Sagittaron City

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Sagittaron City is the capitol city of Sagittaron.

The city boasts agricultural and nitrassium processing centers, in addition to civil and transport services such as monorails that shuttle workers through the various parts of the city.

Prior to and during the Cylon War, Sagittaron City contains both slum-like tenements and expensive, lavish buildings, denoting the dichotomy in terms of financial and social status.

The city of Perseus Village adjoins Sagittaron City to its north.

First Cylon War

During the Cylon War, the city is sieged by Cylons who are later repelled by Colonial Marines. One such attack occurs five years into the Cylon War, when a three-year old Tom Zarek watches as he, his parents, and other Sagittarons are being evacuated via the monorail system.

A labor strike occurs later in the war, which results in a strong Colonial Military presence in the city in the form of retrofitted humvees and Colonial Marines. During this time, curfews are enacted and enforced by Colonial Marines who are authorized to use deadly force (Battlestar Galactica: Zarek 1).

Members of Sagittaron City's population