Tactical officer

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The tactical officer is the command officer aboard a Colonial warship charged with the following duties:

  • Monitoring the ship's DRADIS system
  • Managing the ship's offensive and defensive weapons systems
  • Monitoring tactical and navigational computer systems
  • Overseeing the ship's FTL systems and plotting jumps, including providing Emergency Jump Coordinates coordinates to other ships in the Fleet
  • Supporting the commanding and executive officer in the performance of their duties.

Aboard Galactica, the role of tactical officer is typically fulfilled by Lieutenant Felix Gaeta. In the wake of the settlement of New Caprica, Karl Agathon assumes Gaeta's duties when he joins Gaius Baltar's civilian government. Gaeta returns to his post after the escape from the planet.


  • The role of the tactical officer aboard a Colonial battlestar is closer to that of the US Navy's CIC Watch Officer (CICWO), combining it with elements of the Tactical Watch Officer (TAO), a role also partially fulfilled by the executive officer. In fact, Gaeta's secondary title is Senior Officer of the Watch (Source: Sci-Fi.com).