Jarrell Kief

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Jarrell Kief
Jarrell Kief


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Birth Name Jarrell Kief
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Callsign Fuzzy
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Introduced Final Cut
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Role Raptor Pilot, battlestar Galactica
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Jarrell Kief is a Cylon
Jarrell Kief is a Final Five Cylon
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Lieutenant Jarrell "Fuzzy" Kief is a Raptor pilot aboard Galactica who, with Margaret "Racetrack" Edmondson, was to take Colonel Tigh to a conference on Cloud Nine.

Kief's Raptor is sabotaged by disgruntled Viper pilot Joe Palladino in an attempt to vent its atmosphere into space and kill Tigh as it shuttled to Cloud Nine. The malfunction occurs prematurely and Tigh escapes without injury (TRS: "Final Cut").

His name is shown among the active pilots on Galactica’s duty roster in "The Passage," and his fate relating and following the events of the Battle of the Colony is unstated.