Galactica Probe 1

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Troy and Dillon performing repairs on Galactica Probe 1.

Galactica Probe 1 is the callsign of a Viper that Xaviar (disguised as Lieutenant Nash) furnishes to Troy and Dillon.

Unbeknownst to them, they walked head first into the sabotaged Viper, believing that they were on a special urgent mission for Galactica to track down Xaviar, who re-entered their current time frame. Upon transferring control to the auto flight, they lost power, life support, and were unable to assume manual control of the craft.

With nothing left to lose, the Warriors used the on board EVA equipment and effect repairs on the Viper by bypassing the computron circuits, allowing them to reach Earth and thwart Xaviar's plans for the Super Scouts Template:G80.