Faye Lampkin

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Faye Lampkin was a Colonial citizen who was married to civil litigation lawyer Romo Lampkin. They had two daughters, Jennifer and Kate.

Romo describes her during his interview with Caprica-Six:

I loved a woman - beautiful, beautiful woman - but so serious. This frowning face trapped in the middle of a daisy. She had a way of walkin' ... processional, as if she were on her way to her execution. We had 10 years. Then it fell apart under its own weight. [...] I thought if I could get over her, I could get over anything. That I could endure, be a man, stand up to any and all kind of punishment. I clung one empty, spinning bed for months, and that, that is when I finally realized that how much I loved her. If I needed all that strength, what was the point? I needed to be with her.

As a memento, he keeps her cat, Lance, which didn't "scratch and bite like she did" (TRS: "The Son Also Rises").

Despite his claim that the marriage fell apart, it is unknown whether or not Lampkin divorced or separated from her prior to his becoming a widower. It is notable that he never refers to her as his ex-wife. Faye, Jennifer and Kate all died on Gemenon in the Cylon attack (TRS: "Sine Qua Non").