Encino Cougars

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The Encino Cougars are the Southeastern champion facing the Polecats in the finals for the Southern Conference Regional Playoffs.

Initially, the Cougars are able to easily beat the Polecats in the baseball game because the Super Scouts were told not to use their super abilities. Players from the Cougars begin mocking and belittling the Polecats due to this. However, when it becomes apparent that the only way to save the children was to have them defeat the Cougars using their super powers, they do so and the Cougars are summarily defeated (1980: "Spaceball").



  • The members of the Cougars whose names are mentioned by the commentator are the names of the writers of the episode. Furthermore, the names on the back of their uniforms do not match up to the last names given in the dialouge.