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I'm wondering: is it really necesary to have all this background information on Classical mythology? Granted, it's useful to have stuff about, for example, Apollo or Zeus; but that can be handled in their articles, and I don't see what the Iliad or Achilles has to do with BSG. Kuralyov

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Just wanted to officially welcome you onboard the Wiki and I hope you are having some fun here.

If you have any questions, feel free to strike a discussion with the Wikipedians here. We're a small, rag-tag group, but we're all here to help each other out!

Again, welcome!

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My raison d'etre ici is Greek mythology, in particular the 33 Homeric Hymns. However, I will attempt to stick to the raw facts directly related to Battlestar Galactica.

I am having a big problem with using the site under Firefox. Usually the only way I can see a changed page is to hit edit and preview. Otherwise, it shows the same old page, even if I hit reload. It looks like cookies are on and just about everything else is allowed too. Is it a cache problem? MHall

This has something to do with Firefox not scanning for an updated page every time one is loaded. To change, type in "about:config" (no quotes) in the address bar. In the filter field, type in "browser.cache.check_doc_frequency" and double click on that line. In the prompt, change it from "3", which I believe to be the default number, to "1". Press ok. Try refreshing the page. It should work now. If not, you may have to clear out the cache, though I doubt it. -- Joe Beaudoin 06:51, 11 May 2005 (EDT)

The Cylon God

Hi! I was wondering if you have an account on Wikipeda seeing how I created the Cylon God article there. I desperately need to expand the article. - SGCommand