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The Galactica crew celebrate the season finale with a frak party of their very own including food and drinks.

A Frak party is an organized party, held in homes or at special events, centered around episode screenings of the Re-imagined Battlestar Galactica, particularly season premieres.

Originally conceived by the eponymous website, the term has since come into common use by fans and production crew alike. Ron Moore himself has been known to turn up at some of these parties.

The colorfully-chosen name could refer to the state of mind fans might have after watching tumultuous events in an episode (as in "What the frak!?"), and has no connection to the word's sexual connotation.


As laid out in the guidelines by, people who attend parties must agree to a few simple "ground rules" to ensure that everyone has a great time:

  1. Everyone attending a Frak Party agrees to treat the hosts, their homes and other guests with respect and basic good manners. In the unlikely event of a problem, please support your host and throw the Cylon out.
  2. Don't go walking in and making a ruckus during the very first scene! If you are going to show up late, you'll just have to abort mission and watch at home in miserable isolation. If you really can't stomach that, then maybe peek in the window, try to wait for a commercial break and enter then.
  3. If you're not caught up on the first two or three seasons, please wait for commercial breaks to ask things like, "Wait, did Sharon have the baby or not??"

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