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Introduced The Gun on Ice Planet Zero, Part I
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Role Senior Gunnery Master, Weapons Bay 9, Galactica
Rank Sergeant
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Portrayed by Curtis Credel
Haals is a Cylon
Haals is a Final Five Cylon
Haals is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Haals is an Original Series Cylon
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Sergeant Haals is a Colonial Warrior attached to the Arcta expedition to eliminate the Ravashol pulsar.

While fleeing the crash-site of their shuttle, the ex-prisoner Wolfe fights with Haals. As a result of that quarrel, Wolfe accidentally manages to destroy the snowram's power pack.

The injured Haals recovers enough to be involved with the attack on the Cylon garrison (TOS: "The Gun on Ice Planet Zero")


  • In a list of people selected for the Arcta expeditiion, Haals (who is mis-spelled "Halls" in said printout) is the Senior Gunnery Master for Weapons Bay 9.