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Unproduced script articles discuss the content from commissioned scripts from any of the Battlestar Galactica series, but have not been aired, or were aired in a highly altered form (i.e. "Saga of a Star World", "Galactica Discovers Earth"). Thus the events and situations differ in significant context from aired episodes and their characters, situations and events.

This tag should be used to indicate that the content of this article may be based on an unproduced script, but has content that has significant differences from the aired (or even separate continuity) content that must be treated differently to avoid contradictions with canonical episodes. Do not use this tag for fan fiction; Battlestar Wiki is not a repository for such information. This tag is for use only on officially commissioned scripts.

Articles tagged with this template show a banner that notes the article's closest relation to a canonical continuity. The icon in the banner shows Commander William Adama with a goatee as an in-joke to the original Star Trek episode, "Mirror, Mirror," where the evil version of Mr. Spock sports a goatee. This reference has been a popular and humorous way of late to describe alternate-universe stories and events in popular literary and media circles.



Required parameters

  • universe: The universe this unproduced script is related to. RDM, TOS or 1980.

Optional parameters

  • universe2: A second universe this unproduced script is related to. Takes the same values as universe.