Slaphead of Mourning

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The Slaphead of Mourning is a hairstyle adopted by Galen Tyrol after his wife's unfortunate appointment with a launch tube. After her death he shaves all his hair off.

Not to be confused with Laura Roslin's Slaphead of Terminal Illness.


  • In India, tradition requires widows to shave their heads as part of being ostracized, although the practice is considered a rural one and the government is working to end the practice of ostracizing widows.
  • Practitioners of several religions are mandated to shave their hair, most notably Buddhist monks.
  • The biblical tale of Samson and Delilah is about a man whose immense strength derives from his hair. When Delilah shaved it he became helpless.
  • In Japan, a woman may cut her hair after being jilted.

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