Raider (SDS)

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The conceptual drawing of the new Raiders from the SDS project.

During the failed 2001 continuation project to revive Battlestar Galactica conceptual artwork was once again drawn up by Guy Dyas of both the exterior and interior of a new Advanced Raider.

On the outside the basic shape and size remained the same but the new design had slightly extended wings and a more meanacing front.

Interior conceptual drawing of the new Raiders from the SDS project.

The interior, however, was much more detailed than the original which was very sparce of instruments. The new interior design gives a more more realisic view of a space fighter.

The new shooting script also called for a dedicated "Pilot Cylon" which looked slightly different to the regular ones. It is unknown if all three seats were occupied by Pilot Cylons or just the main front seat would.

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