The Telewindow: One For Every Home

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The Telewindow: One For Every Home is a The Caprican Lifestyle article written by Laurel Hill. It was printed in Martius 29, YR42.


Soon the Telewindow won't just be for the Rich and Famous. Smarter Industries has announced it will unveil what it's calling the first "affordable" Telewindow model at next week's TechnoExpo.

"The Telewindow used to be known only as a luxury item, something millionaires and movie stars have in their bedrooms," says Smarter Industries CEO Michael Smart. "But it's gotten more buzz now that you're starting to see them in some bars and clubs. There's even been video installation artists who've been designing and creating specifically for the Telewindow format. Everyone wants a Telewindow, and now everyone can afford one."

The specs of the "affordable" model - including the retail price - are being kept under wraps until next week's official presentation at TechnoExpo. "If we gave away everything now, no one will show up for the big show next week!" says Smart. "All will be revealed, and we'll start taking orders immediately after the presentation as well."

When asked if up-and-coming Smarter Industries is trying to present itself as a serious competitor to big-time players like Graystone Industries, Smart simply smiles and replies with, "We'll see."

TechnoExpo will be held at the Caprica City Convention Center and is open to the public. Limited space is still available for vendors.

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