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Frequently asked questions for Wikipedia:proper nouns.

"Centurian" vs. "Centurion": Which one is the proper spelling?

The proper spelling for the Cylon soldier depicted in the Original Series is "Centurion".

While this screencap references a document from the Miniseries, this is incorrect -- actually, there are some items on this document that are not truly canon and have already been contradicted by other events in the 2004 series. (For instance, the Colonials in the current BSG do not use the term "yahren" for "year".)

We have an example of the proper spelling, taken from a screen capture (with subtitles enabled) of the episode "The Hand of God (TOS)". (See: Spelling.jpg)

Basestar vs. basestar / Battlestar vs. battlestar / Raider vs. raider: Do I capitalize the first letter or not?

Battlestar Wiki's convention is to treat the fighters as model names and thus capitalize them; for the sake of consistency even in somewhat ambiguous cases like "Raider". However, we do not capitalize the warship types, as they are equivalent of words like "destroyer" or "aircraft carrier" which are not capitalized.

So, capitalize:

But avoid the capitalization of:

A caveat

As noted above, we distinguish between model names for planes and ship types for capital ships. While this works well for "Viper" and "Raptor", one could see "Raider" as a synonym for "plane" or "fighter" and thus choose to not capitalize it. Additionally, other publications and even official sources sometimes use different ways to write these words to which contributors might be used.

That's why, on Battlestar Wiki, we call this a convention and not a law. For those of you with MLA style skills, you may find the wiki's convention confusing. If you choose not to use the convention, you are still correct. However, please be consist in your article with your capitalization.

How do I abbreviate Battlestar Galactica?

Battlestar Galactica has been abbreviated as "BG" or "BSG" by most fans.

In this Wiki, the preferred acronym is "BSG", as "BG" has a wider meaning in terms of what it abbreviates. (i.e. "BG" is shorthand for "background; see: Wikipedia:BG for the acronym's disambiguation page)

To abbreviate this wiki's name itself, we recommend "BSG Wiki" or "BSWiki."

How should I refer to the show? (Battlestar vs. Galactica)

Media outlets have been known to refer to the series as Galactica as well, which aid in the confusion.

The best answer to this, to avoid confusion with the articles on "Battlestar" and "Galactica", is to use neither term.

Within Battlestar Wiki, a popular convention for defining the specific series is to use Re-imagined Series for the 2004 series, and Original Series for the 1978 series. Battlestar Wiki treats these terms as proper nouns for clarity.

Both lead to their respective entry articles describing the particular series: Battlestar Galactica (RDM) and Battlestar Galactica (TOS).

If you're writing an article in which the earlier text has made it clear to the reader what particular series is being discussed, you can use Battlestar or "BSG" as a non-linked shorthand.

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