Template:Comic Data

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This template is used to place a sidebar box of information on a comic in its Battlestar Wiki article. Note that all parameter names are lower case only.


{{Comic Data
| image = 
| title=
| series=
| issueno=
| episode=
| writer=
| penciller=
| inker=
| colorist=
| letterer=
| editor=
| cover=
| published=
| collects=
| collected=
| reprints=
| reprinted=
| isbn=
| population=
| oldpopulation=
| prev=
| next=
| amazon=
| amazon-uk=
| bamm=
| tfaw=

Required parameters

  • series: What is the type of comic?
  • prev: Prev episode. Please wikify.
  • next: Next episode. Please wikify.

Optional parameters

  • image: The image. 33mincount_101_1080i.jpg.
  • title: Title of episode. No wikilink and no disambiguation parameters also.
  • isbn: The ISBN number of the comic, if one exists
    • Note: From below this line, all these fields can be wikified.
  • issueno: What is the number of the sequence of this episode.
  • episode: What episode does this comic relate to.
  • writer: Who wrote the comic
  • penciller:
  • inker:
  • colorist:
  • letterer:
  • editor:
  • cover:
  • published:
  • collects:
  • collected:
  • reprints:
  • reprinted:
  • population: The current population in the Fleet.
  • oldpopulation: The old population from the previous issue.
  • amazon: The unique Amazon number.
  • amazon-uk: The unique Amazon.co.uk number. (NOTE: This number is sometimes different than the Amazon.com USA ASIN!)
  • bamm: If this item is on BAMM.com (Books-A-Million's website). Simply answer Yes or Y if so.
  • tfaw: Things From Another World item number.