Jerome Zarek

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Jerome Zarek
Jerome Zarek


Jerome Randal Zarek
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Colony Sagittaron
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Introduced Battlestar Galactica: Zarek 1
Death Killed by Colonial Marines 10 years after Tom Zarek's birth (Battlestar Galactica: Zarek 1)
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Children Tom Zarek
Marital Status Married (Karen Zarek)
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Jerome Zarek is a Cylon
Jerome Zarek is a Final Five Cylon
Jerome Zarek is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Jerome Zarek is an Original Series Cylon
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Jerome Randal Zarek is the father of controversial Sagittaron personality Tom Zarek.

Prior to the Cylon War, Jerome marries Karen Zarek, a fellow worker in the nitrassium processing plants in Sagittaron City. Living in Sagittaron's capitol city in near destitution, he would, as a form of recreation, play cards with a fellow worker named Taylor, and inevitably always wins the remnants of Taylor's meager paycheck.

Eleven months into the Cylon War, Jerome and Karen decide to have a child, taking advantage of the Colonial government's re-population incentive program, which awards couples to conceive children as a "patriotic effort"; Karen is hesitant, but Jerome convinces her that there will never be a "right time," and it's best to conceive a child while they still can. As a result, Thomas J. Zarek is born.

Two years after Tom's birth, Jerome's fellow workers go on strike while Jerome himself does not. In addition to having to provide for Tom, Karen develops symptoms due to nitrassium exposure that require an expensive medicine called aelotol to properly treat. As the medicine is not covered under the company's insurance, he works extra hours, despite the harassment of the strikers. When asking for a raise, he is turned down due to financial issues incurred by the strike, but is instead able to negotiate a life insurance plan for himself.

Eight years later, as Karen still struggles with having proper amounts of aelotol, Jerome finds that the local clinic cannot give them any more aelotol. As his wife runs out of the medication, he finds himself robbing the Sagittaron City Pharmacy during the night before the 9:30 curfew. He is subsequently killed by a Colonial Marine who believes that Jerome is a looter about to take out a gun.

As a result of an assessment into the incident, the Colonial military admits that "some degree of error" resulted in Jerome's death and the Colonial Fleet provides a payout of a small amount of money and a life-time supply of aelotol to the widowed Karen (Battlestar Galactica: Zarek 1).