John Stockton

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John Stockton
John Stockton


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Colony Earth
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Introduced The Super Scouts, Part I
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Children At least 2[1]
Marital Status Married[1]
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Role Owner, Stanford Chemical Plant
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Portrayed by Mike Kellin
John Stockton is a Cylon
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John Stockton is the owner of the Stanford Chemical Plant in Paradise Valley, California of 1980 Earth.

Troy and Dillon interact with him, initially hoping to solicit his support in investigating the toxic nature of the water supply, which is poisoned by chemical wastes from his plant. (It is the poisoned water that nearly causes the deaths of three of the Super Scouts.) Although initially assuring that he'll look into it, he later recruits Paradise Valley's sheriff, so as to get rid of Dillon and Troy—who he believes to be mere meddling environmentalists. He expresses concern over the livelihood of the workers, noting to the sheriff that his men were still paying off loans they had to take out the last time some "wild-eyed nature group" had the plant shut down for six months.

It is because of him that the Super Scouts are eventually revealed to be a fake scout troop, causing many problems for the Galacticans (1980: "The Super Scouts, Part I").

Stockton is later shown the error in his ways with the help of Dr. Spencer at the Paradise Valley Medical Center. Stockton reluctantly agrees to help transfer the ill children to another location, an abandoned military base atop a mountain where the Galacticans' anti-gravity ship lands. Fearful of boarding her, Dillon assures him that "the glory of the universe is intelligence" and new experiences are not to be feared.

With the facilities aboard the anti-gravity ship, he is shown the effects of poisoning the water supply ten years hence by Doctor Zee. After it is revealed that his son dies due to the chemicals from the plant, Stockton pledges to follow Zee's advice and change his company's practices to avoid losing a loved one.

Colonel Jack Sydell and the sheriff find him and his otherwise abandoned truck when they get to the top of the mountain, with no sign of the extraterrestrial landing Sydell seeks (1980: "The Super Scouts, Part II").



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