Conflict Between the Cylons and the Hasari

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Conflict Between the Cylons and the Hasari
Conflict: Pre Thousand-Yahren War
Date: ca. 1000 yahren before Destruction of the Colonies
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Place: Hasari, Cyrannus Galaxy
Result: Hasari get back "their nation,"

Thousand-Yahren War begins

The Twelve Colonies &Hasari Cylon Empire
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Materiel Losses
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Battle Chronology
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none Conflict Between the Cylons and the Hasari Thousand-Yahren War

The Cylons attack the Hasari, whose territory neighbors the Colonies. The Colonials intervene in the conflict between the Cylons and the Hasari, and the Thousand-Yahren War begins between the Colonies and the Cylon Empire (TOS: "Saga of a Star World").

This conflict is only known battle before Thousand-Yahren War

The exact nature of the Hasari and their relationship to the Colonies remains unknown.