Ken (Caprica)

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Ken's Father
Ken's Father


Colony Caprica
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Introduced Rebirth
Children Ken (son)†
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Portrayed by Greg Webb
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Ken is the son who died in the Maglev 23 bombing circa YR42 (58 BCH), and to whom an unnamed father speaks on at a memorial ceremony following the event.

Ken's father speaks on stage during a memorial ceremony while Daniel and Amanda Graystone stand in the crowd in Apollo Park. During his speech, he notes that Ken overslept that day, and so Ken traveled to his destination via the lev instead of walking. He notes that his deceased son liked to walk, and that Ken would have been thankful to him for being awoken on time—with Ken's father ostensively blaming himself for not doing so (CAP: "Rebirth").


The character is credited as "Man at the Mic" in "Rebirth"'s credits, and is identified in this entry as "Ken's father" due to the name on the name tag sticker on his suit jacket, noting that it is "in memory of."