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Steve Fleer
Steve Fleer


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Birth Name Steve Fleer
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Callsign Red Devil
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Introduced The Captain's Hand
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Role Raptor Pilot, battlestar Pegasus
Rank Lieutenant
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Portrayed by James Bell
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Lt. Steve "Red Devil" Fleer is a Raptor pilot assigned to the battlestar Pegasus.

He appears to be in command of the search and rescue party looking for Raptor 718 and Raptor 314.

When the SAR Raptors find them, he reports the deaths of all four pilots just before three Cylon basestars ambush Pegasus and the rescue team (TRS: "The Captain's Hand").

Later, his callsign appears on a pilot duty roster in the episode "Six of One".


  • A nameplate was made for a "Gwen Fleer" with the same callsign and last name. Given the multiple similarities of that name, it is plausible that the nameplate was made for this character before production changes changed the character's name, gender and type of craft Fleer pilots.