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Orginally posted on the Forums

I have been reading what people are saying about season 3, the insurgency on New Caprica, the suicide bombings, the analogy to today, WW2, Israel, etc... and for the most part so many people are completely missing the point.

The mentality of 'us vs. them' is so prevalent that it obscures any message that may be there to be gleaned.

Know thy enemy. It is not enough to label them as 'evil', 'terroists', 'freedom fighters' or whatever you wish to call 'the other side'.

Understanding brings a road to peace. It does not bring agreement but it can set the table to a true and meaningful dialogue.

Seek first to understand then to be understood.

As fervently as the humans believe that what they are doing is right, the cylons believe the same. Just as there is no way in hell that the cylons could convince Tigh that their position is the correct one that their god is the one true god, there is no way Tigh could convince the cylons that his position of many gods and 'leave us the hell alone' is the correct one.

THAT is analagous to our world today. As much as a christian believes in his god and the bible and as likely as he would be convinced by someone of another faith that their way is correct or better is how people of other faiths feel. It will not happen.

The cylon will not buy into the human way. The humans will not buy into the cylon way. Does this mean they must always war? I don't think so. But they are so far from understanding each others position that a meaningful discussion cannot even take place.

The suicide bombers in the show are not justifying the bombers in Iraq. They are not meant to boost the moral of Al Qaeda. That is absurd.

People who are putting that argument forward are missing the point. People need to get past labels of 'un-american', 'axis of evil', etc....

People need to understand that as much as you think you are right is how much 'they' think they are right and until you understand that and can deal with them from a place of knowledge and understanding you will always war.

Show them that you understand their position. You don't have to agree with it and in fact you can tell them that but I feel that understanding can bring peace.

If another country decided to dump thier military of 200,000,000 onto the west coast and occupy North America to free us of our, in their minds, psuedo-democracy, as good as their intentions may be, I know I would be the first one on the beach with a fist full of 'get the hell out of my country!' And I know I would have every stud from the military right beside me saying the same damn thing. But I would hope that before we started shooting each other someone somewhere would get some leaders together and talk about 'why'.

We need to understand both sides of the argument and stop the name calling. What the other side is doing is 'wrong' not 'evil'. And it is wrong only to those who disagree. Why is that so hard to grasp?

There are times in war when military personel walk into a battle fulling knowing that they will not walk out again. Why do they do this? Because it is their job? Partly. Because they believe in what they are doing? Partly. Because they have courage and conviction many of us sitting at computers at home cannot even fathom? Yup. They are willing to give their lives for their cause. We applaud them and hold them as heroes, as we should. And we should do more to remember these amazing people. What do our enemies think of our soldiers? As courageous, steadfast heroes to be applauded? No. They call them wrong and evil doers. And they fully believe that. And when their own soldiers, jihadists, freedom fighters or whatever you choose to call them perpetrate an act to stop our guys or to inflict death or pain on their enemies they are seen as heroes.

We call them wrong and evil.

But did they not just give their lives for their cause? Were they not courageous and full of conviction? Do they not fully believe in what they are doing to the point of falling on a sword? As fully as we applaud our men and women for doing the right and courageous thing those on the other side are holding their fighters up to the same light.

Will they ever see our way? I doubt it.

Will we ever agree with theirs? I doubt that as well. I know I certainly do not. But I do understand their conviction and beliefs.

Do I agree with some of their methods? Absolutely not! It is abhorrent to me.

Just as I find some of our methods disappointing and sad.

Just as I do not want their way of living, they do not want mine. Just as I will not following in their belief system, they will never follow mine.

Do we have to war over it? I don't think so.

This show is not about furthering a Democratic agenda. It is not Bush bashing. It is not anti-war or anti-US forces.

I know Ron and his heart saddens just a little more everytime a US soldier loses his/her life in Iraq or anywhere else for that matter.

This show is posing questions. It is not making a statement. It is holding a mirror up to life and asking people to engage in the dialogue.

To seek understanding of events before making a judgement.

Personally, I had a really hard time when I first read these scripts. I take the Chief very seriously and I did not want him to become all the things I disagree with. I want to continue to believe in him and his values. It was really hard for me to buy into allowing Tyrol to go along with the bombings.

But, I saw the reflection in the mirror and the value in the discussion.

Have that discussion. Name calling only demonstrates that you lack the intellectual capabilities of understanding and meaningful dialogue.

You don't have to agree with the person you are speaking with but calling someone un-American because they do not agree with your point of view is simplistic and base. I know Sci-fi fans are far more intelligent than that. I've met thousands and barring a few these people are the ones who make the world go 'round.

Enjoy the show.