Stewart Jaffee

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Stewart Jaffee
Stewart Jaffee


Stewart Jaffee
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Introduced A Day in the Life
Death Shot while protecting William Adama from an assassination attempt (TRS: "The Oath")
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Role Marine, Galactica
Rank Private First Class
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Portrayed by Michael Leisen
Stewart Jaffee is a Cylon
Stewart Jaffee is a Final Five Cylon
Stewart Jaffee is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Stewart Jaffee is an Original Series Cylon
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Private Stewart Jaffee is a Marine serving on Galactica.

He is tasked with bringing Admiral William Adama his coffee in the morning and presumably other meals (TRS: "A Day in the Life").

During the mutiny aboard Galactica, Adama sends Jaffee to check on the status of a fire reported near the ship's main communications array. When Jaffee returns and reports that there is no fire and the array has been sabotaged, exposing the mutineers' ruse, ringleader Felix Gaeta takes command of the ship with the support of marines loyal to his cause. The marines overstep Gaeta's intentions, however, and open fire on Admiral Adama and Colonel Tigh. Jaffee is killed shielding Adama from the marines' bullets. Adama is deeply angered by Jaffee's death, telling Gaeta that Jaffee "died honoring his uniform," but that for his treachery, Gaeta would "die with nothing." (TRS: "The Oath")


  • Jaffee's first name, "Stewart," is not mentioned in the dialogue, but is derived from the end credits of "A Day in the Life".
  • Jafee is only referred to as "private" while wearing the rank insignia of a private first class. This indicates that, just like with other ranks such as degrees of sergeants and lieutenants, the rank can be informally shorted to "private."