Experiment in Terra (Book)

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Experiment in Terra
Experiment in Terra
A book of the Berkley Books line
Book No. 9
Author(s) Ron Goulart
Adaptation of Baltar's Escape
Experiment in Terra
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Published February 1984
ISBN 0425064182
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  • The Cylons are reprogrammed and physically take the detonator from Baltar.
  • Tinia warns Adama that the Council gave him back command because they were scared, but that will soon wear off and they may try to take his power away again.
  • Brenda's last name is Farris.
  • Only two men try to take Starbuck (instead of a dozen or so) on Lunar Seven, and he stuns them.
  • Starbuck meets a redneck talking robot named Will/F (Willy) and a woman named Longsight Sue who has psi-powers.

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