Sources:Adama's Dossier

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In the episode "Hero", Laura Roslin reviews a dossier prepared for her by Billy on her first day aboard Galactica. It includes large photos of battlestar Galactica, a photograph of the CIC crew of Valkyrie, a (somewhat illegible) certificate appointing Saul Tigh as "Junior Executive Officer" in the Colonial Forces, and a cursory biography of William Adama, reproduced in full below.

The five-digit string to the right of the solidus is almost certainly the year of the listed event. Note that "Hero" takes place on the 45th anniversary of Adama's comissioning, putting its events in the year 21356, and two years after the events of the Miniseries, which would therefore have been in the year 21354.

Please also note that the dating format here is atypical and does not correspond to other documents throughout the series. The source may be used for relative dates, but does not present reliable information on the nature and format of the Colonial Calendar.

Commander William Adama

  • Born H5/21290 and raised on the colony of Caprica, in Qualai, a small coastal community
  • Mother, Evelyn Adama, an accountant.
  • Father, Joseph Adama, a prominent attorney who specialized in criminal defense and civil liberties.

Military Service

D6/21311 First commission, Battlestar Galactica, fighter squadron
E4/21312 Commendation for shooting down Cylon fighter in first combat mission.
D5/21314 Mustered out of service post-armistice
R6/21317 Served as Deck Hand in merchant fleet and as common […] aboard inter-colony tramp freighters
D1/21331 Recomissioned to Fleet
D6/21337 Major: Battlestar Atlantia
R8/21341 Executive Officer: Battlestar Columbia
C2/21345 Commander: Battlestar Valkyrie
C2/21348 Commander: Battlestar Galactica