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Age 29
Colony Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
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Birth Name Miguel V. Slanderosa
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Callsign Slander
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Death Eaten by zombies during the Gideon Zombie Uprising
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Marital Status Single, looking for a Cylon girlfriend
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Role Officer in charge of Snark Ops, battlestar Wiki
Rank Captain
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Portrayed by Drew Carey
Slander is a Cylon
Slander is a Final Five Cylon
Slander is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Slander is an Original Series Cylon
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Slander survived the Cylon holocaust by spitting pure vitriol at an incoming nuclear warhead, causing the warhead to rethink its existence as a weapon of mass destruction and become a gardener instead. Unfortunately, this warhead was then spurned by D'Anna Biers and blew up anyway, six weeks after the attack was over. Slander had, at that point, rescued an unconscious Ellen Tigh and placed her aboard the Rising Star. Not wanting to be around when the obviously high-maintenance married woman awoke, he rocketed himself into space using sheer force of denial and ended up on Cloud Nine when it joined the Colonial refugee fleet. He transferred to battlestar Wiki and was appointed by Commander "Beau" Beaudoin to head up all Snark-related affairs and keep the other officers on their toes. He was tragically eaten alive months later, on the Gideon, but was found to have lost little functionality in his transition to undeath.