Age Ageless
Colony Earth (presently)
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Birth Name None that I'm aware of
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Callsign Watcher
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Death December 22, 2012
Parents The Sun & the Moon
Siblings Yule Brenner
Children None that I'm aware of (heh)
Marital Status It doesn't count once you pass 3
Family Tree View
Role Howard Cosell
Rank No. I just bathed.
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Portrayed by I ask you... who could?
Watcher is a Cylon
Watcher is a Final Five Cylon
Watcher is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Watcher is an Original Series Cylon
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Additional Information

Turn Around And Smile At The Camera

Watcher is the resident pundit/commentator... sometimes to everyone else's chagrin.

He spends most of his time on the wiki lurking anonymously or dreaming up third and fourth options for problems his fellow Wikipedians have already settled.

When all else fails... he sucks it up and votes.