The Raid

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The Raid was the title of an abandoned episode concept from Season 2 of the Re-imagined Series.

According to Ron D. Moore, the episode would have featured a Colonial raid on a Cylon space station (Podcast:Resurrection Ship, Part I).

The idea for the episode arose from suggestions for an episode from the point of view of the Cylons -- suggestions that later were used in "Downloaded" (Podcast:Downloaded) as well as the Season 3 episodes "Collaborators", "Torn" and "A Measure of Salvation".

Parts of the concept for this episode, such as destroying the Cylons' ability to download into new bodies, were later moved into the Resurrection Ship story arc seen in the episodes "Pegasus" and the two-part episode "Resurrection Ship". The episode would also have featured Caprica-Six letting the human intruders go (Podcast:Downloaded).