows on the main theme communicating which .. ......... mean we have for him being that functions with the storyline is more and more athletes are suggested they are coming from different let's were on place ... i think of the ethnic sounds of the ........ in life the county music and on the honey stir it enables there it .. ........ and i is ....... in this episode i involved this because i wanted i ...... ........ ....... that was unique but also ........ us that he .... use he's not always the right to use upon ..... and i don't like those of the ..... ..... ... ... eating for exactly using all on for some here is . single lasting llc moment in the ethnic ........... play a bigger role is being immediately and that was also meet with him and ...... ....... ..... classical instruments in this one are and the burstein is using ...... ... more primitive than vote was first out ... ...... ..... answer .. ......... the world because we have these three women and three places in the room we ......... our argument goes elements we were in the world even those ....... ..... persons corporate for this world and what you know the last systems were introduced a lot that i can work in the that the world .... .. need as you want to sort . ........ retro- futuristic sound blade runner and jealousy jealousy as it ...... .... i will we are hearing the audience is the music of the gain players ....... the human and social is a little cheesy little ...... just a little more on no but so .. ... interesting i thought is that i .. actually . season one the ........ is that more of that ..... you into ... problem is that it is a is we .... ...... the event we were discussing .... daniels vision than unix is the and i i go back for i can't i love it is a question about lifting the level injury whether not ........... totally gets .. totally understands the occasions or there misled into thinking daniel actually was there i shall cancel that objectivity is a lesson of suzanne vega .. ... and will thing that i always find ........... filmmaking that you have to try and tell your story but there is some the things that it's better only because it makes it more interesting that i always ) i watched the movie chinatown five times before i estimate that part of what makes it really is all that is running a diane and in that that sort of that ... .. misdirection were also telling that particular ease with the names were this release .... not being very specific job and really felt that happened in on their pc ... that .. is not as pretty as he sees in his monitor film .. what is not always true . think the momentum is everything like this really helps .... even sure on the hit over the weekend last weekend things that are you going to the lives of * where .... i yet ....... so i think this is a device that reflected your because .. didn't µ thinking i just realized the questioning was .... i thought with i know because when .... is cutting jagged .... lights ....... next thing you know and can be ..... it was in my divorce he was .. fact one and in general ..... ... visited norton from you about what anything is a different unique or unusual about our style of working on the show as areas new to austin terms of the is not also owns your want to expand their editorial staff to show that reason bring some new perspectives visitor i own the fact that i'm constantly for you .. ... what anything is how .... what is really nice and that is character i've done several sci-fi hip i is a you and his children as retail warehouse thirteen when my things about catholic is still an huge world rather than being sorted very small you so this is example this particular scene watching right now annual advertisement talking ...... and offered by plot but is shot in such a way you really see the scope and his wife shot and then there is really close so the stylesheet ...... .... on the ....... inside lease you with three cameras and is a tremendous amount of footage that we get every day as you are .. ... .. they sometimes are in fact i have to get as is in the episode three which was directed in the three cameras will always need put in place where everything you angle while the directors of canada wanted to learn is but anyway some of the directors of work with the really good but not totally conversant conversant or comfortable with three cameras so you get some overlap and .... of motivation work was born of the that that process process on the right which is really away moving very quickly when you have a lot of money and because a writer who was the ....... ... ] our .... ..... .. brought within this approach which is a way of maximizing the amount coverage you can get that is ......... outer limits on shoes and yes the directors understand .. had house in october during joyce's does also work in which you are just part of the reason we were lucky to get a ... but during the shoot of one of two notices episode long was monitoring and orienting very never goes way about that idea is sometimes really glad he didn't really it was unfortunately not all represented .. . ..... it is hardly a visiting your measures ..... standing and does a lot of seven-day ......... .. is to get if used properly .... you'll more with more angles workforce options editorially ... .... ... want then you were shooting at ... standard warranty one thing i love about as well is that you know is there is very traditional sense of filmmaking where is your go across the state line you shoot the great initial over why shot and plus and what this allows available cameras you're breaking the convention to make it more visually interesting and more say is you ......... and .. more like setting which is not accidental for the john nonsense proscenium .... ... .... .... but as far as things happen .. ... is this new character this is what was unique about this of ... ........ in this role was that the longest time the discussion was ........ .... what happened my feeling was that i thought he was better .. play a more savage crazy yet all those matters in life svengali than someone who is the more polished you know captain industry is available ... reason yet there's something more three or more kind of of the elements of the js and i want to feel like he was putting on airs by ....... this you know steve jobs to is okay and and so and worked out great because we don't have languages john i first that ..... drew is awesome setting on the landlord .. .... and he was as yet he was still raving me i think he and eric and that ....... is not inc. and shooting lasting and sixteen .. ...... ...... at the dinner table this .. .. inner casing and acting reminds me of the best sorry eddie and michael will see . table at .... .. ....... .. ... hours and it is to act as their accuracy in controller characters is really great ..... this fire is also ....... .. this marvelous as .. .. ....... right decision so i will what i also like about and eric stoltz news i worked with a couple of projects i am always in awe of .... .......... ... as is so professional and he so here polished and character verges matches up to and i is .. often is it rarely happened that way your you and you and and and the writers i think and in the was seen in the raisins they put in a ..... ........ the ..... ........ thing that enables in the ..... male you think that bruce's friend k or something but they later not that an later in this episode again i have to stop and writing cases fluently and expected direct direction is these places so you will certainly be really ... ... along for a so yes i'm in editor was so grateful it was just so you think you are getting analyzing was i yeah and you're accurate is reasonable the young lawyer so so he was you really grateful and his children as young as they points out that michael nancy at the last scene verges is that the camera never lose except one and four dollars shot which is the revelation .... is really nice dress we set up these contest number on the television episodic television tends to a recent ..... ... ........ traffic cops sizing you know are expected it is very precise very finite wheelhouse of what is allowed is allowed only if you know what can you want to show the lenses we allow michelle and you always i certainly always felt very strongly about ........ ........ ... michael's example is a he is approached television is known if he is yet you still know there's a level authorship that you ..... with that we not only in outpouring we will ........... ... yes ... then anything he utilizes ... ..... and also ...... .. .... and visit every every decision is coming from the character or story we need and where you put the camera is where does the camera ........ that's only why this letter ever written on someone while working downsize a scene where i was learning .... ........ .. the edges and .. the cfr is ........ ... shot he got covered as well worth getting closer and closer closer as he learned the news and it was like any of ... more interesting than you it means you get people talking is what is going on here is .... when i was serving as i never thought a little young i ... so far and yet i believe and michael told me it was the will to see the thing about women's when you're set and when you're watching him wrapped not talking about you know you yet .. is ...... ... ... ...... .. mouth were seniors what i meant is that i never really felt while watching him make any decisions yet any of those ideas i think he's learned through working with people who were business cycle was to show that the more he talks about his process the more subject to the constant criticism ... question anything you say looks like he's vocabulary . .... .. everyone is . very for the production of ..... by and the entire i watch the scene " sonnier and ........... it would be in the order seems to wear and comes in an and gate one .... ... .... ... use his ... and is beautiful henderson is setting some emotional ... we were in that he was he was planning to get an exact i sent and .. .. . action her up .. her life yet you level the density is little remark is in and it was randy's excellent it is i anyone is a yeah yeah and you however was nothing .... ........... ... .... i is not .. i do so as serving as we have one of his layer .......... suggested he is a lose lose my immediate phone numbers and i am dirty harry when the dirty harry killer ...... .. .. say it being ... .... ... on lazily as he goes this guy is like with and share relevant however the yard and pays the money to get . civilian who cost it is aware of the fathers .... . why islam is living this life the counselor yet .. .. apartment ... it is a great location is in your heart ... postproduction process is to wesley had an episode together and we are editing his shooting but were not hearing so i prepared for air yet so are looking all these episodes found some rises glory holding together so . ..... .... happened in this episode is earlier pieces were received on this ration shop is we felt that they were playing is well in episode five so those pieces got moved into episodes that we see barn this and lazy lazy start need happen and she's trying to get a package .. ... as a result and simplify the .... so unified and ..... .... this is the one with ... this is not camera the ......... right .... and and is ........ is busy as you really really well and is six while something from the survey was very vocal about that enough is the synchronization process we were writing ... were getting close to manhattan and .... ....... .. around this point and we had in a discovering this in arena writers and contacts that there was the tendency to want to serve as a single ..... episode ..... without injuring ..... .... ...... .. ...... . ....... ..... .. ... ..... ... ......... and and the problem is of course that we were evolving as is a group of stores and a normal initial reports that breath ...... and opened it was not possible and is willing .. say it's okay to do an episode in which we never see . .... ... .... ... .. .... you know is you .. .. .. the day .. every episode ... . fairly prominent ....... room one but for but everyone else i think is the younger ..... and is a inelastic connect with the characters .. focusing this if ... ...... .... get invested in camera so that we can so often .. come back still so that her word word ... ... dad will because i .... it in terms of when you have those you know eureka moments and when you actually is a couple of episodes it probably wasn't until around nine that we were able to actually implement .. the rising yellow suit addressing at that ) in and so a lot of the episodes therefore is ... ........ yet more and more like five and ..... on more will ..... any you even read the script is made to want nothing is as real to you as actually watching the screen using the theorizing imagine at what this story is . .......... but once you get a film of ... .... .... it through you that that you see how things are working or not you to make changes make this ... .......... and interesting and drawing you in sleep .. i was not i quit reading scripts and we will start thinking ...... .... see it is leader in ... door i have different ideas i found reading this register is attached to get nor will you for example are no longer exists as a young david and i .... just talking about you the ...... well but .. ... talking the idea and i are conceptually leaned and in a few minutes ago you shall sequence and ........ there is i i i i know you .... .. ....... i have seen in other instances we it is and of course i know because you from the conceptions ... through the directing and editing and cutting and visual effects on historic ...... in the system change the character development and change those good for me .. the composer that separate but actually not about you before i music poser i like to use this product before i start getting ideas in my user based on what we are actually going to work in the .... .. .......... in .. and that there is a that is the devil himself made more communist than one unit you're doing your workflow that which is a reference was .. put on a so you're really at liberty to freight out fred zan and you know how things ...... you later because he's not the focus on delivering a beginning middle and melodrama as much as you are telling you getting the ....... on the number of surface at once and so you have the same possibilities the reason why whether ..... .. ..... ..... . cannot remember what the social because he is related diseases one data is i have decided i will watch this scene with that so long in getting an invitation from rachel is not a sequence that was ..... .. five and now she's along with the glasses on hold and .. is also positioned that all this philemon rachel joey wasn't was was not that clear he moves in this realist cell phone as i say and make that a bigger story so it made more sense otherwise i say using the setup seem to go along wanting to meet a girl in the world and the inventor that .. now and then in the middle of this when we were and is seeking from you and all this scene correct me if i'm wrong is is augmented by some material that is this you will i will continue to use some just ..... ....... .... yes were always looking that is partly shot a whole bunch of clothes so that you respect series .. the world and there was really spectacular stop that was a this is also the introduction of the remedy confidant and labeled it is your arms around this idea that as an avatar you can be ...... with the you know i think is a generational know where certain age is to understand that utterly because the design needs where we have briefly matter of way in a lot and any and all ........ .. ..... you will ........ ... .. .... ... decide what character you want to be and this is one step which is suggesting that you can design the actually living organization that is people other people and the characters of yours is making excuses the reason she looks like sony is because she on making the problem is only ...... ..... .... world know the ..... .. ... ...... .... .. the answer was that you save all if there was his only avatar while ............ all of differences .... brought this .. ... ........ that alice donovan neale r and i .... that zoe avatar is somehow stuck that if she doesn't sleep code bases can't change what i i'm sure we ever say that certain that the dollar @ preferred interpretation i never understand why philemon should have .... .. .. and i think that when ... first want to open up new doors ..... you want ..... are wondering why everyone doesn't look like he is always there on you and uses it .. the .... water while i .. there . it is as follows is not a new well of logic runs very now is ........ you these are starting ... ...... you more people are interested in .. great also camera by the way that is one more light weight and smaller than those of your garden rightly ... ..... ... .. you within the importance of what they . will call it because he is shooting at there this past ship the looks like somebody got that much but .... remove one of the shuttle through those kinds of issues you could hide in the corner restaurant and it was euthymic .. activities which is your life and ... ... ...... that .......... .. ... flashlight that jonas and dan and eric that there is no room as these loves in the end of asked for ... .. ... is probably ......... ... .. ... .. if the thought or anything i have ever .... .. . .... remember he was visiting with you .. the venues .. .. ... my ...... is human if he approved that no consumables may help michael listening to come ..... or whatever we are very lucky as i is that the we and a very key significant ..... ... later episode on on her shoe she actually does not overpromise the urine and will show it because she's a strong ... we would not have wanted is not you don't and if you go to russia is he was a you know the player battles are now no one ever bought was a ..... ...... .... ... back of the series is yet there is ......... ... the was that .... characters series dollhouse is rick written characters when teachers i have decided he really was a discovery in this isp is ...... as .. how this shall ...... as it is is this i thought the players never really never left is a serious student .. care yesterday regular hours write to him and i thought that all .. in all discussions of the writers change in ......... ... .... any really all that lucky just where is this e-mail ... .... see one of ... best ......... ... ........ .. because .... instrumentation you right the patient is easy .. ... ..... ... .... compared to ... fast-paced workshop is a moment ..... .. back in one nine talk .... ... something is really tense and this is where i really got introduced the purchase i will not not as i is .... .... but is long right unite .. .. ........... ..... making sure that he is missing yet even though the conversation is almost not there yet so .. ignoring what on the surface and looking at the cat and mouse subject i say that i want to know if the times ... going and i see that you're seeing is working and drinking with my right or .. my mouth started watering and ninety minutes and i stop at ... biography on him it is provided on .. .. .. yet another is i is no production line everything he said i warned you wish in a way uses and weirdnesses will go this is the color differences will enjoy throwing human alzheimer's and i guess i'm certainly fairly sound about right job ... career but i would imagine this is the ...... .. all it is really medicine is really anything but again is more easily varies with the yahoo really do relate this is different from you know 9/11 survivors off all the relatives were killed the resident is and is this this goes back to the first team is ...... original see if you are in it that people and then he shows it .. only then that i is everyone the idea that these because ... ............ .. ... .. emotional resonance and an in television are you and admit that we are a couple of very red one of the actual daniel 's vision was that the conference will you .... for .... and it was ........... ... way i decided early on he was on as is i will eric .. so just you he's not trying to betray anything that you can see he's also not .. ... ..... .... he eased the meeting notice is through the always it is ..... ... .... .. he leaves you see .... note is right and know know know problem right here i write here bringing the annual income i'll just look at it your word is ........ about problems or consult things i start harken energy ..... getting bigger and bigger meeting the empty glass working at the ... where we have and that so much so much so i have to offer and we'll talk next


hello and welcome to a cat brought podcast episode one oh seven on saturday turning point .. ... that i would say definitely a episode which marked a shift in how we decide ... stories with this show and the tone in the silence of the content of what this novel of the ideas would make up the episodes and i'll get some of that detail later but first i'll say that this is a a a in an episode in which we had it at one point decided we were inhabiting group ...... have on our consent and polly walker and ........ and it seemed like because it was such a personal episode number is also an episode which reflected the change in style storytelling related to one this morning so welcome to the world okay so we have a situation going back in time now where we were shooting at ....... four i in which baxter sarno had a prominent role and i'm standing in the hallway of the stages where we were shooting having conversation with my partner ron and just talking to the fact that the show would serve common crossroads where we were looking at the results of what had been originally pitched and sold as a bedroom and board room melodramatic soap opera that we were not going to be attempting to capture the mystery and suspense him and intensity of ........ .... seventy something much more low-key or just not even looking at it differently and the results of that had begun to concern us in some respects not that we were second-guessing the show but we felt like there were muscles of the show have that we weren't really flexing that we have this amazing tasks we had a great writing staff we had this incredibly dense and multifaceted mythos that we were in a lot of ways are shying away from and all of our attempts to keep the show separate and apart from the start and so worship episode for breaking the story for episode seven were waiting for the draft episodes of my ..... this point and ron and i were talking about fact that this episode seven really needed to represent the bandwidth to show them what the will options were in terms of where the show could go and i think it it won't let now watch .. this episode really reflects the turning point in the series and that it is a point at which the show shifted from being idiosyncratic and sort of skewering kind of charming and soft and an end really got pushed into more of a suspense driven broad idea kind of show in and i think that one of the most telling ways in which that was reflected was in this storyline involving amanda in which she begins to be haunted by the image of her deceased brother who died a violent death and who was someone she felt responsible for and resulted in her hospitalization than a great deal .. .............. help and we had a number of ways you can go with what the explanation for this was .... haunting and one of the ways one of the options .... the exclamations involved what i would call oracle refers to is a kind of soap opera explanations next mission that required a certain suspension of disbelief certain level of of embracing a campy or more sort of unrealistic ! one which would fit within the traditional soap opera versus the exclamation that we ultimately settled on which was more in keeping with the realistic or naturalistic for vérité style that we've inherited from palestine which marks the ..... capital and in later episodes ... ..... episode data nine and the first batch of the of the next season will talk a little bit more bluntly about what those about what was about the option that we didn't pursue but it's very significant to me in that it is the decision that we made was sort of served as a springboard for what the show would become and what the show has since become is something much more akin to i ..... . cross breed of of the new suspense and the larger stakes if you will about all-star with this sort of soap opera concept that we become with capital and so from this point on in the series i think you'll find that the show takes on a different tone slightly more i guess you would say crushingly suspenseful tone or atonement more nailbiting and a little bit less idiosyncratic and him soft and that the .... ... that's probably the most significant in both a meaningful sanction of this episode in a way that i would save more so than any other episode where i feel like we were able to walk this line between having a representation of so we what we call zoe are zoe robot with lacey in the real world in which lacey is trying to help zoe make this move to gym and on and pursue an agenda that is really only known to zoe and zoe at a which is a little watching now in this scene which was really just a young woman whose who looks beautiful on dresses beautifully and .. in this nightclub and and and it's it's a great contrast really i think a hallmark of the show the week we continue to bounce back and forth between these two ideas into zoe is because ultimately the reality is that we isn't this there is no zoe so we spent and yet we have this manifestation is only the sort of electronic digital re- creation of zoe who is now subdivided into a number of different personae .. conveys i give this certainly is as writers and us as filmmakers a great great irony to play just that that question of what self and awareness begin hand and is there a possibility that if you the one watching this were to cease to exist is there some aspect of you every bit as meaningful or survival are as real as you think you are whom i continue on in spite of your demise if it's a deep consideration is certainly a the metaphysical kind of you know greatly debated him and him and often written about concept but certainly the and and one that's not unexplored in the annals of science fiction but it's certainly one that informs m more than any other this is also not speaking ........ ... science fiction is another this e-mail which features heracles whom the young man whose little league joseph through the world to help him find his daughter tamara is is introduced as the sort of retreating disaffected youth who works in a grocery store in cheyenne you know looks like he's uncomfortable .... skimming yet when he goes in the virtual world as this completely other personas completely other self which is a leader which is a ball buster understand the teaser now we venture into the main title .... one so in act one i should mention the director of the this episode when rose was a if it is an alumnus amounts or lack away was the first assistant director of what wanted to persist at rutgers on battle starting emerge is quite talented director am not sure we give them an episode if it was in season three and .... .... the woman came that they may have been his first one but he he directed several others and we brought them back for catholic and he's a really remarkable in that he's able to walk that line between being both a really talented interpreter of the story and also someone who i think captures the visual and sort .. again ........ aspects of a show like that for these he really understands that it's not just about shooting that i walk it's about the story visually and he direct about this one in the following episode eight the really is someone who is a keeper in the sort of battle star africa animals here we have a heracles now we see him again in a very different guys a very different personality emerging worries no longer this sort of shy employee you know lacking self-confidence guy but that someone who's in charge and control knows that this man needs him and is working his working and not because he's a mean-spirited or or unethical because this is an environment in which she can feel needed and can feel important and necessary and so was not just about one character helping another it's about why the character help ... but what will what what is that he's getting out on this also it's also a great opportunity to showcase that which we ..... are begun to establish episode five and continued on to the previous episode and into this one which is new cap city the game within virtual world not unlike grand theft auto or no picture example of and will see as we continue into the episode how very dim and complex that world and the doors opens up meant to mention as we get into this scene this is always a this bit .... represents me a storytelling fall tour or something ..... didn't work out which is this idea of the clarice would find amanda .. africa can based really on her belief that amanda like to go the sort of reflect upon the memorial and the the maglev train memorial that she clarice would therefore be you know happen upon it stumble into amanda and be able to manipulate her accordingly deus ex machina to the nth degree and not not storytelling tack or effort than i'm proud of but we hope labeling .. it day in the editing room i kept saying things like a year from new york me to let you know bob as it makes about as much of the now we have amanda chasing the ghost of her dead brother and again we yet we have an explanation for what it was she was seeing a wife she was seeing it that we later abandoned because we felt in a larger sense it wasn't in keeping with the tone and direction and style of show .... to make sure that since become more of is just a little bit more stakes oriented a little bit less cute for very very fond of polly walker shia is is someone who i mean i've always been sort of intrigued by this idea of the beautiful alluring female todd total number of examples of the course ... the .... ...... some basic instinct on our love by glenn close until attraction maybe it's a hangup of mine i don't know maybe it's the past something do with a much deeper darker the issue that i should be discussing on the spot .. spot the idea of a strong-willed woman of the month with multiple agendas who will on the one hand over you and seduce you money other hand really yank the rug out from the us federal this endlessly compelling to me so and how it is an amazing job and makes it so easy maybe one of the funniest moments are series right here where pericles is a sort of entertaining ........ idea because in a virtual world that should need to do whatever he wants like life and the great example of the heracles sort of you know humiliating joseph i say this because i do remember a virtual environment is .... there are no rules and guidelines and and parameters that environment and anyways played a game i don't service dungeons & dragons orifice ... craft knows that if there were no rules that would be a fun and unique parameters and boundaries in order to make it feel legitimate and that seemed the sort of the way of technology that idea and the really great ..... moment am to point out just for the geeks out there that supplement we just saw we probably spent more time trying to design the sound effects for than any other the ..... .. the end of act one back ... zeppelin for a moment it was only it wasn't until i suggested to are some effects designer daniel that she goes to a gregorian chant amongst chance basically so later and the appearance of the zeppelin so that it felt animal human or have some sort of physical organic biological quality to it but i was satisfied in him and him you know this kind of thing that we spend way too much time on the audience points by ed and probably doesn't care but also lots .... .......... here a hundred times and love every minute of speech i know somewhere in the layers of sound design is is a gregorian chant for there was a point at which i seem to recall this going away back to the story meetings we had in january of oh nine .. tahoe where the ... i could be wrong about this but i seem to remember that there were discussions about amanda and clarice having a lesbian affair now the original miniseries are sorry the result to our pilot for capital there wasn't . share between amanda and purchase burgess is now played by john parker ferguson was played by different actor in a miniseries and was since cut not because reactor for any reason other than the fact that we felt like amanda pollitt herself and i told her this because i love it about her has this very apologetically embraceable quality and a lot of the audience you know was that about first the audience doesn't like about her but i like it because it's so specific and so fearless and she's not she's not a sweetheart is not a pushover she's not the grieving mother she's got real edge to her and i think it's awesome so on top of that edge top of that abrasive sort of quality fit also have for conducting an affair and it's . marital affair with her husband .. competitor seemed like a mistake just felt like it was not now we're really asking too much of the audience she was convenient if ...... redeemable if we went down that path and so we omitted it and in our discussions of a series we got into discussing whether or not she should have an affair later and not with ....... necessarily but with someone else and it seems to me that during the course of breaking stories over the arc of season we have this relationship between a man inquiries go much further in terms of really blossoming into a full-blown love affair and not spoil anything that may be coming up next that the reality is we opted for a much more casual sort of sick just of one which for fans of xena they recognize .... can be much more rock than being over and over the university nine gabrielle in the heart of just pretending this is just thing that there might be something between them was much more hot than .. reaction in some sense of we just cruised by eia media around the way a word i don't really understand that's when the jonas pate kept saying an insured has worked in some place but basically what it means is you grab a handful of the visual and audio images and sounds and and create this the essence of the culture at large that there is putting the .... alongside all these events that we're deeply invested in is it is a culture that is alive and vital and has a source of news and twenty density crime and politics more kinds of things and end up parcels and in infomercials and beauty products and the hope being that the audience would just like in your sample without necessarily having to delve into any of the details are or have it be a story in itself would say so this is legitimate i believe in x city but that that this show was telling a story about a multidimensional detail culture and little glimpses like that i think .... fill about him and it was a great great notes on unjust to the film the series out with that of course is not represented in the pilot something we came up with later as we have the episodes here we have some additional elation she uses a ....... tm and .. ........ .... i think of where you know that's late plans don't always turn out the way you want there was a point in time where i think am we hope for or expected or planned on ..... .... kind .. developing away like i was saying about a manic least developing into a deeper more meaningful affair in the case of the man increase we went a different way because we realized we could because the tenant the the charisma between those two actresses was so strong it with all contrived to go further in this case is merely a function of not having chemistry all of these two actors are for both individually very good and certainly magnify .... is someone who i think is maybe one of the most gifted actresses .... work with but exists in their just wasn't a great deal of sparks flying in magic happening when their on-screen together there was much more between alessandra and the active place philemon one of daniels associates scientists of course those that storyline continues in future episodes but in this case the chemistry just wasn't there an and ultimately even though we continued writing to it we got .. editing pages felt like the kind of thing where we could use the relationship service story point which was that lacey 's attempt to get zoe 's robot demo on cm is going to help her by making a connection to this very mysterious bad guy named barnabas who presume we can help lacey for price but there is a but there wasn't the relationship dynamics with hope for to be a part of that story didn't really ever emerge and i said a moment ago that the final month outside relationship continues with you in a future episode and it continues later this episode and in fact is a possibly one of the things that fans about all-star might the most excited about her appreciate most because of course we have the return of the viper and or maybe it's just before i self i'm very excited about the fact we go back to bite her dogfighting and desirable but certainly by .... airplay and looking at these the visual effects which on my cutter very close to final is like getting a time machine that's really it's fun and it's it's it's interesting to because you know we shut this whole scene and we didn't have the any of the inserts of zoe 's hand on the throttle to help tell the story about her struggle to keep the the viper and airborne and soon avoid collision and so forth and so i believe we went back to season maybe with season three maybe it was the scar in which we we have a lot of cockpit action with terrace race before she's unceremoniously blown up and at all the stuff you see in the cockpit of the so we struggle with joystick is actually footage from bouncer galactica with him whoever's hand was doubling starbucks and so here we have a heracles who is .. entire ego and then his escape from his doldrums life is predicated on his existence in the world and a new cap city yanked away from him in the blink of an eye because of joseph's carelessness and sloppiness and so because the rules of the show posteriorly in the back to because the rules of the show once you die and you tested each income that pericles is now loss this wonderful outlet this wonderful vehicle for his other persona the one that makes him feel meaningful and important and so he's of course enraged and the area quite a turning point in the show in terms of zoe 's agenda was always after and what she hopes to accomplish in his relationship with philemon file ....... . straight ms sees him hoping that by working both both angles both having lacey attempt to get her robot body out of the lab by soliciting this mysterious character barnabas and by working philemon her father 's associate one way or the other she will persuade the powers that be to get that robot body out of the lab and to this place called .... which is a planet within the within their sources and why the robot needs to get this gem on what the significance is about a wide so we careful that of course are all story points that we info with varying degrees of success i think begin answering subsequent episodes but what's important this one is that zoe is is born because the one hand she wants this man to help her to compromise his own professional relationship with her father in his own standing as a scientist to do something but maybe you shouldn't do at the same time or so is having feelings for him and him and like someone is feeling like a woman again this film likes like a human being and as a great opportunity for us to play with that idea of bomb zoe being at once not human because she's just ones and zeros and yet having the memories and having the desires of the girl of woman and wanting to explore and fulfill those and so his element attracted to a real she's a bed that she sworn because she has these yearnings and these emotions that that also is you can never really i was like this because some amanda offhandedly makes a remark about the sea box finkelstein daniels team and get out any guy sports ...... things about the woman sports into ... sports about it being enough force to and pollen outcomes insulted so that's only racing you really really powerful scene in that daniels confronting amanda about the fact that she has secret friend and seems to me that in and in most you know dramas that you might see this tv shows this is a scene that would inevitably sort of resolve itself when it in a fight or in some demand that you know your spouse pass up for or you know searching for some kind of resolution answer and yet instead he sets it except that she maybe she does have a secret and maybe there are things he doesn't know or that she's not telling them work maybe there is someone else and he gets . ..... she doesn't take the bait and i think it away it's one of the reasons why amanda continues to love him because she knows that some pc strong for that he won't he wants show his belly is not going to just roll over on and demonstrators and security because she's cheated out that now a lot of men can do the postman with a man ! but this is make-believe and ... elusive you know we it within the good of the as a shows of all we've had a number of discussions and debates with ourselves and with the network about these transitions into and out of the world have spoken about them periodically on the podcast that this idea that when ...... intercutting the world which is overseeing i was only in philemon with matt the natural world we need some kind of transition to alert the audience okay this is one world this is one reality and was another and so we did develop a device and we assign rules to it which we been fairly consistent with which is that if you see a character putting on a hologram you have this sort of digital crumble for the image breaks apart any going to get into a interview world and when you don't see a character physically putting on a hologram you're going to begin an act or just dart into a scene that happens the virtual world you'll have the different device which is what i call this of red blood cell total however once the device is been established within the act meaning before there is a commercial break on either side of commercial break we want the freedom to just be able to intercut because otherwise you're going to be drowning in digital crumbles and red blood cells of the you lose track of the drama you fall out of the of the emotion because you're you're too caught up in these visual devices intended to you know communicate something so here in this active good example of what i'm talking about which is that just were worth going back and forth between scenes without spoon feeding to the audience okay now your real-world entire virtual world new cassidy etc. and hopefully the the devices have been established early enough that they work .. may not give up struggling to keep track of where you are this was also a turning point episode in that i feel like we finally nailed down the transition device from speaking transitions from the robot sue alessandra within the context of the scene from and and my rules of always been that you if ... .. ... seen which were intercutting the physical robot the mechanistic silent with the actress with zoe that we begin with the robot that we can start a scene in which we just shows a way that we've got a bill to establish a language that says there's a robot in the room and then later in the scene we say and yet within the robot is this and this was the episode right felt like we finally took this stuff episodes to get there a lot of trial and error a lot of pickups three c there are a lot of pickups but ultimately i think we we nailed down on this one and from this point on the interchangeability of robot versus oh it became pretty sweet family covenant without a great deal of discussion and debate and in a lot of ways release and some troublesome fights about the fact lengths of the show for those interested i mean metal star was a show that was broken into keyser plus four acts and that was always the template for the structure of a television program ... nbc at door and it's very us and sundry networks and i'm some point during the course about thirty change it to add her to subtract show material in a more commercial obviously for the add brother and they change it to teaser plus five and we successfully argued that we should be grandfathered in because we begun as a teaser plus four and they gave us that exception we were able to maintain that wealthy subaccount of faith with that exception anymore and so that a lot of the arguments and discussions and notes about editing these episodes are rooted in how long and at this and there's a rule about acts must be five minutes long and and yet as a creative filmmaker leslie want to do is cut your show by slide rule you know that there was also later and said okay it's been five minutes now we can have access you want the act outs to feel meaningful and so the tremendous struggle making the adjustment to a five excerpt from the show because i can only manufacture and manipulating tribe so many cliffhangers to get the audience to come back and it's one the reasons why think more more people were just forgoing watching broadcast collision on tv at all and just waiting for dvd error tivoing it or what have you this is where we served apart so back into amanda storyline and involving her brother and beginning to introduce this idea that perhaps clarice is going to take what she's learning and and and discovering about amanda 's history in about her weaknesses about herbal ability and exploit it for her own gain and of course we'll will see later how she does this but it's really less about the specifics of amanda 's story is not necessarily the clarice is going to do anything about her brother about ...... .. brother about this pacific nature for from a as massive as it is about just generally taking advantage of the fact that the man is promised us that amanda is hunted the man is going through something can be anything the matter and that therefore she's right for being taken advantage of she's weekend she's regarded down and she's in need of some kind of personal touch saw someone to tell her that everything is okay and went once clarice knows that that's what amanda needs she preys on and of course he doesn't smile and the sexy glamour and with the wonderful sense of reassurance and it's the thing osaka met earlier that's awesome because she's she's just evil and answers using what she knows to her granite is an example of a big act out debate because the best ... out for this particular act was several moments ago when joseph suddenly caught off guard with a knife to his neck but by ending the act that point it rendered back for two short for the five minute minimum and so we had to extend it has to point into this material which is okay him and i'm not that miserable about it but it's not as good it would've been better to end the act on the ..... ...... and said we we somewhat artificially extended into this the way deeper in the scene where now we have another four and you know it's it's it's perfect lien works out well but it's it's not organically it's not what you would naturally go back to this dive bar much beyond this episode it's it was a great location and a great idea this this notion that the clarice retreats to drug candidates in a way is example of what i was talking earlier about this softer kind of more idiosyncratic idea okay with ....... ... she's the headmistress and she's the leader of the soldiers of the one and yet she's got you know guinness is involved in the and polygamy and she's got a rough evidence these are all things which are nice colors but we will we really were basing the character on those ideas and anna as the episodes of sort of evolved in a series of all we gave clarice a much firmer more vital and kind of proactive agenda and suddenly there wasn't as much room for she's got several husbands and wives shoelace give high which are cute and nice than the forty two minute change episode tv where you want to start building up stakes and building up suspense in jeopardy if the circuits and characters from the drive that includes became in subsequent episodes and main force behind larger ideas in an bigger agendas and suddenly you don't have room for as much of this stuff i don't think it makes the character any less interesting certainly having built this into her character gives her some interesting color in some depth in some some history and texture but i think in subsequent episodes of audience two be more engaged by this character certainly because the actress was off because ..... is so awesome but but there is more to her in other the start to relate to a larger agenda and understand okay just like number six and i'll start she's got some spirited and not understand ... way it and that's what you want seems to be about and and scenes of purchasing a high you .... .... as interesting once you know what it is she's off here we got the manipulation sort of slamming into a new year at a new year whereof clarice with every fiber of her being is convincing manner that she's her friend that she can be trusted that amanda can talk the truth and that amanda 's okay and all the things that you know the devil would do not scare you not threaten you not make you feel afraid but the opposite is still totally legally safe michael ...... cast .... actress to play manual we refer to as the loop because .......... group and she winds up playing a meaningful role in future episodes is awfully good salon my favorite things in the show this this extends back to i know we have this conversation and talk about because it was such a wonderful idea and i wish i could give credit to whoever came up with it wasn't me but the idea that the dog were some much earlier episode the idea of the dog smells oh eight and the robot and that daniel .. he continues to struggle with what you wondering what happened and why is zoe the robot anymore where did she go with why this robot unique and a lot of things that you know on some level it's start to break down and start making as much sense as you want them to make of the episodes go forward and eventually we we has to so don't worry but you will elect the ....... of ..... as far as the audience is saying do ........ ...... .. stop talking his first and finally by episode seven we get this place we could use this idea of the dog knowing she's there and of course you know anyone seen lassie knows that you can't fool all and so finally daniel sources for himself but maybe the very thing receives so convinced could possibly be the case is the case with zoe is still embedded in the robot and that all of his feudal searching has been enough for something like business and so we have one oh seven looking very much forward to the next couple episodes of think the think everybody at every watching is going to be surprised at all the right ways and the listening


hello governor david i hear is a producer of the show in the new york city where i'm about to join the i'm avalon moore for a panel at the ...... ...... which some of you who listen to these may affect the attending at the message boards are accurate last night were here doing a presentation panel for the press and a lot of which is being written about today's been quite a exciting and this weekend but i am and will be here to talk about episode one oh eight i wanted michael taylor and others to join me for this podcast but we have you know are our travel schedules couldn't align .. ....... jeannie next week for the new season finale one oh nine which he also wrote this episode was the second one directed by wayne roosevelt ...... alumnus who i did some great workforce on that show went on this one as well and we block shot these two episodes of seven which was on last weekend and my weight ... together as one which is a common technique when you're trying to use economies of scale maximize your production values and especially your face and a a challenging budget which we which we do on the show him the episode is remarkable to me in that it is a member said that suddenly last week as well and it sort of represents for me where the shows are to find itself in terms of tone and and is the content of the storylines i think we started finally get to it and there is there's a tendency at the very early episodes to drift a bit primarily to attempt to address and service every single storyline it just didn't occurred was that you could do it any other way that he had in oh five different you maintain storyline that you would need at least a scene of each one of them even if some took on more prominent others and the truth is you else and i and kevin murphy who we recruited from desperate housewives and many of ... ratios to join the show around this time is later than this but he certainly we were beginning to figure out for ourselves it was a problem and he really helped reinforce the visceral commandment that the you you needn't service every storyline every week and in fact that makes for better drama and for richer stories and the ability to get deeper into the characters of the really delve into the areas you wouldn't have time this just from that you would have time to work .. a cutaway to service him and or or what have you at five if you're sticking with that principle the service of characters which we don't anymore is also the episode which i really begins to i think of push the character lazy into a very interesting direction barnabas who was abolition i was played by very very popular after ... show i won't name because it's a competitor actually lots of them personally rendering parsers and that we're talking a ...... ... about joss wheaton today emily really sensational job he's done pumping battle * you know he was a fan of it and the few times i've correspond with them he's always been so gracious and that he certainly has had the chocolate is a success it means a lot coming from him but in any event getting back to lazy and barnabas really began to feature lacing a different light and it's it's it's sort of this episode is one of the springboards for where that goes in and it really launches into a new gear in the in the back half of the of the season but it starts introduced entirely new colors to who she is and that she's not just a desperate friend of the failed zoe who is you know you think she can't repay the debt but in fact she may have her own agenda and that agenda is the sort of forged in the site handful episode this week next week and then and really as we get into the game of the first batch of the following group which i don't know whether when air we've been asked that question a lot i should know the lapierre go we got this one after episode nine before it comes back with some it's the second half not a huge fan of this been very forthright with the ever one of the network about if it's a functional programming is a function of real estate i guess or how they had planned to spread out the show and having worked briefly at the network i i understand that the same time i think of for a show that needs to take advantage of of its growing support the episodes get better the press really really positive about it just seems like him that it seems unfortunate to me .. really going off the air right when it feels like ...... .... starting to create when we hit our stride and that's the end of the teaser slide back into the main title .. ....... ...... mental assignments beautiful piece of .... her out last night i was mentioning an insight as well we screen the one oh eight and one oh nine so for those of you listening to this podcast rapid be in your city and attend the paley center event tonight you will seen one on ...... have even firmer idea what i'm talking about but am back to back .. one away from they often times i feel like we sort of threw together a in the story room this concept of new cap city not really understanding it as much as we probably should've we decided .. ..... committing ourselves to storylines featuring it and at the say it is one of the happy accidents of ........ mother was entire open entirely inadvertent but just that i feel like what what we explore a new cap both the commode visual standpoint and also emotional stem what this character .... with all my experiences and learns about himself much of which becomes very prominent and in the episode follow this one is it would been impossible without this conceit i have to pause here because the .......... just flew overhead was something that was torturing me on the dub stage i couldn't find a sound that liked enough until i recommend it to our sound effects editor to try to find a monk or gregorian chant to the layer into given .... of ominous hast and and and sort of looming dark quality and at really works great very happy that anyway is a new cat city is is one of the things i think this came together and really useful and in compelling way as we exported as we continue to advance through the episodes the rules became clear to us what characters ... experience while there became clear how avatars work became clear to just it just all kind of came together the way it was supposed to and i i will say that we have all figured out the beginning but that wasn't the case so i decided to use the bit in the am previous podcasts that we work that i would discuss this week what the original intent was with this sort of haunting storyline with amanda and what we wound up with an part of what we part why we wound up what we have now that was a function of pragmatic realities like how much stuff can you fit in the forty two minute episode and so on and part of the guy came together because ........ unlike new cap city supply started with that sometimes ideas the sound of the time that he as you continue to explore another continue to investigate and pursue don't work so the original idea was that burgess in an attempt to get at daniel and his promise and believe in episode one oh six destroy everything he loves all have to give when rose ... this shot this transition from the robust length of the does .. was bar is just wonderful to relate a clever way of telling the story that is a girl ..... a robot thomas burgess was an effort to destroy record to make good on that promise begins with the team with with the of the capital buccaneers ....... team and continues with an attempt to retrieve the chip that daniel stole them and the account with the government that dana was secured really knows that he wants to her daniel of the thing he's got a target is daniel 's wife and it bears pointing out the sort of ironically in the highways we had a whole storyline featuring amanda and an affair with the of the character name purchase that the unit was taking place during the events the pilot ever number reasons that that was the vernacular and and the chemistry wasn't great and we felt like amanda cheating on daniel was maybe one dark and sordid thing to many of them in a storyline like this that we omitted it in and went a different direction but this idea burgess going at amanda seems or look . distant cousin of that notion that maybe they had a pastor limited in something between one again we don't really explore this in the episode but what ultimately happened was it was thomas burgess who was i found the look-alike found some sort of doppelgänger of amanda 's brother and was placing this guy at events and during moments where you thought it would haunt at a management point of driving her insane and that in so doing he would basically in one when one where another robin his is the enemy daniel of the thing he most loves the one thing the he loves that he has left and ...... those ideas you go okay will on the face of it it's sort of absurd but whole on second we so .. are going to a soap was alluring to do you know where to really embrace what that meant and in soap operas nutty things happening you go with it and you accept that there are different rules and that reality is in kind of the indictable holder and then realism and what actually happened and so we decided after a lot of discussion and not an and not a little debate internally that we would try and so we did and what we found was that the show had been evolving faster than we have been keeping track of it had become more reality based and have become more realistic performances the emotion that things were taking place despite all the science-fiction spectacle and an and speculative aspects of the story and things occasionally happen that it's not like we're doing camp there something very accessible and naturalistic about the style the show which is as much more like battle started we've even intended and so suddenly this idea of a guy who defined the look-alike place in the places were amanda would see him within the litigation of those places just in time before she has canceled to do a double take and it could all be manipulated manipulated perfectly in such a way to drive a man insane this seemed ... .. court ..... to come full circle and seemed ridiculous again and so what did it was ridiculous and was actually quite consistent with what amanda 's characters going through is this idea that the loss of her daughter reignites in her the memory of of another very deeply personal loss and one that she felt guilty responsible for which was brother and and the bath and that is not anymore .... .... that it's really about how the this woman is being is surrounded by death and his is tortured by her memories and through the slightest the encouragements if you will by clarice on to to pursue these memories are to delve deeper into them or to really assess yourself with them amanda begins to really suffer and then we'll see to what extent but it's it definitely differently go the good news is all that was required was the omission of the explanation seems of how all this happened and things that some of which were shot some of which we cut before they were shot but none of which will be in the show got so there is the story of amanda and her haunting and with hopefully not too many spoilers as are obviously punchlines to come on that front and it's part of the adventure doing television shows you as i keep saying you use her work as you go when the things that we've been discussing a visual effects front is the fact that virtual world i wasn't happy and i wasn't tortured poses a little annoyed with the final look of the bikers in one oh seven not because they were bitching and awesome uncle i was thrilled that we have and i wish i could give credit to whose idea was that was thrilled that we had an opportunity and an excuse to put vipers in the show and it seemed like a lot of people once they heard that were really excited about it as well however calm and this is unfair to gary hutzler visual effects supervisor who place as i told him i gave him this complaint you don't ... never hears anything when everything is perfectly okay there's something one of the one shot out of a hundred that isn't exactly what i want but vm there's a conceit in virtual world that it said it's an almost pristine a stick and span society that it is a sterility to it because artificial and that things therefore might be allowed to look a little bit less texture or worn or realistic in my issue with the microsoft but it looks to me that even the final shot for talking times it is time to approve before they're on the year there are number of approval processes with all the effects shots but often times or delivering the finals after you given your notes a right of the shows about the air so uses you get another bite at the apple and i just felt they were ... ........ into cleaner .... ......... and so we spent a lot of today talking to the fact that in in the virtual world although there is the conceit of artifice because it is a videogame of sorts i suppose we want to maintain a sense that users of hollow bands do so because of the world they can escape into is a realistic and is so or inability therefore to pretend to be other people tend to do things he would never do in life is enhanced by how realistic it is pointed out because it's interesting that a new cap city the conceit is different the conceit is that this is this is a good culture that's no consolation hammering away at each other firing guns dropping bombs shooting missiles all kinds nasty stuff so things look little more worn and weathered messy and of acts whatever that was in eureka with the beginning of whatever the next actors as i access over some details via the transition we just saw heading into this act what i call the blood cell total as i may have mentioned before is a transition that we used to get the audience make the audience aware that were entering into one environment for another of virtual space whether it's the world or whether his new cap city so it's assisted to the ...... .. cable were not you know in proper we are now entering a virtual environment however we also wanted to make a distinction we we we is the blood cell total for when we don't have you dancing a character put on hold and that uses a transitional bridge when we do have that piece we use what by ....... crumble which is the kind of descendents of what jeff weiner did in the pilot to take us into the world so those you paying really close attention .. when we see a character hold them visitors will crumble the screens were ...... pardonable pieces and intakes and virtual world when you don't see a character i'll abandon we just need to get the virtual world you'll see a red blood cell leslie and painfully close attention you build and find places where we screw up where we usually forget or when we maybe artist systems what the think we're why i really submit back to your couples work i really love the him that it do visual approach to the rising that i really driven the sound editors as well as a sensational job coming up with that work the kind of flaherty sound that accompanies the ..... but i just think am i just think conceptually it's really tight in our he just you see it's like you see though the wire model underneath the avatar and and the right colors sort of ...... something biological and the flashing is it the sort of suggest that there is a little struggled to maintain its it's physicality but that the struggle the auditor succeeds or fails and assistance really a smart way of conveying a whole bunch of ideas in a really simple looking shot figure we have clarice counseling footsie with the amanda in terms of keeping the hook in her mouth and ensuring that she amanda remains fixated on this quest that she's on in the and i'm the writings was fun because you never have queries cannot say anything you never have her push you never have her overtly or transparently suggest anything or propose anything ..... very subtle and and you know it if if you know that she's working .. angle becomes a really interesting scene ideologies working .. ..... almost the hits of the seven different conversation about what you're not sure so if it's interesting is the just way to approach this in forensic iso here we have we were talking about this last night it's good place to reiterate this am a member the audience woman for tv guide .... really thought-provoking questions she said i love the show i can't stop watching it i can't miss an episode i keep waiting for someone to tell me who turbulence was room for hand which reminded me of the of the any whole joke this was usually terrible and such small portions of it was sort of like she was clutching that there was this thing that the bother her in it whatever that thing was clearly was keeping coming back which which is a good thing however the answer that is is related has relationship to what we do in the scene which is standby that i think people who follow val starr heard me say more than once which is we want we always wants the audience we ask themselves through the right side and this is a case in point where we we look to so the roots of being a person 's character much of which reside in him mary shelley 's frankenstein and how an ..... .... the agenda or objective can become morally corrupt and in the process but destroy something good about the man and here we have it was a wonderful love sort two anecdotally anyway talk about what a great actor eric stoltz as eric called me or e-mail me a think the male group of us when he got the script and was very concerned about the scene this scene in which she basically is torturing his daughter and he was really alarmed by it he didn't think it would serve the pointless post to and his is it i wish i still had it i would read it because his summary was i'm coming off like a madman and this was an example of what make eric so rare i wrote him back and said exactly if .. that's what this ordeal is done to you and and we want to push you to the brink we really want to push the character all the weighted average and have the audience awake ... whole a second i thought this guy was the hero i thought he was the good guy eons i'm rooting for him against these other interests i don't want birds to get them i don't want visitor heard them i don't want as likely amount on your i why want his daughter to come back and now you're telling me he's he's gone in to do things that i find reprehensible and immigrant circles back to the anyway eric 's response to my saying yes this will want to want push year was so rare causes is we never hear from actor he just basically dime said you know what i totally get it your absolute right and now i can see it and i really i think is awesome and the reason why say is so rare as it traditionally speaking the experience would be more along the lines of the actor having already made up his or her mind that there was something inherently wrong with the material and therefore you're pointing out an alternative point of view ... forward-looking editor for expressing it is sort of the material could mouth about ..... he go when they've automated decision about something and then wanted to talk something of a decision about an man eric just is so far from that that place he just it's all about the work it's all about whether it's good or cool or interesting or smart and just didn't didn't seem to have any regard at all for the fact that he is agreeing after express himself so strongly would would make anyone think any less of them in fact it made everybody who jesus is was what this is what you want call sheet it really so it is a great point to discuss what a pro eric is but also circling back to vm tv guide woman it's it's what makes interesting drama to me is is it what makes a single enemy is not the guy with the white habit of black at its it's the villain or that the antagonist is that a really reasonable point of view and an entirely you know empathetic mo and and a hero or a good guy who's deeply and and and and are a you know is is guilty of of petty emotions and why is and and dishonesty in and is someone who in spite of himself overcomes so that's that's what's interesting to me and it's a european event in your beginning anyone that's what's interesting to me and and i think it's it strikes viewers sometimes as am as shocking and disorienting because it's done so when frequently on television the movies good movies anyway all the time but mtv in a you have house in over your ear that that their organ networking the house whose grumpy and i'm not trying to this house but i don't think of him as as as that is the same kind when the same way that i'm talking about daniel greystone i think everyone knows how's the good guy everyone knows he's the missing patient at the end of one knows he's assertive like ebenezer scrooge and to give him a big enough hug until softened and is not this is not as interesting to me again these are all subjective opinions obviously and cable you got examples for rate rate ranging from the vic mackey to tony soprano on and everything in between and out nurse jackie is is getting the sum of that area of the anti- heroic protagonists of the heroes we root for in spite of some really dark twisted screwing crazy things that they do and i love that's becoming more prominent iowa but audiences are sort of becoming in a accustomed to that as a storytelling device so that i thrown for such a loop when they see it but i think maybe what what separates battle strikeout even from those shows i mentioned a sopranos and the shield that that is when madmen and others is that the the area of moral gray is harder even harder to decipher it's one thing to say okay guys a killer the guys from imola guys get no antisocial bad guy and yet i like them ...... is funny and ... a family and i relate to we don't go that far were were were really stuck more in the middle of them then to go to those extremes of your corrupt cop who beats the hell out of people and seems to take a sadistic pleasure in it is is very clearly not a good person so that when from a storytelling standpoint you get into finding ways to relate to him it's one kind of exercise that servicers saying a ... we flip it .. one cap account anyway were not forbid on you per se worse returning it by quarter turns were saying cheating is a really good guide and most of the time and cost just seems like he easily has a the violence treatment maybe he's really just in pain and then and they're not there not as the swings are not as polar in terms when you see .. soa simians and i think that makes it more complicated and makes it may be a little more offputting to some people were difficult because it's neither traditional nor overtly anti- traditional at some something stranger in the middle and it's very much on purpose and it's not for everybody but certain it is one big way in which i think m bell start share the you know a dna link because they they both have that those aspects of another controversial story point is the introduction or leave the presence anyway this episode of . character who is a cross-dressing drag queen cabaret site now when i say cross-dressing drag queen cabaret singer i might as well be saying michael taylor .. .... .... up with something like that so that when i was watching the episode with ron last night when this scene came up with what we walk in the michael galindo ..... taylor .... .... he .... he smiled and said yes and this and i know means i mean that the criticism this is such a nutty idea that some units is a certain kind of brain the stuff now and where maybe i part company will ....... michael and which are sure to remind me of when i see you next week is letting a little of it goes a long way he has a much higher threshold for ... night if this guy was the episode started with him about the script the episode started with him he became of effectively the greek chorus of the of the episode continuing to comment on me on on the emotional arc was happening with joseph's story and it just got to be some bananas bananas is my friend john mcenroe would say so we instead it carved into and again even if it was the most brilliant stuff you ever seen a gay forty two minutes and change order the stupid rhyme like you think these are now this was a room to continue to feature the sky so i thing worked out for the best he has sorted his set piece he's funny he's crazy weird is actually quite good factor i i i i commend wayne and jonas paid for finding ... but it and our ........ is of course but him he's the ....... looking ....... way he's awfully mean to joseph i guess that's why i like it because you are what i like about it was he's just there isn't there is the slightest hint or gesture of deference or remorse or any acknowledgment whatsoever about the fact this man is obviously desperately looking for his daughter not for some chicks to bang his daughter ends like no one cares that one else .... as any sympathy for not all there was a slight gas and it it it sort of am a way of speaking to the dynamics of this world that no one knows who's telling the truth no one knows who anyone really looks like this guy could be saying .... looking for his daughter were maybe really is looking for a piece of * or maybe this guy is really a girl sitting somewhere with alabama is looking for another character eaters don't know what the real story isn't so why would anyone take the time nor the or the eddie energy to express any kind of genuine feeling when so little about this world is genuine and of course what we the audience knows the keys he is a genuine character and he is genuinely an an an an an a very desperate lacey seeking his daughter and so we're alone in our regard for him and i think it tightens us the character it brings us closer to him because other than is his sidekick easily really want to understand there is a of a lot of tech tamra the actress was tamara 's name please forgive me a good autumn from me and really only met briefly on the highway she shut her scenes in the series elizabeth .. the end of an act and the beginning of the exact i wasn't there so i didn't get to know her well but ... her storyline was intended even more and and the and with more things to do with zoe and we give get to that place in subsequent episodes primarily in the and the first batch of the for sample episodes of the next group that is running things we're planning to do in in new cap city in particular that we just you know as a function of time and space to get around so we do a lot of searching for for tammy without terribly great deal of time being spent with her lease again in these earlier episodes and the it was my hope that the audience stays with it and and you know she's the ......... again find by the way he said that visit did that in ...... we had color but that i white thing that's not a gag he did ..... that crazy but there is also a function i love this visual effects of two pairs all the residents from him also function again of the having so many characters in such a rich tapestry that you can service all and then this was an example having in a more ideas ....... good ideas then we could service and in the case of ... ..... are certainly once the show establish itself only a pretty fair since it was to be returning in a year after year we were able to good ideas that we loved her that we were excited about it we have room for m sables use that next seasonal .... that is the finale something with a later and in a show like africa were we just don't know it's fate yet we don't really have enough history behind this with the show to beulah say okay let's save that for later try to use everything you have and then so silly and so we know we let a second season and that were on our way that that tends to be the case you don't leave anything on the table is a say so sort which parties are the there are times when we just can't for as a as a function of running life which is as people who listen to these .... probably my my most frequent right there is that what one of the few i attended speaker think in terms of having a very harmonious relationship with the network and we do mean we we fight like cats and dogs sometimes but we really in ultimately i think the same show and having just just have the experience of handing in the finale which i was very proud of and really excited about a kind of terrified by the reaction because we really do some some risky things in the finale and not all of which were necessarily preapproved before we went ahead and and shop them i was i was nervous about the reaction because i i was so pleased with it and i just didn't ..... to do if we were in and of having a problem and that to their credit they are in here blue about any of things i was concerned there were to be concerned about so that that's a testament to a much better producer network dynamic and you tend to see in this business however one area where we definitely do not agree is adr automated dialogue replacement when you are in need of the story point to be clarified or some idea to be clarified and you cut around someone's back and you hear them as their jaws are flapping saying some other line from another take spoonfeed her do some urging the explainer dialogue that told the audience just a girl that we lost the parlor number and i hate it i i always hear it over the sound quality is even the best mixers is always really parents me and a it it's just a tool that i think is really a reason tv and the tortures me and i become much more dug in against it than i should because it's a very useful tool limits in a can be used effectively and i've certainly use it because i needed to or wanted to but that's becoming sort of my cause célèbre will you know i don't i'm on so and so the again prepared for notes asking me to do a lot of explaining ideas on people 's backs with would wait with .... a quarter dialogue that i i tend to preemptively say no unfortunately the one the start of the show eric stoltz is probably as vehemently puts with the up and so if i ever really flight them in a jam i know holds a sort of the not do as good a job abc should not the average user the special but he certainly has expressed himself when he thought he was recording dialog was actually unnecessary so the scene had a slightly different quality to it and i am trying to write what point in episode seven eight nine we began to reveal the burgess may have some hand in the haunting that was taking place with amanda site i don't remember exactly if it by this scene we gain any sense of that but certainly you know i've seen you might reflect on later it would have a different quality to a different emphasis if you issuers learn that okay burgess was you know this was gaslighting her and that instead now on the scene i think is much more effective because it's point is far more interesting and pertinent than whatever that contrived subtext might've been in this point is simply a lady your husband is a murderer and thief and i thought you should know that and that's such a powerful pungent strong idea such a strong point for scene that you have compromised was some whole other sub textual agenda that you also were trying to juggle what does we can so i'm happy i continue to be happy that we were was reminded last night that the says this is the will of the controversial scene am ........ .... ... .. you listen the colors of the episode this is seen in which of course in his effort to draw his daughter out of the robot daniel instructs the robot to shoot the dog figuring knowing how much you love the dog in and and the fact that she would want to shoot the dog that would be a way of drawing her out reviewing the robot of the resources visited in the original version and i don't know if by that i mean script or story discussion the room or i don't ever i was ever in a cut but i just don't number when it changed .......... and as i recall of them act out to shoot the dog five four three two one boom dead dog act out that was sort of on the category of the having your here is the even reprehensible ways guy category were discussing earlier but i actually don't mind that in the course of their was the you know obviously there was an uproar in the network in and you can't do this and this is awful in and so we we didn't we changed it and i thought the change work i didn't think actually think that the way it was shot the way wayne directed has a great deal to do with why it works because as we get to hear there is a visit pan over and then thundered silver boom down for the sass reveal that you just yet every time i see it it works as a surprise i don't think the audience is coming i don't agree audience has a built-in explanation for what they'll happen a week ... blanks of it as she shot anyway in the squeal you here is the dog being afraid and etc. etc. but all i i just think it's one of those things that more often than not doesn't quite work it doesn't quite recomputed the way he wanted to and this is one of those times reflected that i thought that the ruse works and i think you don't see coming in i galloped away wayne revealed visually now comes ....... this scratch .. with this blog clearly responding to his trainer off camera her trainer the female dog off off-camera and ... made to look like it's a sort of looking quizzically at the robotlike labeling that gun robot though i would've loved to meet lassie yet to set the sound design is great because ...... .... ... squeal of course are . cry for she shot it runs the pan until the were talking about where .... ....... like this getting so i'm out i was very please with this was a then and i wasn't the and i i certainly loved it when you're talking about really being gruesome with a two for completely different reasons but i think we get a get out of jail free card from the audience were not actually the okay that's imminent the beginning of i believe the last act words outside earlier about some of the reactors and yell over the weekend last weekend night the builder preparatory work for season two catholic and looking at working with jonas pate on on discussing some of the things that i think some areas of my want to explore and .. .. and maybe in some ways tethering it back to battle star mate maybe finding one element or character or idea that the links is the back ballast arnold will do more direct way don't know yet will see all early days and it would be nice to know that we have a second season before even spinning spinning my wheels much more on it but in so doing my homework i was going back and reviewing some of the later episodes of bowel start from season three in season four and again on and course all sorts of feelings come up even though that hasn't been that long since we made the shows it's a little bit like your visiting your your college or or singable friend and that it it was beyond the you know the effect of the storytelling in and what i thought of the of all the ideas and in how we ended season three and how we in the season of the series and so forth but he was related people i mean i i i would like just thought how much i miss that he and mary and i ..... your firing off e-mails to james and jamie and they probably thought i was crazy with like doing but it's it is as i watch captain doing these podcasts i i get a lot of the same feeling that you know be shows are always on its ..... .. .... to say but if you're lucky and you don't always get lucky sometimes a miserable but but the bit that if you get lucky their families and avenue you grow close to the people involved in and you develop a real affection for them and they they occupy a place in your mind i mean there is something about eddie that i ice i always project a certain paternal quality to emily me know if i'm having a problem oftentimes all all give it a call drop an e-mail or even if i don't all think about what he would say about something is been in the business along he knows a lot about you give me advice before and the and likewise i think is as we continue with catholic ... continue closer these characters that the sensors of things will happen and so knocking on wood and off i go the paley center and for those new yorkers listening i'll see you there


hello yeah one ihop .. ..... ... i and i need an here is a daylight michael ...... of the producer matt and i will pray elysée ran and also the imitable i will you you know i is as loud as you .... ... ... . as well as leader of our ... ... .. . and will and michael taylor ...... is going on when we leave together as a whole is a massive undertaking your .. ... .. .... .... him ... . .. .... thing is mostly .. and ... .... yeah and latest use of a love as long as you know what ... .... as well will not only the story is going around what were we meeting this is . ..... him ......... .... . ... ..... yes going out soon but on the idea of a will which .. short was on the roof .. .. .... ..... ... shot of the ..... and got an image so you will join and ... know is going to sense that this was something interesting is industry that is your show is the is only night .. . ....... .... .. .... the story as i originally was hold sure you ... ... night ... .. ..... ..... .... try my favorite how are you in ... name is ... why it ways all will play ..... programming play on on and that is an existential i take her driving cross country .... .... .... ... people and .. ....... .... is one .... ........ well down to on just is not like a thousand yard euros policy entities series episodes on and as soon as you know we were involved in a you remember which to be writing ....... ... original drafts are draft took place .. the and the and when it became apparent as ...... as by using it as an interstitial device .... .. ....... .. . time that i and others will not and the ..... ... additional should . .... ... .. ........ .. ... .. ... .. that media is cutting ......... almost as when you when you start seeing that was the direction . ... ......... ......... ... ... ...... that you will all interesting ...... .. these episodes while sensing and listening to on .... ... ... are going to write these reports of the virus that will really like that ... . .... . ... a so and you . is .. . ... . ... ... ... .... ..... when i .. ... ... nervous i got . ... .. ... ... ... and he .. he ... ... and fraser ...... wright ... ... ... are he as you will and .... ... .... .. .... ... ... ... he was your mercy is certain of it and would like to reserve a the is and .. i ...... at so .... .. your there are .. .... ...... .... .... .... ... ..... to any good ideas on what to change .. all your as he is seen as as as as as your what is the as we ......... taking out here released to another level when it because we were playing with for a while in ... earlier so and well ........ use see you .. . sort of symbolism economy and .... .... all on and and we are satisfied we are an ........... .............. beginner .. was the is a .... early writers and discussions it was that it was an impetus to start losing or more working more like literature additional billing or represent what is and is ..... .. .. .. front she's ....... .. is is is is is is is is is is is is is is and ... ... ... will and will ... .... .... ... .. is .. ... will i is an interesting read given that it was in a zone ..... we ......... wish the care and more would ..... .. ... direction this is also ... as directed by the only one ...... ... ...... ... ....... .... was a hacker on darfur is is is is is and always will as well as the ....... reason and because she was i * in your ..... . ..... . ..... .... you and i and she was the is the one of our casting director about our ... your thoughts and is going right now and in that that is this time she visited a magnificent job with a again ... ...... ... all is we ...... ..... like that and radio so .. .. as well . .... ... will and i and i and ... .. ... ... shot out of you and you know that i know what .. is less than zero ......... woman then that she is a new director is one where are you now ..... .. ....... square ... people we know that we know because the is so critical when you're doing is from i operation like this and it is and yet is believed for the changes on ryan breast is a town site and season about these young work is always ..... is all the ... .... will will .... you make ...... .... ...... in you ... will .......... i .... ..... ..... in my season is well on another is really in the .. is mediated it is the you needed the big story when you're the change you with the man is on was ... .... .. ... ..... ..... ... say was the two thousand ....... . .... ..... .... is not an and is is was is . ....... i is yeah yeah i is ... and him and i will .. anyway and he is holding originally this was a will .. .... .. .... .. ....... seem with your we will stop one point is we ... the right .. work people that ... ..... is written down as writers and is in and really ... something new as i was ..... barker ..... .... ... well on the got he was working in ... and .. layers are the god of you which is anything i can remember when .. .... talking about ... leslie was well going to .. what we knew was did not seem .. ... .... reduce you the i ... i is .. .... .... ... ........ right now and not i was .. sort of a again i think it is one of those things you try it something risky your reason to try something risky is ... .... ... ... work in ... . had a great idea actually get you a reply it is evening will work in ... ..... ... ...... ....... ..... ... that is where ... ... . .... .. .. .. ....... ... ....... which is a yahoo! news i will i will .... . ...... ....... and i really work that because we certainly done being so this ..... work that i was equally convinced ..... .... .... .. is always a believer you should do things that are ... .. you and you will have the able to take election doesn't work say okay this is this is a nice drive ... .... . .... .... really is a review for this work was just those who are on .. supporting it was this is so and in soap operas there is a certain sense of this believe that the law is now doing out that the audience by his unlike show where there is a more rested commitment to you was was that the medical leave act early ....... sort only after we began to wrestle with and movable working and ........ ... show really belong in a naturalistic ground reality is that basic .... .. .... .... .... part well but i would argue that the ideas .. with you is both a lithium that one remote .... .. all well and i and i and you and ... .... ... .... . .. .... .... .... ...... .. ......... ... her ... .... ... . ... ... ... ... .. .... . .. for me as i am in you is how is ..... ... ...... .. ... ... i .... . .... ... ... ..... ........ how are you and . .... and will ..... . ... ... ... ... i never really ........ one .. .... .... .... ...... the line is not in him is alone in an and him and he actually is a you and ... ... ... ... ... he is the i probably is he was ...... what was really not . .... ..... .. well ... ....... you but it is .. i have been ..... ... ..... .. feel the way of beyond bizarre .. ..... .... visible others are in this episode .. involving design here is dominant again going down one road as one and ... .. ... something with the will is .. long as he is on pressing the story i think you are the originals were placed for the world involved .... ... see the system in the last week to only be ........ .. ... .. system as well as a show to you as you are experiencing on what is this i is is ... .... ? all is well on was again admitted on exactly ... that ... ........ .. president is as these tell your story i was .. ... unity and so the lesson we learned you because you are not going from your but you find a certain diminishing returns .... .... winger or something on me are & ......... .. other narrative in the course of ........ in other words it is only you in with an interstitial leap forward in time featuring ..... private we don't have any connections and then the storyline involving a gaslighting doppelgänger of all of someone that brother and .. ... involving joseph storyline which is i call there was a .. ... ... place and range between emanuel and sam in which all camera was present .. joseph and shows .. believe she was dead that was okay and it was so so is all you get is about the ..... is ... stuff as it is often true that you can have one you want and it is one bizarro world leader or experiment will .... and the rest of .. is pretty strict and when we resolve this story in my opinion is not only keeping in the spirit of what was intended by his innocence was these much more help and i think it really makes your connect with without the manual way that is very selfless and sacrificial and almost as though she's on her way into the family for having done something as painful as as as dangerous as he is is was .. a so and .... .. ..... result .. those in the original rock is just just as .. home or i will shoot you ... . .. that i ended in the amount very last episode .. a spoiler and what lessons of the season the joseph storyline is all i saw ..... .. ....... which .. ....... .... ... the last episode of a design in ... .... he's the worst season as he was in this sacrifice that son william ...... .... not as it is a shame because it was his people and getting ..... .... a busy i read to ... .... . .... i been busy living so long will you only know the ...... ... ... ...... .. ....... well actually was a reference to a variable .. .... .... .... a woman .... ... ... was evaluated as i now have the best films i is a you is served as one thousand words ...... as an fyi that the ...... by a woman is a culture of the courier and a that ... ....... ..... ...... ... ... and her people in your ones you know you the only person that is regular of the things .... i ........ ..... ...... ... ... will begin miniseries .... an awful terrible is .... is up with ..... .. a yet is that i will yeah yeah yeah you .. was verbally as it was in and .. ..... .. .. your father is about all i will is a was good work were not important " and as far as i know ... know the manual that you have .. ... and we had a lot of fun in the .. .... with the because sometimes it your sense the characters of the always a there was some scene between daniel and you have to say ..... ..... in which she screams i don't like eating at a dinner burner so i .... . .... ..... was a .... ... .... play very things that is .. i ..... know before you before you remain in .... ...... ... ... ........ you .. ...... ..... you are such a will and he will a lot of ...... ..... .... is and what is the best present we actually built on ... .... .. .. .. right well it's like they're ours is like you some you so he is as he is not in the roof rack in the back of the book because we never did on it every year we sent to me because it would aid money to digital accident with you as .... .. .. an week because the ......... of the original and work every year represent this meant this but it is no physicalism is of course that is not the and start if you need anything .. ... ....... ..... .. a that i ... . ..... ........ .. .. a lot of it is ... ..... .... set ... .. get some easy hardware review the writers room as it is with okay so now tell me michael you had right is simultaneously with me because i ...... your syllabus and of these people before you are lawsuits and i are going to .... .... .. ..... ..... eight nine was ... .. okay i .... ... ... .... from seven european nine ... ..... .. there .. .... . tiny little ..... .. somehow because it ... rewritten ..... ..... grueling season and found that ... work is the way we had written there is too much ........ to my expense so i i tell you that .... written or will thought .. ... ... .. and the the two men searching for their daughters is of the essence of one way that is one way of ruling wasn't not .... .. just you what are you i distribute .... is a you are you are you are doing the right .... your stuff and the other is doing revisions on the ..... .. ... . know not only what i earn our way into the dollars . raised some sort when you choose which ... or the other was a fun and one is will you give up your story and assign .. ... ... .... was discussed her and what we are doing as . ... for that reason alone and i is on local parts ..... .. ..... know .. .. is what .. ........... about .. right because i was this is leslie are and everything or will .. is first that i is and ...... talking all about all the blind alleys and all the emergency revision of the .......... suppose i believe in the final analysis is an and these are the reactions i is is is is ... .. ........... .. ... ) god is and him and him ... . ... .. ... . and he and you know .... .. .. ....... there really wanted this is the sort is before severe her as is ... is is the worst episode of of urinary and nuclear oral you know goes all .... is ... .... ... ... watching him and will you know .. we have a real discussion about the ....... ... ....... ...... more usable area ... the ... ....... .. talk about the drums and is no more often than not is on the roof space opera but i can certainly see the scores will last you like the hours and even further was the german score scores that you like all of these you ever had . green scores that throughout . series of one of the story continues you sort of repeat in the cascading frame and bill bill bill go minor logo .... the keys but increases the persona around the and i really want to get along the best one is in my members from one theme but there is a recent version of the version of the ........ ....... .. i think what my point is that by reading that that sort of him formula like .... word what's nice about having that here ... ..... ... so .. shows ... .... .. really ...... out on ......... did an episode in which a i have revolved the amazing is is .. your analysis you know why i is reasonable for you since you i think in this episode those trees on his opera the same way as sleep is all there is so yes that .... .... .... will will will will thought about .... .... was ....... ..... .. ... .. that was the end of ... wetland on the work because the company is that the whole you know and i regaled the union ...... that will uses are considered you know what is holy or will is on citizen this is a very simple and gripping and very emotional scene the doesn't have any topspin on in terms of the concept it's just as we bring the story to resolution when war .. the way it is like i is all that i am and i .... ........ .. god okay well is .. ... ... are is will the answer is is is is is is you and you and i .... he is in the sam i is is is is .. you .... .... .... ... unity is thousands of the ongoing is your own problem drum lesson that while . ...... is or will you get what we were really pushed it over with and in and sort of unlikely scenario we got the budget enhances ... rarely ....... demand expected but we really didn't date of ... ..... ... ....... but the money where their ..... terms .. for us to really enhance ....... out of the city we don't have as well we we have certain yes ..... is you are a really cool i know you i still like them is that is is is is is is .... separate his job well on and also really so ..... . i really feel like you combine this sort of desperation and anger with this really i think how whole sense of the sympathy ... ... .... is not as agenda this sort .. mission as easily as i go somewhere ... i will and will the other is is is is .. ... on how you lingers about the universe .. . ball in ... right ... is liable to you and i i was you i felt like it was enough to shock you believe in god be in ... ....... rerun because you exist and is the mind by this point i have a hard time will is probably not in the valley vision was a little off and . will and will ... ... .. . .... you please ... ... all i feel as good as all i'm sure the artist ....... newton certainly are characters that the ..... ... ... selling your i will present you will ... .... ... . .. .. .. that i love you i is yeah ... are .. ..... . is that the zone who deserves and nine they know they are this was a way you and ....... ... is this patient is no better .... and ........ ... when i is only .... .. ....... .... sort of things you do not remain you ...... ... ..... .. .. the original production of the archiving robot driving was just ... robot is that where you were in your silver only seen but you did is what i was and i wasn't the only consummate ... production readership is going back and saying wait a minute now to assess exist of this plan needed prevaricator cutting out so this emotional connection with his less desperate ............. and we had story i would like the idea that we are ruling or seeing will alone and analyze the report that you and i we only see her when she was the rearview mirror down the carl and i like .... in no and i'm using this .... ... five will you does not variation of our emotional connection needed and so i believe it was a shot much much later on pieces that will see coming up here else on car ..... ........ reliving events of her life and ...... .. she's a great actress of hadrian from right you know .. is .. is is i on is that this is worth to see her and she's all .... ... work is feeding it back to you .. ... the only honorable is still . ... know what .. ......... .. ... ..... .. ... ......... you see guys of the discount is like performance ... on the alternate .... all ........ that he wants no energy some discussion ... . ... ... at his in you will you will .... will .... ... ... .... i will and .... not excite .. is not as i .... you and you ..... ..... .. was going .. ... ...... in error when you need to get my way with .. i am with because he has is because is not ......... from you ... ... ... ... ... ... ... he will will and are shot of you say she is is is .. .... i suggested the ....... .. ... ...... was not a personal one of the second unit director and star he was easily the ability of the right ... and he and he ... me as we now ... .. is yahoo on .... right along with the recently easy goes through a really significant change in ... ..... ... you're going she's not just the answers aren't you over growing you and you will ... ... ....... .. the is .... watching her .. a room that is your just turn it on ... .. see you .... .... start writing a voice .... . .. .. is is is is is is is .... and .. ... and you will .... .... .... you get the job you need is a loan it really is the right and is your beloved and . think you .... . .. will .. and i is will .. ... .. ... great and ... .... is why was the same lesley university was initially and i knew i wanted that i've been one ... .... ....... it just seemed like he's walking the house the men ... say you ..... box ... and so you does it was a different energy one ..... ... is anything that he is a .... .... .... is that .. recruit work but i think he is and ... i is .. .. ... .... .. you know you .. a you will and now i will as well .... is exactly on rid of who he is and .. will or will or will you actually ... and as i worth working .. are .. . ... . ...... .. . ... ... ... are you .... ... vertical and a will is ..... .. to know ....... .. any and love reading about her ....... ....... . ..... ... going to do that i ... our ability regime is nancy i ... . charming idea that ... ... . little love you we now know the yahoo the rate is only right that it is really .... she tried in her .... ... k are you in there and she is one of the nation that i ... ... she he he will ... ....... over making you a ...... ..... ... ...... this is your power is going to hold your horses ...... more than he is and what you your ...... .. is right here is . .... .. .... .. ..... .. .. ... ... me at the game is no season and david i will i honestly ..... you and ... .. .... ... what was his realizes this is really where the show is so enemy what the british citizens beginning of the thing and this one in particular .. it grows to an and very wants to take on much more than you see that and we learn the lesson that the ... ...... ... start to wisconsin as .... figure out the ...... characters and all i .... .. what you are ... ...... .... to ...... yet introduces a c grade every here and lastly daniel certainly not the time i .... and in upcoming weeks as the other characters are as ......... as you will is . great care you don't want you will ... know you will go me and . ... you ... was of the essence of dollars in ... .. .... .... what you are you i stress you are as a business decisions but on the result you are here even ...... .. the he is he is making ... decision and the decisions you will almost read .. will you know it is ways was the reason is ........ .... is not elliptical is what is lost up for what is .. .. .... ....... ... ...... your micardis was as we couldn't order to organize that we are easy on the university and she works in a justice ....... ...... will .... .... so you ... in missouri and is yeah i hear you on this episode he came up with a strange way in which the images in his mind move together and orthodoxies as it is in and i really really are very vocal ... that .. she who is now a you so paranoid .... .. somewhat elevated all in excess of one thousand and and him a


hello one ten podcasts of the anderson's have vanquished to the motley crew this time you have it i is a loser and eric so the director and weaver director roman ......... and my mom is .... and why this was a sadist because it might .... unseemly ......... said i feel like this is probably one of the most stylistically interesting and compelling directed episodes of really unique thing for a those of you who are students of the form of crap ......... you .. see a lot of moves a lot of the telltale signs of the director who's really interested in visual storytelling is a lot of a great ..... is a course that i find it a all too often they can forget the movies and television is visual and tell stories with pictures as much as you and i think eric has you tell that and i'm really grateful that he is more you can season slipping in and locked her in .... .. ....... .... difficult i never met my trailer i know my life i stimulated a great view on ....... ...... on on anyone i have seen with originally no i think you will be very light in the episode you have a course script and it's a monologue is so i led a great deal of that if you have played out on ... ... .... that everything is playback but i enjoy playback .. .... .. a because you lost in you ... is starting here this was the birth ...... on and recently there was no voice ... all sorts of animals and ... ..... slow down we'll and all kinds of birds sounds to give the sidelines in your ee otherworldly birth if you will you done for wonderful actor we should mention of the was that i will be assembled was a little of experiment that one of the systems and ...... effects and we saw it and was so amazing that we pay to have it finished and in a way and using the episode was on the court 's that estevan is an innovative visual effects or so not a house is also be that i have to say of how this set was run is run very open way i member the first second so ..... seeing the national anthem and all in attendance it was some sort of salute as we ... ... ...... harder than hannity and like the nazis and we cannot lose the crossing and jonas is and it became part of the show is not the not close now it's in fact .... one of the reasons why that mentality is what you have your episode than expected because of the ...... freedom in terms of our produce everything you write a program that .... .. we .... that well everything that if ... .. ... ... .... idea comes up and suddenly felt like that you are . ...... daughter and i will is . ...... and will you i love how you got .... .... time and in fact a man who is eric and i have a lot of .... .. there one is not already seen a few of them mentioned there and start backpacking when you directly prop ....... .... present you with areas colors shapes of things to come and think .. the red balloon think about how they will ...... .... the story retailing because it is working obviously ... .... once we find a certain processor details popping out and enjoy more memorable than .. .. ... .... go back one sequence is you will and i have is so in the preparation of this episode is . call to use some cynics .. the second half if you feel added pressure because you .... .. and i .... .. ... like and you .... ... will you question her as he approaches it was the same i don't feel it is not as a ........ to not storyboard everything we did ... stick figure drawings and visualizing entirely in the wonderful and usually set and you can't do any of the lease you come to the point of view and you know what those moments and was in on the bomb ..... the care and get her or you know the moment you have to get tell the story that is down while installing in the winter of sky office and durable style is and i is something that is ........ and had a little of that serena is a great transition to black .. ...... was lost in my thoughts how i is . o'brien ......... wonderful transition is . john in a discussion in . way that you ..... is going on his forearm and german on one ... . ......... ... ...... from ...... visual effects artist designed it to be in your egypt and israel and alaska and down the intel based on a delay in seeking this virtual but ... .... ... .... ......... in his resume is wonderful love gary evslin and mike my guy . ... it is my gift to that athlete had found a lot of the e-mail exchange with richard dolan is and that ... .... about what you ..... late sending them photos of the al qaeda innocent codes and ak-47s and ancient roman and greek structures in an ice wanted separate visual ..... ....... separate visually from africa so that when you look at the scene you know you are no longer available or having that foresight and has been dedicated to make ... ..... .. is always ... restaurant .. from the network to scramble at the world as a ..... ... ... .. .... you are saying .. ... more that . .. ....... ... ...... entirely to go will look like a you time and energy and effort is just about the physical applicable ) episode is a ...... ......... . have all these ....... you know if this is the vatican city of our show and .... are going to .. that it is really up to you that you ... . to the numbers that he originally didn't have the budget to actually make jim in on that different and that is when we sat down and figured kevin murphy came in ... let me make this world interesting real and is a so you ... remember is there al sadr in greenville them who are politically great and will see okay and he is is is is is is is is is is . ...... .. .. .... he is a note was at one right that is as if you have to request the enhances in the camera a week in advance and of course it takes a while .. .... properly but .... .. ..... ..... .... .. upside down shot with the philanthropic is will be a you or i also mentioned that ...... .. . ....... .. so sorry i .... and we .... ... ..... is because this is africa earlier in year zero is .... ... ..... beginning ...... discernible cars and down as he shot in reality vancouver two thousand nine was rolls-royce leon digitally manipulated to make it and you will and will is ...... vertical in the all of that ...... was shot on a slr camera stephen not brought his new camera to the said estimates try and know what is the ...... you can buy one in a camera store and suited the quality astonishing is set the ..... ... ..... ...... have to have car really didn't have to normally that sequence ... carpets are soon not .... ..... twenty minutes in length and in the quality and ... ... .. seems .... is an old model and he was ........... it was in the early draft was a lot of improvisation around there because anyone is going to godfather working that i've ever talked to you at some point here is that there is a about the gordon was .... ...... and while i love you was ...... not . utah ......... this scene really one ....... to be evocative of point in history i is lost to have you .... a modest two something in you that are in this astros is ...... .. ... .. . .. . ..... .. ... .. .... .. really a director was directed most of who were .. the ........ you got a friend rate yet is what i is enough which is . .... .. clear door violently heroes team rather honestly told me nowhere you can have this training can have that we don't have the budget it was .... .... .. ........ .... ..... and have extensive ...... is talking about you know as soon .. .. ... wonderful men ... .. monster regard to the kevin murphy is well versed in greek history in big mythology probably ...... latin ........ ... ...... ... ... .... .. ... ..... ........ to the lot in a time this happened was a shift in the writings that we were acting out on many levels trying to find the show and it just seemed was time to bring in some lot of that and kevin comes from a use ... kevin murphy he wrote a recently have access to musical and he was a senior writer producer on .... house and ... that is our combination of ... catholic i does so yeah he was a huge ...... and also well-versed in soap opera style storytelling and .... .. ..... guys the smart money i made on the set of the second-year winston cup wonderful ... ....... actor ..... .. snow machines are we going back to you .. .. ... is ... .... letter .. .... .. ........... .. ... ........ is billed .... shot is relevant that thing back of their tell you i'll be smoking ...... by the really .......... .. the ...... who does not smoke that brutalizes all of that you smoke settles aggressive yet with . reasonable xigris made out as ... ......... ..... ... real figure is ... ....... ..... with the seller is along kennedy and unilateral address anywhere within the canadian .... .... ... this ......... ... and the first introduction to the one for me and who we got ..... phone calls because i called her up and send me what you doing you like in so and she very graciously came out of retirement and a lot of the crew had gone to high school with the ..... is very excited to see ... canadian and she showed actually refers on weekends for this on the set with all the act is may came to every line to ..... ...... who prizes you with her .. the research questions in the tubing of things have you considered that maybe far more interesting than i i will how long is and what use you as a .. . highly unanimous to me the life family life it is my he was open something new was directly in the ...... ... ...... .. ... mission is almost childlike sense of wonder to me that there is a thing with .... .. not on the surface seeing and dancing behind her eyes and really anyway has not received the only thing really seems .. table chairs rael fire and a and . is ma and winston was in god why philly twenty years ago .. ........ on and i work together with a knife tuberculosis and .... ...... ......... just as .. is his sister i raised that house i sent e-mail was recently up for sale the real work well .... . really need now is . .. for horses i image window was thinking that as i am constantly shocked i will ...... berlin is sincerely sought the first time you ...... me when ron and joan .. ..... .. .. ....... and .... they live in the cameron and all ......... ............ as long about that off-line so you don't see you .. a ... you would use that was shot for .. ... .. ... person actually open the windows ... curtains and birds and water so i is .. .... you he .. in way is a you are one of those curtain were a victim of the very real benefit i get .. ... .. a you thing happened to me i must .... and now i have to and i'm not sure after all the ...... and write about the scene .. the scene . .... of the cern and a retrofitted for certain notes that present companies as ... .... seo is ... .. self the issues i call you .... you being concerned about whether or not it was understood that this ... a and what he as a member talking down . long set you back away is what you wanted to do was was ... seek will ... reach a rate that will follow one of the others following is a if i find anything in movie form their own ideas of what might be going on in this and was that of william sullivan from is and that you know something is wrong so i think this is his work ......... as some fans after one there was ... inherited from one side of the line unit cost line on me and ended up on him and and i was really angry at our ...... operator ..... because i designed a shot off as seen and wanted the end of .. ........ .. ....... with my for creative thought and ... and i was streaming grateful that he had taken it upon himself to have this element is not and that to me as and when i do happen to the members feel compelled to .... ..... ... better and even if your noise as .. usually is better because you do their job know what that is ... i was as tall as also is awaiting almost as fast .. . ....... .. is was okay as i may have ... .... is . ... angry at him and . .... you ... i so actually we have not had .. .... ........ things ... females is not in the great red woman is robin had cut out of ....... ..... ...... ... is yesterday 's market and ....... here aidan the mullah ..... ....... ... ........ was in the theaters where her single ...... movie but i found ... .... .. .. this episode i found in ... ....... room kept wanting to go to her because everything she did was something i and usually a is .. .... you find actor has added something that you want .. or you have to save that ... .. and i was so grateful to be .. .. do for being the kind of ...... messing with their teeth perversely one with the yellow book contains viruses can you see when you said she's ahead missing girl in the way exactly this is wrong for system self will love you i .... ... but got a little jealous love me the hell .... ... .... ... to the key moment ......... to be his first letter to the very ......... ............. here we see her spine is really .. attorney neil from someone that is guaranteed to season and ......... as .... are some of ... earliest discussions i have long more my partner and ...... .... ... about the fact that you .... this tylenol there is only a limited reality series the character lacey was to wind up carrying just a more water as .. only because i was i in them and .. those is as so testing is " critical but often almost a second way is was is is is is is is is is is arthropathy ... the screen is no question is zero yes yes a lot of what i i hear the ..... .. ..... that this is all of ... thorough right ......... almost as though she doesn't quite know yet how is really got me the second one will also need to them is resistance to the ......... because he wasn't a ........ is better you are and what we actually in the same issue on the new testament is use the man and number six this is actually .... old man old man makeup and we want to use them later as . establishment that we will as a different character season and again ... ....... is part of part a function ... is something that also working on his encounters that .... is a will is with the record and run was also ..... ... brief was in the center of their use of .... but .. ..... is a will there is another earlier in the ........ and location where the laptops have that sound ? are you a you are in for the blockers as .. i remember .... ...... is recent industries hero who lovely actor is his .... .. . you .. .... article .. rules written an eighty nine -year-old peter whiz kid that you guys go over the human ...... is what i love about you never quite sure which side of you wonderful ambiguity for reviews and is in your you listed as promptly as soon as i get going until the directors he was great and i will bring back the file that was .... off how many thousand dollars .... will disarm you i you are you are you are alone in the shadows .. faith i will shop terrifying future producers you never let as you want the only one allowed to show the one covered .. ... sleep as little as that story here is as . child and because of that ... ... known as you very say her so visiting is phone call you wanted to individual with ... .. ........ .. . character talking .. .. got yelled laptop was a phone and a figure walking outside this zone all those ..... talking with a guard threatening your work is going on when you shop overseas will in a freezer and when you see something whole life .. no trouble or ..... i have been the long course is sounds is just really how you feel ..... the annoyed ... .. ....... .. the injury is . .. ... . ..... .......... ..... ... ... i love and losing there is no use you as long .. you are you supposed to season results of your outside on the about me .. .... .. the early days or so and watching the dailies and you and i said well and .. doing that ... .... zero season don't forget you sit here in canada ... ...... the world looking at you in an .... to go back and said he will act as i is and lots of monitors on the .... was first issued ... . .. your policy .. .. .... .... .... is as i will we will use ... ... so .. not is a you are you in a you will there is a the billionaire was and i have though is ...... why you said in .. adult greetings and all of the real organ and the candles of me is the first sequence using one or as many as you will and you will see yes there was nothing there columns the actors for his visual effects produces a way to achieve that i seen was always something i real in ... ..... or the next match you because you .... .. .. .. you hired the inevitably something unconscious i is a real ... is called .... .. an ..... and i never actually strengthened .. themselves to the work is the treaty are you looking at this and that was the separate elements think it was on the ground in the latter there was shooting the ........ choreographing this receipt quite ........ a lot of ... .... line is is there i saw .... . ....... so ... ... ...... was because he is holding you in .... of means and the sun ...... is great to have ........ in that ....... ........ .. the network this i is now the exactly what ... ... right really .. i also had some buddhist monks chanting in the background that there is very bizarre and in singapore .. a matter of how gruesome she does know what you guys she think she's right you . .... .... it goes for .. by .... ....... and raising up at one unit that acts as fire is burning the letter i think you bring a letter from over us and they had a relationship and she is now burying the levels of .. ... .... box bios and officer private correspondence so i was talking earlier ..... the fact that you .... . ... .. . ... ......... i ... . i was mightily i have the folly was .. owners and only daughter cell or cell and her husband lives in all of no interaction .... .. .. a relatively evening reverse talk about the rare luxury of a television and you see ... figure out how you and in reality you very soon ..... .. . very very long time original original pilot ... ............... ... dave's ex-girlfriend x and everything queries amanda is supposed to be a little train ... just as we will you know the economy is there's no reason you .... you like by his ..... of my moving she ......... focus ...... work you is pushing on the ring and so .......... .. which he had .... you are about to perform she knows is right course back is going to ..... .... ... ......... .. your good fortune in producing .... .. ... ..... ... ... ..... .... anyway you with the month but he felt so so .. you church bells chiming funereal we background those are flowers of the vanquished comes from a faulkner novel and those flowers and . box of you know is that using a .... ..... ... ... .... .. . ...... was right ......... .... . .... you ryan was urging your will on the elevated to write a road really is inside as outside is really is not .. her decision to attend ... cars and spencer martin there is no smoking in the preserve the established a radial pain are in the said device as soon as little as certain digital radio image i was so enamored of this so cigarette smoke is a resume of thinking the thoughts of water will all see all one of the abandoned by a control ... .. and ... know .... .. and is busy with your environment is the same as everything is in week kolsky think i'll see you children there were no sound effects and so .. .... ... ....... anything is a little p.m. the plane is quite haunting while ....... fighting and remind ... ........ ... .... .......... ... .... because there were so about something you have done just had using an something so evocative about that is that with all this you will be back to you as i walked out most and i was looking your idea and are only what you use their data was that i was outside no human is ... knowledge and was sure ..... .... .. have . ...... .... ..... .. is are you .. imagery ... runs was just young and he is his first jobs you know these guys are grew and ... is the clock for and whether they have a ..... lawn .. of so for a way ... he .. a else is a black belt in something as a tae kwon do he really is seeking a energy is .... on the noses of ... this is a friends house is in our day no one in the last shot of the day .. a well known is everything the act and this is meant to be connected to our daughter ... ... will find your valve a lot of times that the network has certain proximity to the ..... .. the minimum number is i restaurant and as often as not all editorial and are rooted at and this is what the muslim owner is going to revisit the design shops around helping her sure all you can read all good and that you are visualizing you will do is apologize is follow the .... ...... ........... .... ... .. a second which have emotional actress said that one thing ..... apart and ...... .. .... their a to bring . ...... .. uncomfortable ............. ... that the ....... is in the will reveal there is i the jesus i was larry's more .. that next week see one ..... ... a host of reworking the above really don't like ...... and the black is probably going