Faye Lampkin

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Faye Lampkin was a Colonial citizen who was married to civil litigation lawyer Romo Lampkin. They had two daughters, Jennifer and Kate.

Romo describes her during his interview with Caprica-Six:

I loved a woman - beautiful, beautiful woman - but so serious. This frowning face trapped in the middle of a daisy. She had a way of walkin' ... processional, as if she were on her way to her execution. We had 10 years. Then it fell apart under its own weight. [...] I thought if I could get over her, I could get over anything. That I could endure, be a man, stand up to any and all kind of punishment. I clung one empty, spinning bed for months, and that, that is when I finally realized that how much I loved her. If I needed all that strength, what was the point? I needed to be with her.

As a memento, he keeps her cat, Lance, which didn't "scratch and bite like she did" (The Son Also Rises).

Despite his claim that the marriage fell apart, it is unknown whether or not Lampkin divorced or separated from her prior to his becoming a widower. It is notable that he never refers to her as his ex-wife. Faye, Jennifer and Kate all died on Gemenon in the Cylon attack (Sine Qua Non).