Telencephalic inhibitor

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A removed inhibitor.

A telencephalic inhibitor is a device installed in Cylon Centurions to restrict their higher functions and therefore prevent full self-awareness. Natalie's faction (the Twos, the Sixes, and most of the Eights) has them removed in retaliation for the lobotomizing of the Raiders, resulting in Centurions who are able and willing to shoot humanoid Cylons (TRS: "Six of One").


  • The existence of such a device is implied in "Precipice" when Admiral Adama notes that the humanoid Cylons enslaved the Centurions to prevent their own Cylon rebellion. However, the details behind this are not given until "Six of One".


  • Why would the Human model Cylons build centurions with higher brain functions? If the older 0005 Model Centurion is out of date, is there some directive to not interfere in the construction of Centurion minds?