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Usage instructions

Use a single block of succession boxes per article. Begin each succession box block with {{start box}} and end it with {{end box}}. In between, you may place as many instances of {{succession box}} as is necessary. Use the following syntax:

{{succession box|before=PREDECESSOR|title=TITLE|after=SUCCESSOR}}, replacing "PREDECESSOR", "TITLE" and "SUCCESSOR" as appropriate. For example, this is Lee Adama's succession box, which includes two non-contiguous stints as Galactica's CAG, and two subsequent positions.

{{start box}}
{{succession box|before=[[Jackson Spencer|Jackson "Ripper" Spencer]]|title=Commander, Air Group of the [[Galactica type battlestar|battlestar]] ''[[Galactica (RDM)|Galactica]]''|after=[[George Birch|George "Catman" Birch]]}}
{{succession box|before=[[George Birch|George "Catman" Birch]]|title=Commander, Air Group of the [[Galactica type battlestar|battlestar]] ''[[Galactica (RDM)|Galactica]]''|after=[[Kara Thrace|Kara "Starbuck" Thrace]]}}
{{succession box|before=''(unknown, eventually [[Jack Fisk]])''|title=Executive Officer of the [[Mercury class battlestar|battlestar]] ''[[Pegasus (RDM)|Pegasus]]''|after=''(unknown, eventually [[Anastasia Dualla]])}}
{{succession box|before=[[Barry Garner]]|title=Commanding Officer of the [[Mercury class battlestar|battlestar]] ''[[Pegasus (RDM)|Pegasus]]''|after=Incumbent}}
{{end box}}

The {{spoiltext}} template will not work within succession boxes. Instead, three other templates are available which may be used in place of {{succession box}}. These are:

  • {{succession box (spoiler)}} hides the entire section behind a spoiler tag.
  • {{succession box (spoiler-bef)}} hides the predecessor.
  • {{succession box (spoiler-aft)}} hides the successor.

The syntax for these is identical to the standard {{succession box}} template. --April Arcus 13:03, 27 March 2006 (CST)