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Princess Quoi-Ling is one of the leaders of an unnamed paradise planet that Captain Starbuck and Apollo (TOS) land upon. Quoi-Ling, described as a "breathtaking girl with oriental features and long dark hair", also has a brother named Choi-Ling, himself a prince. While appearing to be only nineteen yahren old, Quoi-ling is over a thousand yahren old, and is a human descended from Earth.

After forced to crash-land on the planet, Apollo falls in love with her and abandons all hope of leaving the planet. However, thanks to the efforts of Captain Starbuck, Apollo reconsiders this position and manage to escape the paradise planet... the planet itself harboring an unrevealed "dark secret".

Upon leaving the planet, Quoi-Ling rapidly ages and dies, given that she is beyond the power of the unknown force that gave her her beauty and longevity. Additionally, her loss also signified the loss of the Colonial's ability to obtain the coordinates to Earth from her (Island in the Sky).