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Battlestar Wiki:Think Tank/Biography Standardization

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This is an archive successful proposal that was vetted through the Think Tank, a place where ideas of all kinds are proposed and worked upon by the community prior to implementation. Please do not modify this proposal.

Biography Standardization

After reviewing many of the cast and crew biographies here, I believe that some form of standardization is in order. The present templates {{Crew Skeleton}} and {{Star Skeleton}} help, but are not detailed as to how a biography should be properly formatted. Therefore, I propose that we set up a standard guideline on how a proper biography should be written. Mainly, we should mirror or modify Wikipedia's Manual of Style on biographies for our own use.

Obviously, should this proposal pass, we should set up a discussion page so that we can define our Standards and Conventions for cast and crew biographies. The results should either be incorporated into the Standards and Conventions or in a separate page, such as Battlestar Wiki:Standards and Conventions (biographies).

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The above is an archive of a proposal that was vetted through the Think Tank. Please do not modify or edit this archived proposal.