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Battlestar Wiki:Featured articles/Archive/Colonial One - August 2006

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Colonial Heavy 798 as Colonial One

Colonial One's journey began when the Colonial Government chartered an Intersun starliner, designated Colonial Heavy 798, for ferrying Secretary of Education Laura Roslin, and her staff and members of the Colonial press to and from the decommissioning ceremonies for the battlestar Galactica. Approximately 3 hours from Caprica, the Cylon attack commences. Colonial Heavy 798 and Colonial press members hear of news that Caprica has been nuked along with three other Colonies. With no other Colonial government officials apparently left alive, Laura Roslin is quickly sworn-in as the new President of the Colonies, and Colonial Heavy 798 is re-named Colonial One, in recognition of its status in transporting the President. ...continued...

Archive - History of the Twelve Colonies