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Name Piotr Kowalski
Gender Male
Date of birth November 22, 1990
Age 29
Location Szczawno-Zdrój, Poland
Country PL PL
Gmail/GTalk glizda101
Twitter {{{twitter}}}
Callsign Glizda
Parents Both
Siblings One sister
Children No
Marital Status Single
Occupation Student
SOK-Pip.png Star of Kobol
Glizda101 is a Chief
Glizda101 is a Senior Chief
Glizda101 supported the 2007 WGA strike.
Battlestar Galactica
Favorite Episode(s) The Hand of God
Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II
Resurrection Ship, Part I
Resurrection Ship, Part II
Exodus, Part II
Unfinished Business
Crossroads, Part II


I'm Peter, 17 years old, come from Poland. BSG universe has interested me some time ago. My plan is to make the polish version of BSGwiki appear and work well. Of course, I am aware that I should expect a long and hard way before reaching this objective, but I'm positively-thinking. :) I'm not very keen on how to operate with wiki (to be honest, this is my second wiki I editing), but I hope that, with tutorials and another users help, I will easily learn it. Hope my English is good enough to be understood. :)

My e-mail adress: Feel free to write.

Piotrek "Glizda" Kowalski

I'm back...

...and I hope I can genuinely say - for good. :) I'll try to find some more people to help me with translating - especially with templates which aren't my favourites types of pages. ^^ I really prefer normal articles. But as was said... Cylons didn't ask what we want. Welcome to the big leagues. So i'm here. ;)