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Age 26
Colony Gemenon
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Birth Name Sylar Green-Adama House Jr.
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Callsign LifeStar
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Marital Status Engaged
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Role Arbiter, philosopher, reporter, and engineer.
Rank Nugget
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Portrayed by Skeet Ulrich
LifeStar is a Cylon
LifeStar is a Final Five Cylon
LifeStar is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
LifeStar is an Original Series Cylon
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Well, since Cpt. Slanderosa decided to humorously add in a false profile, I guess I should put something down myself.

Been hooked on BSG(RDM) since last year after a friend referred the show to me. My financee and I are both fans of the show and it's one of our little routines Sunday night now. Either case, having a DVR helps a lot when thinking and reviewing the elements of the show.