Reclamation of Celestra

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Taking the Celestra
Conflict: Internal Battles
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Place: Celestra
Result: Celestra is taken
Colonial Warriors, Celestra's Workers Temporary Command of the Celestra
Commander Kronus Charka
Laser pistols Laser pistols
Materiel Losses
none none
Commander Kronus none
Battle Chronology
Previous Next
The Mutiny in Celestra Taking the Celestra Battle at Galaxy's Edge

After the mutiny, Charka, who had been placed in temporary command of the Celestra during Kronus' absence, orders that the shuttlecraft be given bogus navigation coordinates in order to strand its occupants, including Kronus, in deep space. To ensure the crew's loyalty, Charka promises each crewmember a promotion in rank and pay. Apollo is disturbed when the fleet does not appear on his scanners as expected; trying to reverse triangulate their position, they are unable to locate the Celestra, which has "gone dark" to avoid detection. Having lost its last reference point to the fleet, the shuttlecraft runs low on fuel; the mutineers agree to alter the shuttle's computers to act as ion tracking sensors to locate the Celestra, in exchange for fair hearings regarding their mutiny. The shuttlecraft locates the Celestra and touches down aboard her landing bay just as fuel expires; Apollo, Starbuck, and Kronus make their way to the bridge, accompanied now by former mutineers Aurora and Damon. Using Hermes, Apollo gains access to the confiscated laser pistols; a firefight breaks out on the Celestra bridge, damaging the steering control and sending the Celestra veering wildly off course. Kronus crawls to the steering control and rights the vessel, but not before taking a lethal laser blast. Apollo tackles Charka and disarms him, ending the (second) mutiny.

(TOS: "Take the Celestra")