Dreilide Thrace

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Dreilide Thrace
Dreilide Thrace


Dreilide Thrace
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Nickname Slick
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Children Kara Thrace
Marital Status Formerly married to Socrata Thrace
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Portrayed by Roark Critchlow
Dreilide Thrace is a Cylon
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Dreilide "Slick" Thrace was a concert pianist and composer, and the father of Kara Thrace. Kara seems to have had a closer relationship with him than with her mother. When she and Karl Agathon arrive at her former apartment in Delphi she plays a recording of one of her father's works (TRS: "Valley of Darkness"). Later, Kara meets Slick, a man composing a song at the piano in Joe's Bar and works on it with him. She explains that until her father left she loved piano herself and played it with him all the time. He apparently loved piano so much that when her mother told him to choose between them and it, he chose the piano. She played one of the songs that always made her happy with Slick and it turned out to be The Music. Slick disappeared afterwards, which, in conjunction with his resemblance to her father, implies that he was a vision of him[1] (TRS: "Someone to Watch Over Me").


  • The name 'Dreilide' seems to be inspired by the German words "drei" and "Lider" (pl. of "Lid") meaning "three eyelids".[2] Scientifically this refers to the nictitating membrane that is part of the eyes of several reptiles and birds, sharks and even cats.[3] On a mystical level it refers to the third (inner) eye, regarded as the gateway to the soul.[4]
  • The analog for Dreilide Thrace in the Original Series is Chameleon. Some reptiles (but not chameleons) have a photoreceptor sometimes referred to as a third eye, the parietal eye.
  • Slick first appears at the piano in Joe's Bar in "Deadlock," when Kara Thrace and Galen Tyrol discuss Tyrol's romantic relationships. He is not referred to by name until "Someone to Watch Over Me."


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