Tomas Vergis Makes Big Splash on Backtalk

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Tomas Vergis Makes Big Splash on Backtalk is a The Caprican Entertainment article written by Laurel Hill. It was printed in Martius 13, YR42.


CEOs are getting to be very popular guests on Backtalk as last week gave us the head of Vergis Industries himself, Tomas Vergis.

The brilliant Tauron entrepreneur - somewhat surprisingly - made for one of the best Sarno guests ever, charming both the host and audience with his winning smile and dashing good looks. He was quick on the draw and full of good humor, taking Baxter's good-natured jabs like a pro and proving he had a few tricks up his own sleeve.

In other words, Tomas Vergis had a much easier time than his main business rival, Daniel Graystone, who appeared on Backtalk a few weeks ago, and stumbled out of the gate before gaining his on-air composure.

Vergis took the stage in a smart suit, presenting Sarno with a box of Tauron cigars. Sarno quickly went into the Vergis-Graystone relationship, a "classic rivalry" along the lines of the "Bucs and the [Tauron] Bulls." Vergis insisted that he and Graystone are "friendly competitors, not deadly rivals," saying that the two of them were at a museum exhibit the night before. "Who won?" asked Sarno.

Vergis then jumped in with a friendly but somewhat scathing remark about Graystone, which got quite the audience reaction: "Daniel makes Holobands; he's a toymaker - I'm in a completely different business."

Sarno then mentioned that Daniel and Amanda Graystone were on Backtalk recently, which brought up the subject of the MAGLEV bombing. "My heart goes out to them and everyone who suffered in that terrible and senseless tragedy," said Vergis. He then made a surprising announcement: "The funny thing about tragedy is it makes you realize where your heart belongs. I started to think about where I belong, and it made me realize we're all Capricans. I may as well make it official - I'm going to get my citizenship."

You'd think this guy was a movie star, not the CEO of one of the biggest companies on Caprica.

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