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Hi everyone! I'm a new user here and am currently working through the tutorials.

I took my callsign/handle from the Ninth Lord of Kobol from the original series episode Lost Planet of the Gods, Part II. I must admit that I have yet to watch the re-imagined series, but meeting fellow Galactipedians might convince me. :-)

I can be contacted via the Ship of Lights, or through my talk page.

At present, I work in a bank call center but it's really just a "pay the bills" job. In a perfect world I would want to produce and direct films. Perhaps someday I will.

I came aboard because I love the original series and even feel that Galactica 1980 has some nice moments. Unfortunately, we only got one season of each show, and I've always wanted more stories.

I've been reading some of the later Berkley Books over the past couple years (which read like extra episodes), and have collected most of Richard Hatch's continuation novels, but I'm especially interested in the unproduced scripts.

Thanks for having me here, hope to talk to you soon!

Currently working on...

Going through the tutorials with the goal of beefing up the unproduced scripts section.

Somebody's gotta summarize those remaining Galactica 1980 scripts, after all!

Ninth Lord of Kobol (talk) 00:24, 10 August 2021 (UTC)