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Introduced Reins of a Waterfall
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Portrayed by Paul Perri
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Maximus is a Caprica City judge in 42YR.

Maximus is one of many judges receiving bribes from the Ha'la'tha to prevent select Ha'la'tha members, counseled by Joseph Adama, from facing criminal trial. He differs from most judges on the ground he preferred to be called before receiving the money, finding it an affront to decorum.

As Joseph Adama was still grieving for the loss of his wife and daughter, he accidentally slipped up and sent the money to Maximus before calling him to arrange the price in order to prevent one of his clients, Plexico Amarcord, from going to trial.

Incensed by this, Maximus demanded twice as much in a meeting at the law court, knowing that Adama himself would need to pay the difference given that the Guatrau would not. He demonstrates snide indifference when Adama corrects Maximus on the new preference by going to Adama versus Adams (CAP: "Reins of a Waterfall").