Destruction of Reptillian Cylons

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Destruction of Reptillian Cylons
Date: Sometime before Thousand-Yahren War
Related Episode(s):
Place: Somewhere in Cyrannus Galaxy

(probably a Cylon Homeworld)

Result: Robotic Cylons' Victory, All Reptillian Cylons are dead
Reptillian Cylons Robotic Cylons
unknown Imperious Leader
Primitive Guns Laser Guns, Raiders, Basestars
Materiel Losses
unknown unknown
All Reptillian Cylons unknown
Battle Chronology
Previous Next
none Destruction of Reptillian Cylons eventually Conflict Between the Cylons and the Hasari

Originally, the reptilian, serpent Cylons created a race of robots to service their needs and then they created the ultimate in machinery technology, the ruler known as the Imperious Leader. But due to a slight error in their programming, the Imperious Leader turned against his creators and ordered his subjects to exterminate all human life forms. Thus began a war with the Cylon Centurions that erased all of the human race in the star system. Reptillian Cylons were killed by Robotic Cylons and leaving behind a race of supermachines. Their robotic creations still bear their name.

(Experiment in Terra Telemovie), (TOS: "Saga of a Star World")